Whoosh! Sensing she may be out of a job soon, Lena unwisely tries out her new Avon spiel on Michael
Lena at last fully realizes what
her pact with the devil has cost

Lena Kundera

April 28, 2003

(Lena appearance)
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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Boyd Larraby
Erica Kane
Michael Cambias
Kendall Hart


Lena "discovers" Barton Phillips' money trail (embezzling from Enchantment), claiming that he's a consultant from an outside firm whom she let go a month ago; Kendall sees Lena enter Michael's condo


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena explains that Erica asked her to track down the person who used Enchantment funds to finance the lawsuit against Fusion when [Boyd] catches her working in Erica's office after hours. Suspicious of Lena, Boyd insists on waiting while she finishes her work. Alone, Erica tells Boyd that Lena and Bianca are getting closer. Aware of Boyd's suspicions about Lena, Erica vows to destroy Lena if she ever does anything to hurt Bianca. Lena manages to cover her tracks and makes it appear as though a disgruntled former Enchantment employee is responsible for the transferring the funds to finance the lawsuit against Fusion. After having drinks with Greenlee, Kendall is shocked when she sees Lena entering Michael's condo.

From About All My Children

Lena lets herself into Erica’s office and sits at the computer as she recalls Michael’s threat that she would regret if she didn't seduce the formula out of Boyd. As she takes a CD from her purse, Boyd comes to the door and startles Lena when he questions, “Pretty late to be all alone in the boss’ office, don’t you think?” He closes the door behind him as he asks if he’s catching her at a bad time? Lena quickly hides the CD, and Boyd says he’s sorry he startled her—did she think she was alone? Asked what she’s doing here, Lena tells him she’s working on a job for Erica. She comments on his late hours, and asks if he’s still working on his breakthrough formula? When he doesn’t answer, Lena asks if he’s upset that she’s seeing Bianca? Boyd laughs that he didn’t know it was official, but no; she made her feelings clear about the both of them. Whatever choice she made is up to her. Lena thanks Boyd for being so understanding, saying she knows Bianca considers him to be a close friend. Boyd says his only concern has always been that Bianca not get caught in the middle and Lena agrees. He guesses that she’s here about the lawsuit against Fusion and Lena expresses surprises that he knows about that.

She agrees that it looks quite serious for Erica and Enchantment; Boyd tells her that Erica says she has nothing to do with it and he believes her. Lena does, too, but if someone is misusing company funds it’s her job as CFO to find out who. Larraby wonders if she doesn’t also want to find out why? Lena says it seems the lawsuit was designed to undermine Erica and her company and asks who he thinks is behind it? Boyd doesn’t know, but says Erica suspects Michael Cambias. Lena knows he made a move against the company and failed, but it doesn’t make sense, “The lawsuit is against Fusion, isn’t that his girlfriend’s company?” Boyd points out that he’s tried to pit Erica and Kendall against each other since he came to town. Lena laughs that they don’t need Cambias for that, but Boyd insists he’s done more than his share to stir the waters. Lena notes that he’s also created a wedge between Boyd and Kendall. She knows he cares for Kendall; it’s how she knew she didn’t have a chance with him. Boyd says he also cares about Erica and this company, both of whom have been very good to him. He just wants to find out who’s behind this and make sure they’re punished for it, and thinks he’ll stick around to see what she finds out.

Erica comes into her office, telling Lena she saw the light on from outside and wondering if she’s working on the project? Ms. Kondera agrees she is, but she’s having very little luck in figuring out how Enchantment money ended up funding the lawsuit against Fusion. Erica reminds her she said she’d know more when the banks open and says she has full confidence in her abilities. She says she’s glad Boyd is still here and asks if she can have a private word with him; they excuse themselves and Lena quickly puts the CD in the computer. In the lobby, Erica says she knows why Lena is here, but why is Boyd here? Larraby admits he still has a feeling Lena’s involved and Erica questions if she’s ever asked him about the formula? Boyd says no, nothing specific. Erica confides that she found Lena in her hotel room with Bianca so she knows that they’re together. Asked if she’s worried, Erica says she wants Bianca to be careful—she’s so open! Boyd notes that Lena is not; he’s already tried to warn Bianca and she told him to mind his own business. Erica vows, “If that woman hurts Bianca or this company, I will kill her with my own bare hands!”

As Lena replaces the CD in her purse, Erica and Boyd return to the office. Erica asks if she’s made any progress and Lena says yes, “I’m afraid everything that’s happened between Fusion and Enchantment is all my fault.” She explains that someone has managed to access their network and move funds from their account to the plaintiff’s account. Erica asks if she knows who’s responsible? Lena says this man wasn’t very good at covering his tracks; his name is Barton Phillips, a consultant from an outside accounting firm. She had to let him go about a month ago, and he didn’t take it well. Boyd is skeptical as he asks if this guy set the whole thing up because he was fired, but Erica tells him she has seen this sort of thing before, and it happens. Lena tells her it’s all her fault, because she’s the one who fired him, but Erica insists she not blame herself. She asks for a printout to take to the District Attorney’s office in the morning, saying maybe Jackson will drop the charges against her for somehow being involved in this lawsuit, and go after the man who’s really responsible.

As they speak, Michael makes a call and leaves a message, “We need to talk—now!”

From Soap Slut

Previously on All My Children
Carlos dissed Greenlee (why do they keep showing Carlos in the previews when he’s not even in the show? Talk about shoving him down our throats… ew, I'm SO sorry. That comment invoked mental imagery that I did NOT intend).
Kendall finally gave *sshat the kissoff.
Boyd suspected Lena to be behind the lawsuit money trail.
Flanders was e-diddly-eager to off Jack...

Lena enters Erica’s office and seats herself at the computer. She thinks about The *sshat’s threat to her, then digs into her purse, producing a CD-ROM. Boyd takes the opportunity to intrude and comment on her presence in the boss’s office so late at night...

Lena covertly puts the CD back in her purse and says that she’s just doing a job for Erica. He assumes it’s about the Fusion lawsuit. She says that it’s her job to find out who at Enchantment was misusing company funds. Boyd asks if she’s interested or not in WHY...

Lena tells Boyd that she’s pretty sure she already knows what the why is about: to undermine Enchantment. Boyd doesn’t know who’s behind it but reveals that Erica suspects The *sshat. Lena plays devil’s advocate to the theory, poking the appropriate holes in it. She’s cool as a cucumber. Boyd asks if she doesn’t mind him sticking around while she tools around on the computer, investigating. Of course Lena can’t say no, it would look suspicious, so she agrees and casts a quick glance towards her purse at her side before resuming her computer navigating...

Lena uncomfortably types away as Boyd hovers in the background. Erica arrives and as trancer at the AMC boards at TWOP pointed out, has this look on her face when she sees Lena. It’s totally, “Oh yay, she’s here working and not making my baby daughter scream in ecstasy. Oh, the imagery! AUGH!” Yeah, that look. Lena admits that she’s not having much luck tracking down the origins of the money trail. Erica reminds Lena of what she said about making progress once the banks open back up. Erica asks if she might speak with Boyd out in the hallway.

Alone now, Lena snatches the CD back out of her purse and goes to town with it. Um, figuratively.

Boyd tells Erica that he’s hovering around Lena to keep tabs on her. Erica tells him about Lena and Bianca now being an official couple. They worry that Bianca might be falling into a trap. Erica vows to put Lena in the hurt locker (specifically, she threatens Lena’s life; just for clarification) if “that woman” dares to hurt her two favorite children: Bianca and/or Enchantment.

Lena has finished whatever the hell she was doing with that CD and just manages to replace it in her purse when Erica and Boyd return. Lena claims she has made progress. She states that it’s all her fault...

Lena has discovered the money trail. Boyd comments about the ease in which it was found. Lena says that’s because the perpetrator wasn’t very good at covering his tracks. She reveals the dude’s name to be Barton Phillips. Bart? First we have a Flanders, now a Bart. Methinks a few of the writers are Simpsons fans. Lena says that Bart is a consultant from an outside firm that she had to let go a month or so ago. She states that he didn’t take the termination well. Boyd is suspicious of Bart pulling such a stunt because he was fired but Erica supports Lena’s theory and says that she’s seen ex-employees attempt retaliations before. Erica doesn’t want Lena to blame herself and asks for a printout of the evidence so she can show the DA.

Three-quarters of the way through the episode and The *sshat is only just making an appearance. Do I have to tell you that he’s got a phone stuck to his ear? He needs a confidant brought in so we don’t always have to see him on the phone. Anyway, he’s telling someone that they need to talk right now...

Still dissolving. Lena stealthily approaches The *sshat’s front door and knocks. He answers and they glare at each other briefly before he steps aside to admit her. The camera pans over to where Kendall is arriving in Lena’s wake. She looks gobsmacked. I bet that killed HER buzz. Ever have that happen? Cruising along on a good sloshing when something horrible happens and wham! Suddenly stone-cold sober like that [snap]. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world...


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Half of Pine Valley seems to have been drinking today. After watching today's episode I could use a drink myself.

Erica ran into Chris at the Valley Inn bar.
Erica: How are you Chris?
Chris: Not quite as psychotic as usual. I've been pretty broken up but...
Erica: That's nice. I'm sure you want to know how I'm doing. I'm so depressed. Jackson dumped me. Can you believe it? Just because I didn't want to get engaged. What's the big deal about getting engaged anyway? It's not like I wouldn't cheat on him if I was engaged to him. Oh dear, I probably shouldn't be saying this to you.
Chris: That's OK. There's one tiny part of my heart you haven't ripped out yet.
Erica: Good. Because I'm really really upset about losing Jack. I think he may be the only man I've ever really loved.

Later Chris tried to reach Flanders by phone.
Flanders voice mail: You've reached Flanders the Hit Man. I'm out whacking someone right now but leave a message and I'll get back to you. If you want me to rub someone out press 1. If you want to arrange to pay for a hit on the installment plan press 2. If you wish to cancel a hit press 11.
Chris: Hey, dere's no 11 on de phone. Dis may be trouble.

Boyd found Lena in Erica's office.
Boyd: What are you doing here?
Lena: Uh .....playing Freecell.
Boyd: Try again. I'm the smart character in this storyline.
Lena: I'm trying to find out who took the money from Enchantment and used it to sue Fusion.
Boyd: I'll just watch and make sure you don't do anything sneaky.
Lena: OK. Just let me put up this mysterious computer disk.
Erica: It's good to see my employees so hard at work. Boyd, come with me into the hall so Lena can use that mysterious computer disk while we're gone.
Lena: Good. Now I'll just create a false paper trail - oops, that's my Wheel Of Fortune Game - oh well, I'm resourceful as well as mysterious.
Erica: So do you know who's responsible for the money?
Lena: Yes. See for yourself.
Erica: Vanna White! I'm not surprised. She's always been jealous of me.

The gang at SOS had gathered to listen to some music.
Extra: Henry, this is your big chance. You're playing with the band tonight.
Henry: I don't know about this. I have performance anxiety.
Maggie: It was just that one time and we were both nervous. Don't dwell on it.
Henry: I was talking about playing the guitar.
Maggie: Oh. Never mind. I"m sure you'll do great.
Henry: That's what you said about the other thing but it didn't work.
Anna: Jack, drowning your sorrows in liquor won't bring Erica back.
Jack: I'm upset about losing Erica but that's not why I'm drinking. We've all been dragged into Maggie and Henry's storyline.
Anna: Bartender, bring me a double.
David: I'll just sit here and stare at my telephone.
Anna: Can't you ever look at me? You never even talk to me at all anymore.
David: That's not true. Just this morning I said I was sorry when I knocked you over on my way to the nursery.
Greenlee: Hey Maggie. Is your boyfriend going to play tonight?
Maggie: Yes. Is that why you and Kendall are here?
Kendall: You got it. TPTB realized that people were hitting FF when you and Henry had scenes with Maria and Aidan.
Greenlee: They know people like me and Kendall so they're hoping someone will actually watch this scene.
Kendall: And they told us we could have all the free drinks we want if we acted like we were having fun. I've already had a martini, a margarita, and about a 5th of vodka. I'll either look really happy while he plays or I'll throw up.
Flanders: After listening to all this drivel I'm really in de mood to kill someone.

Maggie and Henry went back to her dorm room for a post concert boink.
Henry: I hope I don't have performance anxiety.
Maggie: Just pretend I'm your guitar.

Kendall saw Lena enter Michael's apartment.
Kendall: So my boyfriend was cheating on me with my sister's girlfriend. Only in Pine Valley.

Jack was the last one to leave SOS.
Gun: :::::Bang:::::::
Jack: (*&%$. Years on the backburner, I finally get a storyline and now this happens.


And Boyd, I must get the name of of your tailor; those salmon shirts are simply divine

Erica tells Boyd that if Lena hurts Bianca, she will kill Lena with her own bare hands


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Previously on AMC: Boyd tells Erica his suspicion about Lena]

Previously on "All My Children" --
Carlos: How is it someone capable of such kindness can be so cold?
Kendall: You ruined us. This is about your cheating and your lying and your ridiculous need to control everybody.
Erica: Liza Colby was just here and she has accused me of bankrolling that lawsuit against Fusion.
Boyd: It was Lena, wasn't it?
Flanders: You say the word and Jack Montgomery’s a dead man.

***** (clip b) [Lena sneaks into Erica's office and is caught by Boyd]

[amc030428b starts]
[Lena enters Erica's office alone; she walks over to Erica's computer. She sits down in frnt of the computer and looks pensive.]
Lena: Whew.
Michael's voice: If you don't seduce that formula out of Bianca, I'll make sure you regret it, big time.
[Lena takes a disk out of her purse and Boyd opens the door and looks in]
Boyd: Pretty late to be all alone in the boss's office, don't you think?
[Lena looks up to see him in surprise]
Lena: Boyd.
[Boyd comes into the room and closes the door]
Boyd: Am I catching you at a bad time?

***** (clip c) [Boyd and Lena discuss the Fusion lawsuit]

[amc030428c starts]
Lena: [putting the disk back in her purse] You startled me (laughs uncomfortably).
Boyd: I'm sorry. You thought you were alone?
Lena: Yes I did, but I'm aways happy to see you. You know that.
Boyd: So, what are you doing here?
Lena: Oh, I'm just doing a job for Erica. How about you? You usually keep such long hours at the lab?
Boyd: It happens every now and then.
Lena: Still working on your breakthrough formula?
[Boyd pauses]
Lena: Boyd, is something the matter?
Boyd: I don't know, is there?
Lena: Are you -- are you upset that I'm seeing Bianca?
Boyd: Well, I didn't know it was official, but no. You made your feelings clear about the both of us. Whatever you -- whatever choice you made, well, it's up to you.
Lena: Thank you for being so understanding. I know Bianca considers you to be a close friend.
Boyd: Yeah, well, my only concern has always been that Bianca and I not get caught in the middle.
Lena: But those are my concerns.
Boyd: Good. So you left her tonight to come here for -- for work?
Lena: Oh yes. There was just something that couldn't wait.
Boyd: Oh right, like the lawsuit against Fusion.
Lena: You know about that?
Boyd: Erica told me.
Lena: Well, it seems quite serious. It looks like the D.A.'s office is looking to investigate Enchantment.
Boyd: Yeah, I heard but Erica assured me she had nothing to do with it and, well, I believe her.
Lena: And so do I, which means that someone from inside of Enchantment has been misusing company funds and as C.F.O. it's my job to find out who.
Boyd: Wouldn't you also like to know why?

***** (clip d) [Lena and Boyd play cat and mouse]

[amc030428d starts]
Lena: Well, it seems that the lawsuit was designed to undermine Erica and her company.
Boyd: Well, it's inventive, that's for sure.
Lena: Who do you think is behind it?
Boyd; I don't know. I only know who Erica suspects.
Lena: Who's that?
Boyd: Michael Cambias.
Lena: Oh. Well, he did make a move on Enchantment.
Boyd: And failed.
Lena: Well, that doesn't make sense, though. The lawsuit is against Fusion. Isn't that his girlfriend's company?
Boyd: Do you really think a small detail like that matters to a man like Cambias? I mean, let's face it. He's tried to pit Erica and Kendall against each other since he got to Pine Valley.
Lena: Be fair, Boyd. It's not as though Erica and Kendall need Cambias for that.
Boyd: Look, don't kid yourself, Lena. Cambias has done more than his share to stir the waters. Believe me.
Lena: He's also managed to create a wedge between you and Kendall, yes?
Boyd: Look, I know where you are going with this, but this has nothing to do with me and Kendall.
Lena: Boyd, it's obvious you still have feelings for her. You can tell just by the way you talk about her. It's how I knew I never stood a chance with you.
Boyd: Yeah. Well, I also care about Erica and this company, both of whom have been very good to me.
Lena: And Kendall hasn't?
Boyd: Lena, I just want to find who's responsible for this and make sure they're punished. That's it.
Lena: Well, as soon as I find out who's behind this money transfer, we'll know if Cambias is to blame or not.
Boyd: Good. You don't mind if I stick around, do you? See what you find out.
Lena: No, no, not at all.
[Boyd sits on the couch watching Lena and Lena goes back to work at the computer]

***** (clip e) [Erica enters and asks Boyd to go talk with her]

[amc030428e starts]
[Lena's working, Boyd's watching, and erica enters the room]
Erica: Lena! I thought that was you.
Lena: Erica.
Erica: I, uh, saw the light on from outside. Are you working on the project?
Lena: Yes, but I'm having very little luck in working out exactly how Enchantment money ended up funding the lawsuit against Fusion.
Erica: Well, as you said you would know more when the banks open. Believe me I have full confidence in your ability.
Lena: Thank you.
Erica: Boyd, I'm so glad that you're here.
Boyd: I was just here to give Lena any support she may need.
Erica: Well, that's wonderful. That's wonderful. But now that you are here, may I have a word with you? Please?
Boyd: Absolutely.
Erica: Privately, if you don't mind?
Boyd: Sure.
Excuse us, Lena.
[Erica and Boyd leave the room. Lena gets out her disk and puts it in the computer.

***** (clip f) [Erica tells Boyd that she'll kill Lena if she hurts Bianca]

[amc030428f starts]
Erica: Boyd, I know why Lena's here but why are you here? Really?
Boyd: I wanted to see what she would come up with.
Erica: You think that see is still somehow involved?
Boyd: It's just a feeling, I cannot explain it.
Erica: Has she ever asked you about the formula?
Boyd: Lena? Nothing specific or out of place, no.
Erica: Well, I found her with Bianca earlier.
Boyd: You did?
Erica: Yes, I did. They were actually in Lena's hotel room. So, I know that they are together now.
Lena: You worried?
Erica: I want Bianca to be careful. I mean, Bianca is so open.
Boyd: Right, and Lena's not. I've already tried to warn Bianca.
Erica: You have? What did she say?
Boyd: You want the polite version? Mind my own business.
Erica: Uh-huh, yes, well that's just about what she said to me too. Bpyd, I swear if that woman hurts Bianca or this company, I will kill her. I will kill her with my own bare hands.

***** (clip g) [Lena tells Erica the lawsuit is all her fault]

[amc030428g starts]
[Lena takes the disk out of Erica's computer just before Erica and Boyd come back into the room. Lena puts the disk back in her purse.]
Erica: So, Lena, have you made any progress?
Lena: Yes.
Erica: Well, what did you find?
Lena: Erica, I am afriad everything that has happened between Fusion and Enchantment is all my fault.

***** (clip h) [Lena feeds Erica the Barton Philips story]

[amc030428h starts]
Lena: Look, someone has managed to access our network and move funds from our account into the plaintiff's account.
Boyd: That's a pretty obvious money trail, isn't it?
Erica: Do you know who's responsible?
Lena: Well, luckily, as Boyd says, this man wasn't very good at covering his tracks. His name is Barton Philips.
Erica: Well, who was that?
Lena; He's a consultant from an outside accounting firm. I had to let him go about a month ago. I am afraid he didn't take it very well.
Boyd: So this Barton Philips, he's behind this whole lawsuit?
Lena: It looks like it.
Boyd: And he set all this up because he was fired?
Ercia: Well, actually, Boyd, I have seen this kind of thing in the past, but not this extreme, of course, but it happens.
Lena: Erica, I was the one who fired him. This is my fault.
Erica: No, really Lena, don't do that. Don't blame yourself, please. Listen, can you download this and give me a print out. I'd like to take it to the district attorney's office and show it to them in the morning. br>Lena: Certainly. I can do it straight away.
Erica: Wonderful. And maybe Jackson will drop the ridiculous charges against me for somehow being involved with this bogus lawsuit and go after the man who is really responsible.
[Cut to Michael who is obviosuly leaving a message with Lena]
Michael: We need to talk—now!

***** (clip i) [Kendall sees Lena go into Michael's condo]

[amc030428i-inc starts]
[Lena walks to Michael's condo; she knocks; Michael opens the door; Lena looks disgusted; she enters the condo; as he closes the door, we discover Kendall is watching the condo]


I have the following complete clips: B, C, D, E, F, G, H
amc0428b.mpg (8.6m; 0:50) Lena sneaks into Erica's office and is caught by Boyd
amc0428c.mpg (18.6m; 1:49) Boyd and Lena discuss the Fusion lawsuit
amc0428d.mpg (17.9m; 1:45) Lena and Boyd play cat and mouse
amc0428e.mpg (12.2m; 1:11) Erica enters and asks Boyd to go talk with her
amc0428f.mpg (10/7m; 1:03) Erica tells Boyd that she'll kill Lena if she hurts Bianca
amc0428g.mpg (3.7m; 0:22) Lena tells Erica the lawsuit is all her fault
amc0428h.mpg (16.9m; 1:39) Lena feeds Erica the Barton Philips story

I have the following incomplete clips: I
amc0428i-inc.mpg (6.6m; 0:39) Kendall sees Lena go into Michael's condo

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