Season 4, episode 11
Series 411
1st release: 03/16/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/05/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Jason Segel (Sam Houser)
Corey Stoll (Sasha Korjev)
Cliff De Young (Connelly)
Cullen Douglas (Jimmy)
Alan Toy (Frank Murdoch)
Hans Tester (Mr. Tauber)
Victor Alfieri (Jeremiah)
Adam Leadbeater (Sumner)
Blair Wingo (Lani)
Sven Toorvald (Surveillance Officer)
Neil Fournier (Matre'd)

Written by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec
Directed by Maryann Brandon

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


In Paris, Sydney enter a restaurant and is seated at a table. Vaughn and Dixon are monitoring nearby. A man joins Sydney at her table, and she greets him as Mr. Connelly. He says he almost didn't come -- he thought he might find a buyer who would offer more. While they are talking, another man comes in and sits nearby. Vaughn and Dixon run his face through their database, but can't ID him. Connelly produces the chip that Sydney is buying. Suddenly, the other man pulls out a gun and shoots Connelly in the head. Sydney and everyone else in the restaurant hit the floor. The man runs by the table and grabs the chip. Sydney and Vaughn pursue him into the kitchen and wound him. The man grabs a knife: "He won't get me, or my family!" Sydney shouts at him to drop it, but he cuts his own throat with the knife.

Sloane reports that an analysis of the chip showed evidence that a biometric targeting device is being developed in Austria. Any individual could be targeted based solely on a DNA scan. Sydney is to go to Salzberg to retrieve the device. Sydney asks about the man who killed himself. Sloane says he was hired to intercept the chip by Sasha Korjev. Jack reacts to the name, but Sydney doesn't recognize it. Jack says Korjev is an arms dealer -- a "monster"-- who routinely leverages the lives of his men's families to ensure their obedience. Sloane says that Dixon is to locate Korjev and report his whereabouts to the CIA proper so that he can be taken into custody. Jack says he has contacts in Angola, and to let him have that mission. Sloane agrees. Sydney feels she is missing something in this exchange, but no one offers any explanations.

Vaughn and Weiss discuss Vaughn's father's journal. Vaughn asks Weiss not to say anything to anyone -- even Nadia -- until he can find out more. He can't understand why, if his father is alive, that he let him and his mother believe he was dead for the past 25 years. Weiss gives him a name he got from tracking down a code name in the journal -- Frank Murdoch, ex special forces, now retired.

Sloane confronts Jack about wanting the Korjev mission. Jack says what the CIA really wants is for Korjev to be assassinated. Jack says he should have been eliminated years ago, "when I had the chance."

Act I

In Madagascar, Jack enters a deserted bar and addresses the bartender as Jimmy. Jimmy seems nervous at seeing Jack. Jack says he needs the protocol for contacting Sasha Korjev. Jimmy is reluctant, saying his life won't be worth much if Korjev finds out, but he finally tells Jack what he wants to know.

Marshall tells Sydney the targeting device is being stored in the basement of Korjev's club in Salzberg. He says the access cards are difficult to duplicate, so Sydney will have to get one from one of the employees and then use a special device to give it access to all rooms in the club.

At the club in Salzberg, Sydney eyes several employees and finally settles on one of the busboys. She tries to speak to him in broken German and is so relieved when he says he's American. She identifies his accent as upper New York and says she went to Buffalo State. They bond somewhat over reminiscing about the goings-on there, and Sydney manages to lift his access card. The busboy, named Sam, asks her if she's busy later. She says she has a boyfriend and asks where the restroom is. Then she goes down the stairs to the basement and uses the access card to get into a locked area.

Guards who are monitoring the surveillance of the building see that the room has been accessed and run a check to see which employee's card was used.

When Sydney searches the room, she finds a status report that shows the targeting device has already been moved and is to leave the country in a few hours. She reads further and is alarmed to see that the weapon is field ready. Just then she hears someone coming and ambushes the guard who comes in. She makes him tell her where the weapon is being shipped from -- the Delongpre Shipping yard -- and then hears over his radio that Sam Houser is the employee whose card was used to access the room. Security officers are to find and detain him. Sydney knocks the guard out and heads back upstairs. She finds Sam and tells him she changed her mind. He starts to say that he gets off in an hour, but Sydney sees the guards enter the room and kisses him. He decides they could go out the back way.

Act II

Sydney radios APO for directions to Delongpre Shipping. Sloane says to use her in-country contact to supply her for the mission. She reports that Korjev's men have tagged Sam, a civilian, as her accomplice. Sloane says to pass him to her contact, and he can be reestablished stateside by the weekend.

Sam is amazed at how small Sydney's cell phone is. She tells him he can't go back to his place -- his bosses at the club are bad guys and she's trying to stop them from doing something really bad. She tells him about taking his card and the fact that that they now believe he is working with her. She says he needs to trust her. Sam is disbelieving of it all and says he needs to get back to work. Sydney says if he goes back, they'll kill him. He is incredulous and wants to know why he shouldn't think she's one of the bad guys. Sydney: "If I was one of the bad guys, you'd already be dead."

In San Diego, Vaughn finds Frank Murdoch working in a repair shop. He says he's looking for info about his father. Murdoch: "You really Bill Vaguhn's kid?" He shows Vaughn a picture of himself and Vaughn's dad, along with some other guys. Vaughn wants to know if his father is still alive. Murdoch says he hopes not. He tells of a mission in the Falklands when Vaughn's father shot him in the back and then abandoned him. Vaughn says he can't believe that's true. Murdoch says if his dad is alive, Vaughn had better not turn his back on him.

Sydney calls her contact and is told to meet at a prearranged location. Afte they hang up, the contact calls Korjev's men and says he will have the ones they want shortly.

In Angola, Jack approaches some mercenary types and asks about a rug merchant. He is knocked down and a bag is put over his head. Then he's thrown into the back of a jeep and driven away.


Sam and Sydney wait for the contact to bring supplies. Sam is upset, thinking he can never see his family again if he goes into the witness protection program. Sydney says she will tell them he's okay. He says that the ironic thing is, he came to Austria to "pump some thunder into his veins," and see if maybe he could get the inspiration to do some writing, but it didn't happen. The car arrives and the contact, Mr. Tauber, gets out and greets Sydney warmly. Sydney is suspicious, though, as they near the car, because she can see that someone else is in it. She asks Tauber if he has weapons for her, and he says to get in the car first. Sydney grabs him, gets his gun, and shoots the man in the car before he can shoot her. Then she slams the car door on Tauber until he is unconscious. She tells a horrified Sam that they have to get out of there, and now they are on their own. He is reluctant to go with her, but finally agrees to help her find Delongpre Shipping.

Jack arrives at Korjev's home and his hood is removed. When Korjev sees who it is, he shoots one of his men in the leg for hitting Jack. Korjev: "Jack, my dear friend." Jack: "Hello, Sasha."

Act IV

Jack and Korjev discuss the days when Korjev was something of a protege of Jack's. Korjev says he was shocked at how abruptly his relationship with the CIA ended. Jack says he's entering the private sector himself and wants to talk business. Korjev introduces his wife Lani. She obviously has heard of Jack and is glad to finally meet him. Jack goes ahead into Korjev's office and sees a picture of himself and Korjev on the desk. He sets it down and gets out a length of wire, which he wraps around his hands.

Sydney and Sam arrive at Delongpre Shipping and see the device, which is inside a tiny attack chopper. Sydney tells Sam to get a nearby truck and meet her in 3 minutes in the warehouse. Sydney sneaks into the warehouse, knocks out the guard and gets his gun. She goes to the device, and its video camera locks onto her face: "Target Acquired." Sam pulls up in the truck and Sydney gives him the gun. One of Korjev's men sees her and activates the device, which begins firing at Sydney. She runs through the warehouse with the chopper in pursuit. When she ducks behind some boxes, it circles back and searches for her. The guard comes out to look for her, and Sam shoots at him. He misses, and the guard shoots Sam in the arm. Sydney tackles the guard and as they struggle, the chopper approaches. Sydney swings the guard around and the chopper shoots him. Then it identifies the target as eliminated and returns to its base. Sydney runs to Sam. Sam: "We did it -- we saved the world!" Sydney (laughing): "Something like that."

When Korjev joins Jack in his office, they have a drink. Korjev says that some might see his business as a form of betrayal. Jack slips the cord around his neck and pulls it tight: "You betrayed me." Korjev falls to the floor dead.

Act V

Jack tells Korjev's guards that he needs a car. He also says that Korjev asked not to be disturbed.

Vaughn tells Weiss he was unable to locate Murdoch. Nadia comes up and asks Vaughn if he would like to go to the movies with them, but Vaughn declines.

Sydney tells Sam that he is going to get to go home. Sam is relieved. He says it must kill Sydney to do all the things she does and then have to keep it to herself. Sydney says it's not so bad.

When Sydney gets back to HQ, she runs into Jack. She says she heard Korjev was taken in a standoff. Jack says he saw it play out. He says he's going to get some dinner. Sydney says she's kind of hungry herself. They walk out together.

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