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Season 1, episode 4
Series 104
1st release: 02/07/00
2nd release:
Production number: 1254/V1308
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02093-00

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

Jodie Dorday (Kentucky Sue)
Jim Ngaata (Abdullah)

Sotry by Laurence Walsh
Teleplay by Eric Morris
Directed by Charlie Haskell


Jack's former lover and partner tracks him down to propose marriage. ExciteTV

Jack must consult an old flame while putting a super cannon out of commission.

Kentucky Sue, Jack's former gun-slinging partner and love interest, tracks him down to propose marriage.

Former flame Kentucky Sue tracks down Jack with marriage in mind.


This commentary is by Sally Dye.

Teaser Jack is trying to bargain with a merchant. Emilia identifies the = merchant as Abdullah, one of their newest operatives. She finds a = message in her purchase that there is a super cannon on the island. = France may be planning to use it to bombard England. She decides it = must be taken care of. Jack is reluctant until Emilia says he will get = to blow something up. Suddenly a masked stranger starts shooting at = Jack. Jack barely excapes being shot full of holes, stabbed and beaten = with a whip. Jack finally grabs the whip and pulls his attacker to him. = The mask comes off. It's a woman and she and Jack kiss passionately. = Emilia can't believe what she is seeing. Jack finally comes up for air = and introduces his old partner, Kentucky Sue.

Act I

Kentucky Sue is coarse, swaggering and aggressive -- Emilia's complete = opposite. She and Jack reminisce about their exploits together, = including the Boston Tea Party and a winter at Valley Forge. Emilia is = disbelieving and a little jealous of their stories.

Kentucky says she came to track Jack down to find out why he left her at = West Point. Jack is distracted by a quarrel between some soldiers and = merchants and reappears as the Dragoon to break it up. Kentucky thinks = the Dragoon looks familiar.

Emilia hears suspicious noises coming from Jack's room and interrupts = Jack and Kentucky as they are wrestling. Emilia asks to speak to Jack = privately. Kentucky: "I think Jack can make up his own mind." Emilia: = "He could, if he could remember where he lost it." Jack accuses Em of = being jealous, but Emilia denies it. She reminds Jack that they have a = mission -- the super cannon. Jack says she's right and that he'll tell = Kentucky she has to leave that night at Croque's dinner party.

Croque and Brogard discuss the super cannon. They decide to test it by = blowing up a village across the strait. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to = tell Kentucky she is in the way of the mission. Kentucky interrupts to = say, yes, she'll marry him. Jack is appalled and tries in a fumbling = way to convince Kentucky she will be better off without him. Kentucky = realizes he is trying to get out of marrying her and hits him over the = head with a plate of fruit. Kentucky then tells Croque that she is = there to turn in the "daring dragon."

Act II

Kentucky says the Dragoon is right under their noses. Jack jumps up and = says, of course, the Dragoon is there on the island. He quickly = introduces Kentucky as his fiancee and asks Croque to marry them. Jack = says the Dragoon is probably looking for the super cannon, so why don't = they demonstrate it publicly and the Dragoon is sure to show up. Croque = and Brogard agree and announce that the super cannon is at the fortress.

Kentucky shows Jack how she wants to be romanced -- having him feed her = grapes and serenade her, for example. Jack complains to Emilia that he = is about to explode from flowers and poetry. Emilia is more concerned = with the mixture she is going to use to blow up the cannon, but she = advises Jack to tell Kentucky the truth. Kentucky overhears their = conversation and starts shooting up the lab. Jack finally reveals to = Kentucky that he had been under orders to kill her because it was = thought that she was a traitor. He had left her at West Point to go = smoke out the real traitor -- "some joker named Benedict Arnold." = Kentucky calms down.

At the fortress, Croque is about to test the cannon, but the Dragoon = cuts the wick just in time. While he keeps the soldiers occupied, = Emilia sneaks in and plants her explosives. Jack is about to be = overpowered by the soldiers, but Kentucky shoots a pile of cannonballs = and creates a distraction. Croque almost catches Emilia, but Kentucky = saves her, too. The cannon is blown up.

Jack and Emilia say goodbye to Kentucky Sue. Kentucky apologizes for = shooting up the lab and Emilia wishes her luck. Jack and Kentucky kiss = goodbye, then Kentucky slugs him and boards the ship laughing. =20

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