Whoosh! What do you mean you'd love me more if I had more flowers on my shirt?
Kendall now steps up to the
plate to take a whack at Michael

Lena Kundera

April 29, 2003

(Lena mentioning and Next on AMC)
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Michael Cambias
Kendall Hart


Kendall confronts Michael and for once manages to connect all the dots and figures out Lena's place in all this (no Lena except in tomorrow on AMC)


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Kendall confronts Michael about his relationship with Lena. Kendall theorizes that Michael and Lena are working to destroy Enchantment and tells Michael she wants to join forces with him. Michael agrees to let Kendall work with him but warns her to never betray him.

From About All My Children

[Michael] ends his call when the doorbell rings, and sighs that he was hoping for some peace and quiet today when he sees that it’s Kendall. “Or a visit from your piece on the side?” she asks. Michael sighs that they’ve exhausted this non-topic, and asks her to go. When he repeats that there was no other woman, Kendall laughs as she says she thought he was just sleeping with another woman, but saw for herself last night that it was Erica Kane’s CFO, “What a fascinating turn of events!” Michael says, although it’s none of her business, he just started seeing Lena, and she’s helping him to get over her! Kendall retorts that she’s sure Lena is helping him get into all sorts of things, like inside info on the financial workings of Enchantment. Despite his protests that what he and Lena have is not connected to business, Kendall tells him to save it! She goes on that he and Lena came on the scene at almost the same exact time, and it wasn’t a coincidence, “She was working for you in more ways than one.” She knows that Lena is his spy and when he took that bar stool next to her in Aspen, that was Phase Two of his plan. Michael laughs as she rhetorically asks what Lena’s mission was at Enchantment, knowing it was to get the formula for Boyd’s anti-aging cream. But, she failed to seduce Boyd because he thought he was in love with her, “That’s what made you so attracted to me, right, Michael?” Cambias shrugs as he asks if she always thinks so little of herself? Kendall goes on that he really thought he could use her to get Boyd’s formula, which Michael calls incredibly far-fetched, but she knows it’s 100% true; when she wouldn’t sleep with Boyd to get what he wanted, he dumped her! She pokes him in the chest as she says they found out that the lawsuit leads right to Enchantment’s front door, where Lena works! Michael scoffs that nobody will believe her, especially not Erica, and says it doesn’t matter if she’s right or not. Kendall thinks it does. Cambias tells her even if she was right, there’s no way she could stop him. Kendall smiles as she says she doesn’t want to stop him, “I want to join forces with you.”...

Michael thinks there’s one thing she’s forgotten in this whole arrangement. Kendall strokes his arm as she asks if he means trust? Fundamentally, they both want the same thing. Michael says she’ll have to prove that to him, and Kendall suggests she stay really quiet about his little affair with Lena? Cambias thinks that’s a start, but he’s still not sure how she can be useful to him. Kendall tells him with her on board, they’ll both realize their dreams; without her, he’s in for a difficult time because there’s all sorts of people she can talk to. ..

Kendall tells Erica, “If you throw me out, you’re gonna regret it—I’m here to save you!”
At Lysistrata’s direction, Greenlee and Carlos partner up to, “Find the spirit behind the veil.”
Anna declares she’s given in to David for too long!
As Jackson lies gravely injured in the hospital, Opal tells Chris someone is going to die!

From Soap Slut

The *sshat listens as everyone's favorite floral disaster (aka Kendall) confidently announces that she knows all there is to know about his agenda. Huh, Kendall's the one who was out drinking all night, and she's all chipper and cheery. Meanwhile The *sshat looks like someone just ran him over with a very big truck. Sadly, it wasn't me. He's laughing off all of Kendall's accusations, but god love her, she's finally got it all straight. Lena's role in Enchantment, Lena's failed attempts to seduce Boyd, how the lawsuit money connects back to Enchantment, all of it. Kendall asks if she's got everything right, because she wants to join forces with him. And since she's obviously in sneaky revenge mode, I can finally say yay! Smart, sassy Kendall. How I've missed you...

On the next All My Children
Kendall tries to convince Erica that she's there to help.
Greenlee and Carlos (with Lena visible in the background) are at a yoga class. Led by Lysistrata. Heh, that should be fun.
Anna yells at David.
Opal worries to Chris about Jack.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Morning in Pine Valley finds Jack bleeding in the alley.
Jack: ::::groan::::This doesn't look good::::gasp::::: I hope someone finds me soon:::::groan::::Good thing it's early in the episode::::gasp:::::

Joanie: So what are we supposed to do?
Reggie: Why don't you just stand around here and be mind-numbingly boring until near the end of the episode?
Joanie: Good. I can handle that.
Erica: Is Jack here?
Reggie: No. He didn't come home last night. I thought he was with you. He must have found someone else to boink.
Erica: Don't be silly. He wouldn't replace me in one episode. He must be missing. I'll go report Jack missing to the man that hates him more than life itself.
Reggie: Sounds like a plan to me.

Erica turned to Chris for help.
Erica: Jack is missing.
Chris: And I care because?
Erica: You have to help me find him. I'm afraid something's happened to him.
Chris: De guy's probably just got a hangover.
Erica: You look like you know more than you're telling me.
Chris: Who me? No I don't know nothin about a hit man runnin around out dere carryin a gun with Jack's name on all de bullets. It's not like I had nothin to do with de guy being here or nothin.
Erica: Oh Chris, I'm so glad I can trust you.
Jack: :::groan::: I thought Chris was the one getting written out::::gasp::::So why is he getting scenes with Erica and I'm laying here bleeding in an alley::::groan::::

Kendall went to see Michael.
Kendall: So you're boinking Lena.
Michael: Only to help me recover from my broken heart.
Kendall: Save it Sluggo. Some time last night my brain seems to have magically reappeared. I know what you're up to. I want in on it. I'll keep it a secret that Lena works for you, you take over Enchantment and give it to me while you get the money from Boyd's formula.
Michael: What about Fusion?
Kendall: It's a silly storyline. The new headwriter may do away with it. So do we have a deal?
Michael: I still want you. ::::kiss::::::: That was different.
Kendall: I was wearing Fusions' new slime proof lipstick.
Jack: :::groan:::OK, this is getting silly:::gasp::::Is anyone even looking for me::::groan:::I hope they don't think I just went back to the backburner::::gasp::::

David and Anna brought Leora to the hospital with a high fever.
David: There there little Princess of Darkness. Daddy will make sure you're all right. He won't let Mommy treat you like some mortal child.
Anna: Joe says we should rethink the surgery.
David: What does he know? His son was written out a month before he ever noticed he was gone.
Anna: I've signed the papers David. She's having the surgery whether you like it or not.
David: Why are you doing this?
Anna: We need some conflict David. Frankly, we're just not that interesting anymore.
David: What do you mean we're not interesting? Just because I have baby spit up on my shirt doesn't mean I'm not interesting.
Jack:::groan::::Is my contract up and no one told me about it::::gasp::::I want to talk to my agent::::groan:::::

Reggie: Luis, what are you doing here? What's wrong with Jack?
Luis: He's dying. I'm here so the audience will wonder if it was me or Flanders that shot him.
Joanie: I called an amublance. Do you think the audience will like me better now?
Reggie: Could be. Hang on Jack. You'll be OK now thanks to me and Joanie.
Jack: ::::groan::::Finally some of these newbies came in handy::::gasp::::I just hope they hire enough hospital extras to save me::::::gasp:::::Some of these budget cuts are a little scary::::groan:::::


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Kendall accuses Michael of sleeping with Lena]

Michael: Oh, I was hoping for some peace and quiet today.
Kendall: Or a visit from your piece on the side?
Michael: Kendall, we've exhausted this nontopic.
Kendall: Oh, maybe she's here already.
Michael: There is no "she." There was no other woman.
Kendall: Oh, come on, save it. I saw her with my own eyes.
Michael: Oh, Kendall, would you just go, please?
Kendall: You know, I thought you were just sleeping with another woman. But then last night, when I found out it was Erica Kane’s chief financial officer? What a fascinating turn of events.
Michael: Hmm.

***** (clip b) [Kendall tells Michael she wants to join forces with him]

Michael: Well, not that it's any of your business, but I just started seeing Lena Kundera. She's helping me get over you.
Kendall: Oh, yeah, I bet she's helping you get into all sorts of things.
[Michael sighs]
Kendall: Like insider info on the financial workings of Enchantment.
Michael: You know, what Lena and I have is not connected to business.
Kendall: Oh, save it. You and Lena came on the scene at almost the exact same time, and it wasn't a coincidence.
Michael: It wasn't?
Kendall: No. She was working for you, in more ways than one.
Michael: Well, that hurts.
Kendall: Oh, yeah, like you have any feelings. Anyway, Lena was working for Erica per your orders. She's your spy. And then, when you took that little barstool next to me at Aspen, that was phase two of your nice, little plan.
Michael: I'm sorry. When did this paranoia set in?
Kendall: No, no, no, back to phase one -- Lena moling her way around Enchantment. Why? What was her mission?
Michael: Gee, I can't imagine.
Kendall: Huh. To get the patent on Boyd’s anti-aging cream. What do you think?
Michael: Ah, of course, yes.
Kendall: Yes, of course. But when she tried to seduce Boyd, Lena failed desperately because Boyd thought he was in love with me. That's what made you so attracted to me, right, Michael?
Michael: Do you always think so little of yourself, Kendall?
Kendall: You know, you really thought that you could use me to get Boyd’s formula.
Michael: This -- this is incredibly farfetched.
Kendall: Oh, it's 100% true. I was just a means to an end. And when I wouldn’t do what you wanted me to, when I wouldn't sleep with Boyd to get what you wanted, you dumped me. Oh, by the way, we found out that little lawsuit against Fusion -- it leads right to Enchantment's front door. Hmm, Enchantment, where Lena works.
Michael: You are quite a talented little storyteller, I have to tell you.
Kendall: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm not making this up.
Michael: Well, doesn't matter. Nobody's going to believe you, especially not Erica.
Kendall: Just tell me this, just tell me just this one thing --
Michael: Hmm?
Kendall: I'm right all the way down the line, aren't I?
Michael: Well, doesn't really matter one way or the other, does it?
Kendall: Oh, but it does.
Michael: I'll tell you what, Kendall, even if you were right, there's no way you could stop me.
Kendall: Oh, I don't want to stop you, Michael. I want to join forces with you.

***** (clip c) [Michael cautiously accepts Kendalls offer]

Michael: Well, so much for your devotion to Fusion.
Kendall: Well, starting the company was challenging and fun, but why struggle?
Michael: Sure, when you can latch on to a million-dollar company.
Kendall: See, you think exactly like I do.
Michael: Mm-hmm.
Kendall: It'll take years and years for Fusion to become a major force in the marketplace.
Michael: Hmm, yeah, and by that time, you could be the head of Enchantment, top of the heap.
Kendall: Exactly. With us working together, you'll have Boyd’s formula, along with the billions of dollars you'll make from it and the funds from Enchantment, and I get --
Michael: Hmm, the crown?
Kendall: Mm-hmm.
Michael: Hmm.
Kendall: And I do look fabulous with jewels -- fabulous.
Michael: Yes, I’m sure you do, but you know, there is one thing you've forgotten about this whole arrangement.
Kendall: Like what? Trust? Hmm. Fundamentally, we both still want the same thing, Michael.
Michael: Yeah, well, you'll have to prove that to me.
Kendall: Ok, how about this -- how about I stay really quiet about your little affair with Lena?
Michael: That's a start. But I'm still not sure how useful you can be to me.
Kendall: Oh, come on. Come on! With me on your team, with me onboard, we'll both realize our dreams. Without me, well, you're in for a difficult time. There's all sorts of people I can talk to.
Michael: That's all right. Who would believe you?
Kendall: I don't know. You want to test me?
Michael: Hmm. Still not certain of your allegiance, though.
Kendall: Oh, come on! Come on, why not? Why not? I mean, let's be honest here -- where else am I going to go? My mother and my sister hate me.
Michael: Hmm. Still the lost little girl?
Kendall: Not so much. I've learned a lot from you so far.
Michael: Really? Like what?
Kendall: Mm-hmm. Like how to be cold-blooded when I have to be.
Michael: Ooh. You are still way too easy.
Kendall: Hmm, don't count on it. This is business now. So, do we have a pact to bring down Erica?
Michael: We do.

***** (clip d) [Next on AMC: Lena in the background in yoga class]

On the next "All My Children" --
Kendall: You throw me out; you're going to regret it. I'm here to save you.
[amc030429d-inc starts]
Lysistrata: Everyone get your partner and find the spirit behind the veil.
[amc030429d-inc end]
Anna: I've given in to you for too long.
Opal: Oh, Chris, someone is going to die.


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