Whoosh! The more you act like my mother and sister, the more I want you, Lena -- and you thought YOU were messed up
Bianca fears that the relationship
is over before it has even started

Lena Kundera

April 25, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 10/10/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Michael Cambias
Bianca Montgomery
Erica Kane
Boyd Larraby


Erica tells Lena and Binks about the lawsuit and wants it cleared up ASAP; Binks asks Erica to stay out of her relationship with Lena; Lena twits Michael some more about his daddy and claims that Bianca is worth facing off against the Cambiases


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Without exposing her role in the incident, Lena promises Erica that she will get to the bottom of the money trail that lead from Enchantment to the plaintiff bringing the lawsuit against Fusion. Lena seems genuinely concerned about Bianca's feelings as she assures Bianca that she is staying in Pine Valley. Bianca later approaches Erica, reminding her that she is a grown woman and asks Erica not to meddle in her personal life. Kendall angrily confronts Michael with the fact that he slept with another woman...Michael calls Lena, demanding she use Bianca to get Boyd's formula. Although inwardly frightened by Michael's threats, Lena refuses to hurt Bianca and warns Michael that if he destroys her, she will take him down as well.

From About All My Children

Michael answers the knock at his door, and tells Kendall he said he needed some time. Kendall demands, “Who is she, Michael? Who’s the slut you’ve been doing on the side?” When he refuses to dignify that with a response, Kendall says she heard him on the phone with his little squeeze toy. He insists that whatever she heard was taken out of context, but Ms. Hart tells him not to spin this, “How stupid do I look to you?” Michael shrugs as he says she can believe what she chooses, but Kendall refuses to be dismissed...Kendall...tells him to go to h*** and leaves, slamming the door behind her. He makes a call; as it rings unanswered, he curses, “Lena, pick up the phone!”...

Erica tells Lena she has left several urgent messages for her; because she didn’t get back to her, she had to take it upon herself to track her down. When she says she had no idea she would be here with Bianca, Bianca saysthis is exactly what it looks like, and her timing couldn’t be worse! Erica replies that she’s glad she found them together because Enchantment is under siege; someone in their company has constructed a paper trail that links Enchantment to this bogus lawsuit against Fusion. She goes on that Liza Colby accused her of masterminding Fusion's demise; she explains about the electronic funds transfer and how it looks like she bribed Gertrude Stark to file suit. She’s offended when Bianca asks if she did it, but her daughter points out that she hasn’t always operated within the law. Erica repeats that she was set up, and Jack feels these charges are enough to land her in jail for twenty years. She tells Bianca her uncle accused her of a laundry list of charges, when the only thing she’s guilty of is trusting the wrong person. She turns to Lena and says she is her CFO, “How could this happen on your watch?” Lena claims she doesn’t know, but promises to find out who’s responsible; she won’t let her down. Bianca tells her mom if that’s it, she can go, but Erica asks if she should be surprised to find the two of them here together? Bianca says no, not if she’s been paying attention; they had some issues they needed to resolve. Asked if they have, Bianca honestly says not yet, but they’re getting there. Erica nods her acceptance, adding that they both are integral parts of Enchantment, and to please remember that she must be able to reach Lena on a moment's notice. Lena apologizes, explaining that she just needed a personal day to sort some things out. Ms. Kane can understand that, agreeing she could certainly use one of those herself, but any time off has to be canceled until this nightmare with Fusion is straightened out. When she says she’ll see them back at the office, Bianca stands tall as she agrees they’ll do everything that needs to be done, but not right now. Surprised, Erica replies, “Oh, yes, Bianca, now.” Our girl Binks stands firm, “No, Mom, when I say so.”

Lena ignores her ringing phone as she says she wants to explain something to Erica, prompting Ms. Kane to ask if this is a habit, not answering her phone? Lena says anything else can wait. Lena realizes it was wrong to cut herself off from work like that; she made a bad situation worse, and she’s sorry. Erica thanks her, but she wants action, not apologies; she wants this whole mess with Fusion cleared up before they slap handcuffs on her! The phone finally stops ringing as Lena says the banks are closed and there’s nothing she can do right now, but she gives her word that she’ll get to the bottom of this.

Erica worries about bad judgment blurring the line between the personal and the professional, but Lena insists she is one of her priorities; Bianca is the other. Bianca protests that this really isn’t her mother’s business, but Lena feels she made it Erica’s business when she made her come looking for her. She knows Erica loves Bianca and would do anything to protect her, and so would she; she swears she would move Heaven and Earth to keep her from harm. Erica says, whatever she’s dealing with, she needs her, “And, it would seem, so does my daughter. So you don't need to ask me again. I'm leaving.” She smiles and makes a gracious exit. Bianca is sorry about that; Erica means well, but gets carried away sometimes. When Lena looks away, Bianca asks, “Lena? What is it? Are we over before we even get started? Are you sorry you stayed?” Lena admits she’d be halfway across the Atlantic by now, staring out of the window and thinking of her, “No, I'm not sorry.” She asks Bianca’s forgiveness for being so impossible, but Bianca tells her the way her life normally goes, this is paradise! She wants to see where this will take them, and asks if Lena wants the same thing? Lena assures her she does, and that they’ll get there when the time’s right. She promises she’s here to stay, adding that Bianca can't know what this means, but she’s never stopped for anyone before. She spends so much time doubting herself, but when she’s with her, she knows who she is, or at least who she wants to be. Bianca gets up to leave, telling Lena to trust this, and trust her; they’ll talk more later, and she knows they’re going to find what they’re looking for. Alone, Lena sighs as she wonders what she’s done. Michael finally reaches Lena, who asks what he wants? He wants complete submission, but Lena insists those days are over, “Like they say here, this is a whole new ballgame.” Cambias notes that she’s using American slang and has picked up a lot of bad habits, “Just make sure the next one you pick up is Bianca Montgomery.” Lena repeats that she’s not going to use Bianca to get Boyd’s formula, but Michael doesn’t think she has a choice. When she says she no longer takes orders from him, he notes that she’s known him long enough to know it’s a mistake to try and cross him; he’ll take her down hard and fast! Lena promises if he does, she will take him down with her, “And I won't hurt Bianca, not ever.”

Erica is in the bar, having a conversation with Val, when Bianca comes downstairs. Bianca agrees she and Lena had plans, but now they don’t. She tells her mom not to be too relieved; she and Lena will get together, “And when we do, I need you to stay out of it.” She wants to feel free to get to know Lena better without worrying that she’s going to be hovering or judging her—that’s the way it’s got to be. Erica agrees, “All right, then. You be happy, sweetheart, and be careful. I guess there's nothing else to say.” Bianca suggests, “How about ‘I love you’?” Erica agrees that goes without saying.

Michael contemptuously says she thinks she’ll find some loophole she can use to try and hang him? She should know him better by now! Lena replies that he should know that there is no way in hell she would leave herself vulnerable to him and his father. When Michael snaps that she’s to leave his father out of this, she asks if she touched a raw nerve? Michael says crossing him is a big mistake, “Bianca is no reason to risk everything you've worked hard for.” Lena hangs up after telling him that Bianca is worth more than that, “Much, much more.”

From Soap Slut

Previously on All My Children
Greenlee ran away from Carlos.
Smoan was arrested for prostitution (are they really dredging this up again?).
Lena refused to go along with The Asshat’s plans any longer.
Kendall overheard her boyfriend’s *sshattiness...

*sshat is doing what he’s always doing, poking away on his phone. Seriously, has it become fused to his hand lately? He answers the knock at the door and Kendall barrels in, demanding to know exactly who the slut is he’s been sleeping with.

Erica lectures Lena about not returning her messages all the while sneaking these side-glances at Bianca. Obviously, her brain is chugging away about her darling daughter’s presence at Lena’s. Bianca blurts that the situation is exactly what it looks like and that Erica has really crappy timing.

Erica ignores the implications of Bianca’s last statement and steamrolls on ahead in her train of thought. She tells them about their new legal problems. Lena is cautious as she asks the details of the implications against Enchantment. I love Erica’s reaction when Bianca asks if she DID bribe the lawsuit woman. She drops her jaw and is all, “Wha—Bianca!” She insists she was framed. Lena asks how serious the charges are. Erica answers that the sentence could rack up to 20 years in prison. Lena goggles at the response. She knows how f***** she is. Bianca and Erica don’t notice her reaction (as Kane women are wont to do). Erica doesn’t understand how Lena missed someone embezzling funds.

With the business matter taken care of, Erica asks about Lena and Bianca’s “status.” Erica is using code as she asks (all the while glancing back and forth at the bed) if the two resolved the issues they’d been having to their satisfaction. “No, not yet,” answers Bianca with a tight-lipped smile. Erica stresses how integral they both are to Enchantment and that they need to be reachable at all times. She wants to see them back at the office immediately but Horny Bianca declares that she and Lena aren’t going anywhere right now...

The *sshat dials into the palm of his hand that has since become a phone and seethes that Lena’s not picking up.

Erica notes Lena’s ignorance of her ringing phone and asks if it’s some new habit of hers to not pick up the phone (no doubt thinking of the hoops she had to jump through to track her down today). Lena declares that right now Erica is here and the phone can wait. Erica just wants the lawsuit mess cleared up pronto. Lena says that she can’t do anything right now since the banks are closed (is it the end of the business day already?). She also declares how much Bianca means to her. Erica finally takes the hint and decides to go.

Bianca apologizes for her mother’s belligerence until she notices how stressed out Lena suddenly is. She with the Kendall-like self-esteem wonders if the two of them are already history now. Lena reassures her but the mood they had going on earlier is definitely dead now. Bianca gathers her stuff and leaves without getting any nookie (shucks). Alone now, Lena is finally able to lose her s***...

The *sshat continues his harassment by telephone of Lena. She remains unflappable...

Erica is down in the Valley Inn Bar and is surprised when Bianca arrives. She calls Erica on the relief that’s apparent on her face that Bianca wasn’t upstairs long enough to have any sex. Bianca begs Erica to stay out of her relationship with Lena...

Erica just wants Bianca to be happy. Bianca believes that but notes that it seems to be provisional. She just wants Erica to give her some space in her life. No hovering. Erica agrees. This scene is rather cute too.

The *sshat claims that Lena is in no position to be defiant. She states that she’s not stupid enough to leave herself vulnerable to the likes of *sshat and his pappy. *sshat’s pupils contract at the mention of his father. Looks like someone definitely has some daddy issues. Issues that just might put Kendall’s re: Erica to shame. Lena notices his tension and of course starts razzing him about it. *sshat doesn’t think Bianca is worth Lena facing off against the *sshats for. Lena claims that Bianca is worth it and much more.

On the next All My Children
Greenlee and Kendall are getting drunk at SOS.
Boyd confronts Lena.
Anna is dressed to kill for Jack who is still pining for Erica.
Chris ignores Erica.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Greenlee and Carlos talked at her office.
Greenlee: I tried to call you. Why didn't you answer the phone?
Carlos: I couldn't remember which button to push. Did you need me to fix something?
Greenlee: No, though now that I think about it you're the one that did the wiring for the office and Palmer says we're in violation of every fire code in existance. I just needed to talk to you.
Lizzie: Sorry. The combination of these two and Benadryl was too much for me. I have no idea what they talked about.

The teens gathered at BJ's to talk about Jamie and the hooker.
Joanie: I can't believe you went home with a hooker.
Jamie: I can't believe my mother caught me with her on the couch even though nothing happened.
Reggie: I can't believe you got scenes with a hooker and I get scenes with Joanie down at the community center. I'm supposed to be the street-wise kid here.
Laurie: I can't believe I actually got hired as an actress.
Lizzie: I can't believe they're actually airing this during sweeps.

Simone went to trial for prostitution.
Judge: Where is Ms. Torres and who is this nun you've brought to the courtroom.
Kenny: This is Ms. Torres. She's a fine upstanding citizen.
Simone: Yes Your Honor. My getting arrested all the time is just a running joke.
Judge: Oh, you mean like Aidan and the spotted dick?
Kenny: Exactly. My client is innocent.
Hookers: Yes Your Honor sweetie. She's just as innocent as we are.
Judge: Are these your partners from Fusion?
Simone: No Your Honor. The Fusion girls aren't usually this subtle.
Judge: I'm dismissing the charges against you.
Simone: Because you believe in me?
Judge: No, because I've got an audition for a job on The Young and the Restless. I want a gig on a show with ratings above 3.0

Erica came to Lena's hotel room.
Bianca: Lena and I are together Mom.
Erica: Whatever. Lena, there's a money trail leading from the Fusion lawsuit to Enchantment. I want you to find out what's going on.
Lena: I'll look into it as soon as the banks are open.
Bianca: Mom, Lena and I are busy.
Erica: I see that but this lawsuit is important.
Bianca: Mom, I haven't had a relationship in nearly three years. The lawsuit can wait one night if you know what I mean.
Erica: All right. I'm leaving.
Bianca: I think she likes you. She didn't threaten to kill you or anything.

Kendall confronted Michael.
Kendall: Who are you boinking on the side Michael?
Michael: Why Kendall, why would you think such a thing about me? You're the one who betrayed the great love I have for you. You smashed my heart into pieces Kendall. See it leaking out all over the rug.
Kendall: That's not your heart, it's a slime trail. How stupid do you think I am?
Michael: Well...
Kendall: Don't answer that. I'm leaving you Michael. I won't let you use me again. And take back your Swamp Thing necklace.
Michael: I don't want it. Where would I ever find anyone else who would wear that thing?

Michael called Lena.
Michael: Get back to work Lena. Seduce Bianca and get Boyd's formula.
Lena: I won't do it Michael. I won't hurt Bianca. She means too much to me. Of course I seem to be losing my IQ because I just revealed my weak spot to you but I won't use Bianca.

Kendall confided in Greenlee.
Kendall: I broke it off with Michael. I realized he really is a slug. But I got fifteen thousand dollars.
Greenlee: How?
Kendall: I sold the Swamp Thing necklace to a deranged pawn broker. Let's use it for the next big thing.
Greenlee: What's the next big thing?
Kendall: I'm not sure but I'm afraid it may be that lame reality show thing where we look for the hottest man in America.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Previously on AMC: Michael threatens to tell Bianca about him and Lena]

Previously on "All My Children" --
Greenlee: I have to go.
Simone: Do I really look like a prostitute to you?
[Women laugh]
[amc030425a-inc starts]
Michael: Why don't you find Bianca Montgomery and get to work?
Lena: No.
Michael: How do you think your new lover will react when she finds out how many times you've shared my bed in the last month?
[amc030425a-inc starts]

***** (clip b) [Bianca berates her mother for barging in]

[amc030425b starts]
Erica: Lena, what's going on? I have been calling you and calling you. I have left several urgent messages with you, but you haven't gotten back to me. And because you didn't get back to me, I had to take it upon myself to track you down. I certainly had no idea that you would be here with Bianca and that you two were --
Bianca: Mom, this is exactly what it looks like. And your timing couldn't be worse.

***** (clip c) [Erica tells the ladies about Enchantment's link to the Fusion suit]

Erica: Actually, I'm glad that I found

[amc030425c-inc starts] you two together because we need to regroup. Enchantment is under siege.
Lena: Erica, what seems to be the trouble?
Erica: Trouble? "Trouble" doesn't begin to describe it.
Bianca: Mom, whatever it is, just spit it out.
Erica: Someone in our company has constructed a paper trail leading to me that links Enchantment to this bogus lawsuit against Fusion.
Lena: Well, how did all this come to light?
Erica: Liza Colby came to my penthouse and she accused me of masterminding Fusion's demise.
Lena: Well, what proof does she have?
Erica: An electronic transfer of funds from our corporate account to a bank in the Cayman Islands after which it was transferred into the greedy hands of Gertrude Stark, who is suing Fusion for pain and suffering inflicted on her by lip color.
Lena: Making it look like you bribed her to file suit?
Erica: Exactly.
Bianca: Well, did you do it?
Erica: Bianca! How could you even ask me such a thing?
Bianca: Oh, well, Mom, it's not like you've always operated within the law -- I mean, tampering with evidence, destroying a crime scene, perjuring yourself on the witness stand.
Erica: I am not on trial here. Someone has set me up.
Lena: Erica, this is terrible. How serious are these charges?
Erica: According to Jackson, serious enough to land me in jail for 20 years.
Bianca: Wait, wait a minute. Uncle Jack can't honestly think that you did this.
Erica: Oh, can't he? You should've heard him, honey, the way he accused me of embezzlement and fraud and a laundry list of charges when the only thing that I’m really guilty of is -- is trusting the wrong person. Lena, you are my C.F.O. You sign off on every single cent that comes in and goes out of Enchantment. How could this happen on your watch?
Lena: Erica, I don't know, but I assure you that I will find out exactly who's responsible.
Erica: All right, I'm counting on you. I'm counting on you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.
Lena: I won't let you down.
Bianca: Well, ok. So if that's it, then you can go, Mom.
Erica: Just a moment, Bianca. Should I be surprised to find you two here together?
Bianca: No, not if you've been paying attention. We had some issues that we needed to resolve.
Erica: And did you resolve those issues to your satisfaction?
Bianca: No, not yet. We're getting there.
Erica: I see. Well, I certainly want you both to know that each of you is an integral part of Enchantment. Please remember that. I must be able to reach you on a moment's notice.
Lena: Erica, I’m very sorry. I just needed a personal day to sort some things out.
Erica: All right, well, I can understand that. I could certainly use one of those myself. But I'm sorry to say that all leave from Enchantment has to be canceled now until this nightmare with Fusion is completely straightened out. Ok, I'll see you back at the office.
Bianca: Mom, wait. We'll do everything that needs to be done, but not right now.
Erica: Oh, yes, Bianca. Now.
Bianca: No, Mom. When I say so.

***** (clip d) [Lena tells Erica's her intentions towards Bianca]

[amc030425d starts]
[Michael dials a number and the phone rings]
Michael: Lena, pick up the phone.
Michael: Lena!
Lena: Um -- look, Erica, let me explain something to you.
Erica: Is this a habit, not answering your phone?
Lena: You're here. Anything else can wait. I realize it was wrong of me to cut myself off from work like that. I made a bad situation worse for you, and I apologize.
Erica: Well, thank you, but I don't really want your apologies. I --
Erica: I want action, I want results. I want this whole mess with Fusion completely cleared up before they slap handcuffs on me.
[phone stops ringing]
Lena: Look -- ok, there's nothing I can do right now. The banks are closed. But you have my word; I will get to the bottom of this.
Erica: When bad judgment blurs the line between the personal and the professional --
Lena: Erica, please don't doubt my priorities. You are one of them. And Bianca is the other and she's here because I want her here.
Bianca: You know, Lena, this really isn't her business.
Lena: No, Bianca, I made it your mother's business when I made her come looking for me. Erica, I know you love Bianca and you'd do anything to protect her, and so would I. I want you to know I would move heaven and earth to keep her from harm. I swear it.
Erica: Well, whatever you're dealing with, I need you. And, it would seem, so does my daughter. So you don't need to ask me again. I'm leaving.
Bianca: You know, I don't know whether to applaud or cry. I'm really sorry about that. She -- she means well. She just gets carried away sometimes. Lena? What is it? Are we over before we even get started?

***** (clip e) [Lena tells Bianca she has never stopped for anyone else before]

[amc030425e starts]
Bianca: Lena, are you sorry that you stayed?
Lena: I'd be halfway across the Atlantic by now, staring out of the window and thinking of you. No, no, I'm -- I’m not sorry.
Bianca: Neither am I.
Lena: Forgive me for being so impossible.
Bianca: No. The way my life normally goes, this is paradise.
Lena: Bianca, you're an extraordinary woman.
Bianca: You know, I -- I don't know which part of that I like best, the extraordinary part or that you think of me as a woman.
Lena: I've never thought of you as anything else.
Bianca: I know. I think that's why I’m so drawn to you. Lena, I want to see where this takes us. Do you want the same thing?
Lena: Yes, I do. We'll get there when the time's right.
Bianca: Ok, well, just to be sure -- you're in Pine Valley to stay, right? I'm not going to need to go to the airport and tackle you again?
Lena: I am here to stay. You can't know what this means, but I've never stopped for anyone before.
Bianca: I'm so flattered that you chose me. And I'm not going to let you regret it.
Lena: I spend so much of my time doubting myself, but when I’m with you, I feel like I know who I am or -- or at least who I'd like to be.
Bianca: No, trust this, Lena. Trust me. All right. We'll talk more later.
Bianca: I know that we're going to find what we're looking for.
[Bianca leaves]
Lena: What have I done?

***** (clip f) [Michael and Lena mutually threaten each other]

[amc030425f starts]
Michael: Well, well, well -- Lena.
Lena: What do you want?
Michael: Well, what I expect from you -- complete submission.
Lena: Those days are over.
Michael: Oh, you think so? You think that little rebellion you staged today changes anything?
Lena: Like they say here, this is a whole new ballgame.
Michael: Oh. American slang? Well, you've picked up a lot of bad habits. Just make sure the next one you pick up is Bianca Montgomery.
Lena: Look, I told you, I'm not going to use Bianca to get Boyd’s formula.
Michael: I don't think you have a choice, Lena.
Lena: I no longer take orders from you, Michael.
Michael: You know, I think you've known me long enough, Lena, to know it's a mistake to try and cross me. I'll take you down hard and fast.
Lena: Oh, and if you do, I will take you down with me. And I won't hurt Bianca, not ever.

***** (clip g) [Bianca tells her mother to keep out of her and Lena's relationship]

[amc030425g starts]

Erica: All right then, Val, you're through for the day. You can go on home. Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.
Erica: Bianca. I -- I thought you and Lena had plans.
Bianca: We did. Um -- now we don't. Mom, I don't think you should be too relieved. Lena and I will get together. And when we do, I need you to stay out of it.

***** (clip h) [Erica kind of sort of agrees to butt out]

[amc030425h starts]
Erica: Bianca -- honey, you know that all I want is --
Bianca: Is for me to be happy.
Erica: You don't believe me?
Bianca: I do. I -- I just want you to acknowledge the fact that I’m a grown woman, and I can handle my own relationships without having my mommy have a meltdown and barge in every two minutes.
Erica: Ah. I see.
Bianca: I'm not saying that things aren't going to be complicated with Lena, but I really want to feel free to get to know her better without worrying that you're going to be hovering or judging me.
Erica: If that's the way you want it --
Bianca: That's the way it's got to be.
Erica: All right, then. Be happy, sweetheart. And be careful. I guess there's nothing else to say.
Bianca: How about "I love you"?
Erica: Oh, honey. Oh, honey, that goes without saying.

***** (clip i) [Lena still is dissing Michael]

[amc030425i starts]
Michael: Ah, so you think you'll find some loophole you can use to try and hang me? Well, you should know me better by now.
Lena: And you should know that there is no way in h*** I would leave myself vulnerable to you and your father.
Michael: You leave my father out of this.
Lena: Oh, ma pauvre, did I touch a wrong nerve? How displeased will papa be when he finds out his son has failed to live up to the mighty Cambias name.
Michael: Crossing me is a big mistake, Lena. Why take the chance on some pretty girl? Bianca is no reason to risk everything you've worked hard for.
Lena: Bianca is worth more than that. Much, much more.

***** (clip j) [Next on AMC: Boyd finds Lena in Erica's office]

On the next "All My Children"
Greenlee: Who do you think she is?
Kendall: Who do I think who is?
Greenlee: The woman Michael’s sleeping with?
[amc030425j-inc starts]
Boyd: Pretty late to be all alone in the boss' office, don't you think?
[amc030425j-inc ends]
Anna: Clearly, I’m not the woman you were waiting for.
Erica: Well, aren't you even going to say hello?


I have the following complete clips: B, D, E, F, G, H, I
amc030425b.mpg (4.4m; 0:26) Bianca berates her mother for barging in
amc030425d.mpg (24.4; 2:23) Lena tells Erica's her intentions towards Bianca
amc030425e.mpg (26.6m; 2:35) Lena tells Bianca she has never stopped for anyone else before
amc030425f.mpg (9.4m; 0:55) Michael and Lena mutually threaten each other
amc030425g.mpg (7.2m; 0:42) Bianca tells her mother to keep out of her and Lena's relationship
amc030425h.mpg (13.6m; 1:20) Erica kind of sort of agrees to butt out
amc030425i.mpg (8.3m; 0:48) Lena still is dissing Michael

I have the following incomplete clips: A, C, J
amc030425a-inc.mpg (3m; 0:18) Previously on AMC: Michael threatens to tell Bianca about him and Lena
amc030425c-inc.mpg (35.2m; 3:26) Erica tells the ladies about Enchantment's link to the Fusion suit
amc030425j-inc.mpg (756k; 0:04) Next on AMC: Boyd finds Lena in Erica's office

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