Whoosh! And another thing Bianca, this couch has got to go
Lena and Bianca do some low key bonding

Lena Kundera

December 18, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 12/18/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Babe Chandler


Lena gets orange juice while Bianca and babe bond some more, and when Lena returns Bianca wants to bond with her but not **too** much


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Bianca and Lena grow closer.

From About All My Children

Bianca wakes up and smiles at Lena as Babe says good morning; she's concerned that she stayed here all night, as JR must be worried. "Let him," Babe shrugs, "It serves his Royal Highness right!" Bianca asks for some orange juice, and Lena understands she wants to talk to Babe alone...

Lena returns with a breakfast tray and asks if Babe left while she was burning the toast? Bianca thinks that gives them a chance to talk. She knows this limbo they're in is awkward, but Lena says it's not a bad place to be, and whatever happens next is up to her. She's really happy Bianca trusted her with the news of the baby. Bianca's so relieved that she told her, but now she feels she needs to be more clear. Lena agrees, if they're honest with each other, then they have a chance. Bianca's plans haven't changed; she's still going to leave town, go off someplace secret and safe to have her baby. Lena didn't expect her to change her mind, but worries about the idea of her in some strange place, pregnant and alone. Bianca says she won't be alone, and Lena realizes she's going with Maggie. Bianca asks if she understands why it has to be this way? It's too soon for them go off together, even if they had separate rooms, and can't think ahead that far. Lena wants to be with her, but more important, wants her well, safe and comfortable in a place where she can be at peace. If she needs her, she'll be there in a heartbeat, "Sooner if there's no traffic!" Until that happens, or even if it never happens, she'll be here, and her secret will be safe with her. Bianca says she never asks more than she can give, and thanks her for understanding. She has another favor to ask, saying she feels terrible leaving Kendall like this; she wants Lena to promise she'll be there for her if she needs her, because she's afraid she won't have anyone else on her side. She asks Lena to promise she'll be here when she comes back, and Lena asks how she could ever leave? They almost kiss, but share a hug instead.

From Soap Slut

Bianca awakens. Boobe and Lena are still there but Naggie is gone. Lena goes to make Her Beloved some breakfast while Boobe asks Binky’s advice in how to win over JR. Advice, advice, Boobe leaves to put it into practice.

Lena returns. She’s not a good cook. She burned the toast. Oh well, she has all those other admirable qualities. Lena’s concerned about Bianca’s European Vacation all alone. Bianca informs her that Naggie will be accompanying her. She’d invite Lena along but she’s not yet comfortable spending all that time with someone she’s attracted to. Ouch for Naggie. Lena declares that she will wait until Bianca is ready. Ooh, and they’re leaning in to ki—d***. Hug.


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  • Ryan Lavery is to a sleeping pill as water is to faucet.
  • Tad doesn’t have second helpings.
  • Krystal is a souvenir.
  • Erica wraps herself in a cow.
  • The hands get frisky.
  • It's almost TV14.

The Set-Up – At BJ’s, Krystal molests Tad’s knee.

At the cottage, Babe interrupts the early morning EyeSnuggles between Lena and Bianca.

At his place, Jack wakes up Erica, who manages to be happy for all of 6.3 seconds.

Erica: "Why did you stay away so long? You devoted every waking moment to Kendall and the rest of your family has gone straight to hell."

Sniff. It’s all so moving really. Welcome home, J-Mo.

At the new place, Kendall wakes up to the horrible realization that Ryan wears shoulder pads.

The Cottage – Bianca tells Lena that she’d "love some orange juice" the same way my mom used to tell me that she was out coffee: with a wink, a nudge, and a kick out the door.

Lena: "Oh, of course, but it might take a minute."

Yeah, ‘cause, knowing Lena, she’ll be going to Sicily to get the best oranges she can find.

Jack’s Pad – Is it just me, or is Erica’s hair looking almost human lately?

Erica: "In the middle of all that chaos, when I was so worried about Bianca, Greenlee chose that moment to assault me."
Jack: "Please tell me you’re exaggerating."
Erica: "No: she attacked me with a wheelchair."

Bwah! Oh, Erica: Greenlee only made you sit – and most of us couldn’t even tell the difference, I swear.

BJ’s – Tad and Krystal chat over breakfast. Well, I think it’s breakfast, but whatever’s on Krystal’s plate looks an awful lot like Myrtle’s curtains. Oh, and Krystal supports the Armed Forces – on her breasts.

The Cottage – Picking the oranges right from the grove makes Lena burn the toast.

Bianca: "I know this is awkward – this limbo that we’re in."
Lena: "No, it’s not a bad place to be: the view is wonderful and whatever happens next is completely up to you."

Ok, doing well so far: don’t know about you, but with Lena’s penchant for interrupting, I always worry she’ll stop the real conversation by saying something totally toolish.

Bianca tells Lena she’s "really glad" she’s told her about the baby, but adds that her plans have not changed and she’ll still be going abroad to have VolderBaby. Lena won’t have to worry because…

Lena: "You’ll be with Maggie."

Oh, come on: you don’t have to look like you’re licking a toad while you say that. Of course, after the way that troll came after you, it's a wonder you can say her name without spitting and holstering a Beretta all at once.

Jack’s Pad – Jack tells Kendall that they "finally got a break."

Kendall: "So – the Judge declared Michael’s death an act of god?"

Bwah! Kendall, if life were actually fair, I don’t think any of us would like it very much. For one, the mother of the hawk you plucked to bulk up your coat would be waiting for you outside.

Jack introduces Kendall to her new attorney, Livia Frye, who agrees with Jack that forgoing the prelim and going straight to trial is the best strategy.

Kendall: "Wait a minute, hold on: two brilliant legal minds and this is the strategy you come up with, just toss me in the courtroom and see what happens?"

"Two brilliant legal minds?" Kendall, I only see you, Livia and Jack: where is the second brilliant mind, hidden in the mini fridge?

Ryan’s Digs – Erica. In thigh-high boots. Wrapped in leather. Please get me Catherine Trammell’s ice pick so I can take out my eyes.

Ryan tells Erica that he’s decided not to fight Kendall for the rights to the Cambias fortune and won’t ask her to take "that DNA test" because he wants to "protect Kendall’s alibi" and Erica understand that, she does, but not at the cost of her "beloved" Enchantment! So what if Kendall goes to jail? Enchantment’s what matters! The make-up! Think of all those hideous women without blush!

Ryan: "Erica, you know her even better than I do. You know that she’d do absolutely anything to pass that test no matter what the risk – or to who."

To whom, Ryan. And – what? Why, what have you heard?

The Cottage – Bianca and Lena are still talking about the plans for Europe even though we all know there won’t be any such trip.

Bianca: "Lena, you understand why it has to be this way, right? I mean, for us to go off together – it’s just too soon and I can’t imagine living, just you and I, even if we had separate rooms. I just can’t think ahead that far."

Poor Maggie: she gets to go on the trip only because she's the safe choice for Bianca. Remember when Bianca and Maggie were at the boathouse and Maggie mentioned how great sex with Henry was and Bianca said the reason she didn't want to see Lena was that she was afraid she wouldn't be able to resist her and would just jump her? Yeah. Poor Maggie. It's so sad really and, look, I'm crying. What? Oh, it's not that: I just knocked my knee on the desk while I was laughing.

Lena: "It’s ok. You know I want to be with you but, more important, I want you well and I want you safe and comfortable in a place where you can be at peace."
Bianca: "As far away from here as possible."
Lena: "Doesn’t matter where. If you need me, I’ll be there in a heartbeat. Sooner if there’s no traffic."

Bwah! Meh, I’m such a sucker: I’m so far into the Schmoopy!Lena train that I’m practically part of the conductor’s hat.

Lena: "But until that happens, or even if it never happens, I’ll be here and your secret will be safe with me."
Bianca: "You never ask any more than I can give."

Bianca, here’s a cookie for stating the obvious. Maggie, shut up about everything.  AGR peeps, can we make a banner for the BAMmers with Bianca’s line? Not that they’ll get it and actually quit moaning that Lena needs to stop pushing – ‘cause that would make them active participant of the show all of us are watching as opposed to…you know.

Lena and Bianca do the HandShagging for so long that I fear Lena's with child now, too.

Bianca: "Promise me that you’ll be here when I come back."
Lena: "How could I ever leave?"

Sniff. I heart you both so hardcore! Sniffle.

Bianca’s eyes zoom in on Lena’s lips; they lean toward each other and Lena, since she’s taller, crosses two thirds of the Continental Divide all by herself. They’re this close to kissing, but hug instead. No, thisclose.
Thisclose. I just know my lips twitched.

Jack’s Pad – Special Prosecutor Alan stops by and offers Kendall a deal; when she rejects it, he whips out a court order "for a DNA on the would-be Cambias baby."

Livia: "Wait a minute: this is not a cheek swab or a hair sample: you can’t just whip out a court order."

Oh for crying out loud: are there any decent lawyers in Pine Valley? Of course he can get a court order: it’s material to the case, you nitwit! That’s it, Kendall’s going to die.

The Last Scenes – Krystal brings the bling to the Chandler mansion.

At Jack’s, Kendall agrees to the DNA test because, like Ralphie, she’ll never be able to pass up a double-dog dare.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Krystal wants Tad to stay out of Babe’s life; Adam tries to bribe the doctor into letting him see Babe’s records; Kendall tells Bianca that she blew it; Greenlee wants some attention; a hand closes on Maria’s mouth.


From Mystic:
Those snog teasin' b*******! Why can't the pretty people molest each other??? Lianca, thy name is frustration. D*****.

From DrCher:
Bianca and Lena came thisclose to a kiss, but they pysch'd us out and hugged instead.

From Sappy:
Finally alone and they can't have "the talk" instead Binx says it's too much too soon sharing a place with Lena (while oversea to have the baby) even if they had separate bedrooms. So, she's leaving with Mags.

Then she asked Lena to be there for Kendall and wait for her to come back. We all know Lena will comply but what is Binx doing for Lena. Because it seems she's exploiting Lena's kindness and feelings for her.

Once again it was nice to see them together but 10 sec. of bonding, tender moment and an almost kiss doesn't began to replace the five months we've lost, sweet but not enough

From Mystic:
Oh, come on! That was one scorchin' near kiss! *puuuuuuurrrrr* Nice to know Eden can work it when she wants to. Mmmm.......faux kiss. What? I'll take what I can get.

Because it seems she's exploiting Lena's kindness and feelings for her.
Hee. While I don't agree, I can see why it would be taken that way. Lena is free at anytime to say,"Screw this! I'm outta here!". She won't because I think as much as it sucks for her, she understands. Bianca just isn't ready, man. I think it would be cruel to Lena for Binks to jump into something she isn't ready for and then for it to all blow up because it's too soon. I think Black Knight nailed it when she said that Binks is gonna enforce a time out until she truly believes she can give Lena everything that she believes Lena deserves. Cool, that. It would do Lianca no good to rush things. It would just cause more problems.

From Sappy:
Mystic, I wasn't talking about them remaining apart. I know Binx is far from ready to be with Lena and Lena understands that.

I was talking about what she's asking from her: lying about the baby, being there for Kendall, and waiting for her to come back from Europe. Yes she could say "I'm out of here" but she won't. At this point she's happy with everything Binx throw her way 'cause it gives her some hope that one day soon they can be together again

From Mystic:
Oh, I probably wasn't clear. I definately feel where you are coming from, my point is not selling Lena short, ya know? If she feels that what she and Bianca have is payoff enough to wade through all this, why would I disagree with her? It's too easy to make Lena an ultimate victim, too much a slave to love to have the will to walk away. I just don't read Lena like that personally. She loves Binks and Binks loves her. They have a mountain of crap between them but the love, I think, is real and worth it to both. I have a personal bias, I realize. I still think, underneath it all, Lena is lovestruck but still a fully functioning person that could call it quits at anytime. She chooses to stick it out, so I believe that she's getting enough to know that she *is* loved. The situation isn't perfect but she has faith. I just like that angle better than believing that Lena is a helpless captive at the total mercy of her lover's whims.

From Black Knight:
Lena has a well-paid and high-powered job that keeps her and her mother in comfort because Kendall gave it to her. She basically hauled Lena back up on her feet both monetarily and emotionally after her suicide attempt. Kendall certainly deserves Lena's loyalty whether or not Bianca asks it of Lena, and I'm sure Lena would've helped Kendall regardless. She has a sense of honor in that way. Lying about the baby--well, she doesn't have to lie to anyone, really. No one's asking her about it, and it wouldn't be her place to tell anyone anyway.

I think the important thing is that Bianca was finally honest in explaining what the delay is in getting back together. But asking Lena to wait implies a promise of her own in return, that she is going to come back, and to Lena. Lena can see which way the wind is blowing, that if she stays patient a little longer, she'll have Bianca back for good. I'm sure that they would be talking regularly if Bianca actually went to Europe, which of course she's not, so their relationship would be continuing.

From Black Knight:
I was thinking a bit more about Bianca asking Lena to wait for her, and I remembered a bit from In the Company of Men (great, nasty movie), where Aaron Eckhart's character deliberately hurts the feelings of his girlfriend by telling her that he's leaving town and that he doesn't care if she dates other men. Lena would've been upset if Bianca hadn't asked her to wait--in that situation, you want to be asked to wait, because even if you then say no, it's still nice to know that the other person cared enough to ask. (Saying "I can't ask you to wait" is really a passive-aggressive way of doing just that.) So, good on Bianca for being honest on all counts.

The other amusing thing about Bianca explaining to Lena that she's not ready for a relationship even if they have separate bedrooms because she can't think that far ahead--it's a dis on Maggie, again. Maggie presents no temptation for her whatsoever. Remember the Buffy ep where the girl is so ignored that she turns invisible? It might happen to Maggie...hee.

From Black Knight:
I have to say that interrupted kiss was indeed scorching hot. But then it's often that way--the almost-kisses hotter than full-on sex scenes. It's the anticipation factor. I felt bad for Bianca at the end of it though--she initiated it and then panicked at the last second. I think it really made Lena realize just how screwed up Bianca is in that regard. It's one thing to understand intellectually that being raped takes away one's sex drive and makes it difficult to have sex again, but Bianca's always been so into Lena physically, even when she's been furious at Lena, and there's the fact that Lena's a woman while Michael's a man...it's completely plausible for Lena to have harbored some hope that those factors would make it easier for Bianca than it otherwise might have been. The look on Lena's face at the end was very poignant.

From Fearless:
I just rewatched the Lianca scenes from today and I love love love the almost kiss. It was perfect! It conveyed so much, there was so much feeling there. Bianca wanted to kiss Lena, she really did, but couldn't follow through and Lena looked pained. So much love, so much pain.

From Itsnotenough:
Totally agree with everyone regarding that almost kiss. Bianca so wanted to kiss Lena there and it was sad the disappointment by both at the end. Eden even did the subtly drop eyes to lips thing. They needed this talk. Lena's aimless floundering was getting ugly and Bianca’s avoidance was getting tedious. As least some progress was made here. I’m sure Lena will not be on for another 4 weeks now. That’s McT and her baby steps I’m sure!!


This parody is by LizzieT.

Everyone was waking up in Pine Valley.

At the loft:
Erica: Oh Jack, you're home.
Jack: Yes. Did I miss anything?
Erica: Not much. Reggie got arrested for assaulting a police officer, Bianca's apartment blew up and Greenlee tried to kill me with a wheelchair.
Jack: Sounds like a pretty quiet week for our bunch.

At Ryan's new house:
Kendall: Ryan. Is it really you or am I dreaming?
Ryan: It's me. Do you dream about me often?
Kendall: Sometimes. Once I dreamed you were a rhinocerous.
Ryan: I hope I had a big horn. Now let's dance.
Kendall: All right
::::ring ring::::
Kendall: I'll get it....All right....I understand.....Yes, I'll tell him.
Ryan: Your lawyer?
Kendall: No. TPTB. We have to cut back on the romance. That was only for yesterday's episode. Today it's back to the murder stuff.

At the Stuarts:
Bianca: I hope you didn't stay here all night because of me. JR will be worried.
Babe: Let him.
Bianca: Lena, why don' t you go make some breakfast while I give Babe advice about relationships.
Lena: All right. What would you like?
Baby: Make it microwave oatmeal and instant coffee. She should have told Babe everything she knows about relationships in 2 minutes.
Bianca: You have to understand how hard life has been for JR. His father is hard to deal with, his mother's over in Oakdale pretending to be Rosanna Cabot, he's been SORAS'D and recast so many times half the audience still doesn't recognize him. All the secrets and lies surrounding his life have made it hard for him to deal with people.
Baby: Does anyone but me see the screaming irony in her talking about how damaging secrets and lies can be to a child's life? Oh no, what if this is forshadowing that I turn out just like JR - especially the last one? What if all this kicking I've been doing is really twitching? Augghhhh!

At the Chandler Mansion:
JR: Has anyone seen my wife?
Winifred: I haven't. I hope those message board people didn't get her.
Adam: I know you'll miss her son but leaving was the best thing she could do.
Babe: I didn't leave. I'm right here.
Adam: Curses! Back to the drawing board.
Babe: So did you miss me JR?
JR: I wouldn't say that I missed you but I did wonder who -I mean what - you were doing. Just because I chose you over Jamie doesn't mean I trust you.
Babe: You know when you talk like that I wish I could run home to Mama. I just wish I knew where she was.

At BJ's:
Tad: So how should I introduce you to everyone?
Krystal: How about as the woman who'll make Simone look like a demure little schoolgirl?
Tad: That works for me.
Krystal: Good. Now let's make out.
Simone: What's going on here? Who is this?
Tad: Oh, hi Simone.
Simone: Is this woman going to be your new love interest?
Tad: What makes you think that?
Simone: I see all the signs.
Tad: You mean the sizzling chemistry between us?
Simone: No, I mean the signs in the corner of the screen advertising The View for tomorrow. I never got to go on The View with you.
Liza: I was going to once but Star Jones turned out to be an angry villager.

Back at Ryans:
Ryan: Erica, I want to give Kendall the Cambias estate, including Enchantment.
Erica: Poor Ryan. First you lose Gillian, then your father, now your mind. Should I call Oakhaven and reserve a padded cell for you?
Ryan: It could help keep her out of jail.
Erica: I just don't know if I can give up Enchantment.
Ryan: I know you've lost a lot this year - including Chris.
Erica: His death was such a blow for me. I grieved for one whole episode you know.
Ryan: It must have been awful for you. But Kendall needs you to do this.
Erica: Oh all right. But that's all she's getting for Christmas this year. The Barbie Dreamhouse will just have to wait until her birthday.

Lena and Bianca talked.
Bianca: I'm still planning on going away and having my baby, then pretending that I adopted a baby that's exactly the age of the one I supposedly aborted even though I'm a single teenager.
Lena: Would you like me to go along with you? Be your labor coach? Perhaps convince you that this is the single silliest idea on the show since Erica went hunting for Nazi's?
Bianca: No. I'm taking Maggie. But I want you to be here when I get back just in case I want a relationship then.
Lena: Of course I will. Even though I'm a beautiful desirable woman who could have lots of opportunities I will wait for you to make up your mind about what you want.
Baby: Ahh yes, another person willing to put their life on hold for you. What is it about these Kane women that causes people to build their lives around us? And more importantly, how can I use this to my advantage once I'm born? Hey, wait a minute, something's going on here. They're moving closer together on the couch....their lips are parted.....closer...closer....they're going to kiss! Alert the media! Call Entertainment Tonight! What? A hug? All they do is hug? Sheesh.

Kendall met with Jack.
Jack: I found a new lawyer for you. A returning character to Pine Valley.
Kendall: Trevor Dillon? You got Trevor to come back and take my case? That's great. It will be good to see my old pal Janet again.
Jack: Not Trevor. Livia Frye.
Livia: Hi Kendall.
Kendall: Derek's sister? Isn't this a conflict of interest?
Livia: So Derek's still around? I'd heard he wasn't on for years.
Jack: Livia and I want to go to trial as soon as possible.
Kendall: Why? To keep them from getting more evidence that makes me look guilty?
Jack: No. To keep the audience from losing interest in the murder storyline completely. They're demanding we wrap this thing up as soon as possible.
Alan: I'm here to help you with that. I'll offer you a deal of 5 to 10 years in prison if you plead guilty.
Livia: That's not a bad deal Kendall. Prison storylines can be interesting and Erica can give you the name of someone who makes designer coveralls.
Jack: And that would wrap up the murder storyline even faster. Maybe you should think it over.
Kendall: Forget it. I'm not wearing orange for the next 5 to 10 years. Besides, I'm in the middle of a triangle and I don't know if both Aidan and Ryan could get conjugle visits - not to mention Boyd.
Alan: I've also ordered you to take a DNA test.
Kendall: Fine. Bring it on. I can pass any DNA test you throw at me.
Alan: Good. Because I'll be there to watch.
Kendall: :::Yikes! How do I get out of this one?:::::: Of course by DNA test I'm assuming you mean the history of David and Anna's relationship from when she suspected him of being Proteus right through the day she left town.
Alan: Nice try but I'll see you at the test.
Kendall: Rats. Now what? Too bad Baby isn't here. I'll bet she'd have a plan.


Serving a Kane woman is serious business in this town

Coffee, tea, or me?

This shirt over the shirt with the high collar initally impedes Lena's scan of Bianca

Hey! It looks like the ladies are...

Lena thinks -- Second base! I am to get to second base!

...zeroing in for a kiss...

Bianca does a quick scan of Lena as well, but does not have the same excess clothes challenge that Lena had

...but Bianca reassesses and it turns into...

Bianca: Ok, just move your hand up a little higher...

...kissus interuptus again!

Lena: I hear this is how the straight girls hug.

But at least we get a hug


Lena: I have to say, the idea of you in some strange place pregnant and alone -- it really worries me.

Lena: If you need me, I'll be there in a heartbeat. Sooner if there's no traffic.

Bianca: Promise me that you'll be here when I come back?
Lena: How could I ever leave?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca wakes up to find Lena and Babe]

[amc031218a starts]
Lena: Hey. Good morning.
Bianca: Hi. Oh.
Babe: Morning, sunshine.
Bianca: Babe, you came back. Oh, you didn't stay here all night, did you? J.R. Must be worried.
Babe: Let him. Serves his royal highness right.

***** (clip b) [Bianca asks lena to leave the room so she can talk to Babe]

[amc021218b-inc starts]
Bianca: I hate to ask, but I would love some orange juice.
Lena: Oh, of course. But it might take a minute.
[Lena leaves]
[amc031218b-inc ends)
Bianca: All right, I hope you don't mind if I ask, but what's going on between you and J.R.?
Babe: Why is it fine by me if he worries himself silly?
Bianca: You can just tell me to butt out.
Babe: Really, Bianca, it's nothing for you to bother yourself about J.R. [Just ha't gotten n ed to the wd thing.]
Bianca: Well, you've got baby on the way. [You better work this thi ]
babe: Ok. Here's my I.O.U. You've known J.R. A lot longer than I have. So what do I do when we've gone off the tracks?
Bianca: Well, you remember that he loves you and that he's new to all this, too, and you cut him a little extra slack.
Babe: But why does he get special treatment?
Bianca: Because you love him. I mean it. I'm serious. You know what? J.R. May have had money growing up, but that doesn't mean his life was perfect. I mean, I can totally relate to the custody battles and losing a parent and not knowing where you belong. And then there's the secrets and the private demons and the public expectations. And I'm sure that that's how J.R. Feels. It's tough being your own person when you've got these superstrong, powerful, uber-parents like J.R.'S dad and my mom.

***** (clip c) [Bianca tells Lena that she's still planning on leaving with Maggie]

[amc031218c starts]
Lena: So Babe left while I was burning the toast?
Bianca: Well, that -- that gives us a chance to talk.
Lena: I like that. Is there room for two or should I say three?
Bianca: I know that this is awkward, this limbo that we're in.
Lena: Oh. It's not a bad place to be. The view is wonderful. And whatever happens next is completely up to you. Look, I'm really happy that you trusted me with the news of your baby.
Bianca: Well, I'm so relieved that I told you. But now I feel like I need to be more clear.
Lena: Good. I think if -- if we're honest with each other, we have a chance.
Bianca: My plans haven't changed. I'm still going to leave town. I'm going to go off someplace. I'm going to have my baby someplace secret and safe.
Lena: I didn't expect you to change your mind. Your determination and your focus are part of what I admire about you. But I have to say, the idea of you in some strange place pregnant and alone -- it really worries me.
Bianca: You don't have to be worried. I'm not going to be alone.
Lena: You'll be with Maggie.

***** (clip d) [Bianca asks Lena to watch after Kendall when she's gone]

[amc031218d starts]
Bianca: Lena, you can understand why it has to be this way, right? I mean, for us to go off together -- it's just too soon. And I can't imagine living, just you and I -- even if we had separate rooms, I -- I just can't think ahead that far.
Lena: It's ok. You know I want to be with you, but more important, I want you well and I want you safe and comfortable in a place where you can be at peace.
Bianca: As far away from here as possible.
Lena: Doesn't matter where. If you need me, I'll be there in a heartbeat. Sooner if there's no traffic. But until that happens, or even if it never happens, I'll be here, and your secret will be safe with me.
Bianca: You never ask any more than I can give. Thank you for understanding. I have one more favor to ask of you.
Lena: What, more burnt toast?
Bianca: No. Please, no. It's Kendall. I feel terrible leaving my sister like this. So I need you to promise me that you'll be there for Kendall if she needs you. Because I'm afraid that once I leave town, she's not going to have anyone else on her side.

***** (clip e) [Bianca makes Lena promise to wait for her return and they have a near kiss]

[amc031218e starts]
Bianca: Promise me that you'll be here when I come back?
Lena: How could I ever leave?
[They hug after a near kiss]


I have the following clips (incompletes are arked "inc"):
amc031218a.mpg (3.5m; 0:20) Bianca wakes up to find Lena and Babe
amc031218b-inc.mpg (2.6m; 0:15) Bianca asks Lena to leave the room so she can talk to Babe
amc031218c.mpg (14.5m; 1:25) Bianca tells Lena that she's still planning on leaving with Maggie
amc031218d.mpg (13.7m; 1:20) Bianca asks Lena to watch after Kendall when she's gone
amc031218e.mpg (3.9m; 0:22) Bianca makes Lena promise to wait for her return and they have a near kiss

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