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Season 1, episode 5
Series 105
1st release: 02/14/00
2nd release: 05/22/00
3rd release: 08/14/00
Production number: 1255/V1303
Last update: 11-09-01

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

Amy Morrison (Anne)

Written by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Directed by Josh Becker


Leave it to Napoleon's brother Croque to lock up a little girl's parents in prison. And leave it to goofball supreme Bruce Campbell (as Jack Stiles) to make sure the French b*st*rd pays. Entertainment Weekly

Jack and Emilia are charged with returning some stolen American gold. Bruce Campbell On-Line.

Jack dons a dragoon's disguise to recover a gold shipment that was stolen by Governor Croque. ClickTV

Jack and Emilia must return a gold shipment that was stolen by Governor Croque.


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


A newspaper headline shows that an American gold shipment has been stolen by pirates.

Jack and Emilia are having dinner at the governor's mansion. Jack deduces that Croque's men stole the gold, since they also have "hooch" that was aboard the ship. Emilia notices Anne, a serving girl, behaving suspiciously and tells Jack that the girl seems to be assembling a gun. They realize she must be planning to assassinate Croque. Jack says why should they care, but Emilia says Croque must be saved or a worse governor may be foisted upon them. When Anne aims the gun at Croque, Jack throws himself in front of the bullet and is apparently killed.

Act I

Jack bounces up, relatively unhurt. He had a serving tray stuffed inside his jacket. Anne is apprehended. Emilia thinks fast and proclaims it all a test of Croque's security system, which has obviously failed. She says Anne was a paid accomplice and shooes her out the door. Croque berates Brogard for his incompetent security.

Emilia wonders how Jack had a tray up his jacket and realizes Jack was stealing Croque's silver. They encounter a talking parrot with an eye patch who has a message from President Jefferson to find and recover the gold. They are not sure whether to take him seriously or not since he speaks with a French accent, but he says they are not the only ones undercover and flies off. They see Anne who, instead of being grateful, tries to shoot Jack. She says she wants vengeance because her parents were thrown into prison for not paying their taxes. Jack takes her gun and says he will try to help them.

Em is pleased that Jack is planning to help Anne's parents, but he says he was just saying that so she wouldn't cry and plans to send all of the gold back to the US. Em tries to use tears to change his mind, but Jack is not fooled. Em comes up with a plan to save the gold using a new elastic rope she has developed.

Em asks to accompany Croque when he escorts the gold to his mansion and suggests that they "take the scenic route". Croque agrees. Jack, as the Dragoon, is waiting on a bridge with Em's elastic rope to swing down and grab the bags of gold as they pass by. Unfortunately, Brogard surprises Jack just as he is about to put the plan into action.

Act II

Brogard says he has learned to expect the unexpected because his "security techniques have recently been called into question." Brogard rips off the Dragoon's mask, but another mask is in place under it. Jack takes advantage of his surprise and bungee jumps off the bridge. Brogard shoots at him but misses. The elastic rope springs Jack back up onto the bridge and he and the soldiers fight. He manages to distract Brogard by telling him that his "barn door is open" and escapes.

Jack and Emilia are arguing about the failure of the plan. Jack suggests that they break into Croque's vault. Anne appears and tries again to kill Jack because he has not freed her parents like he promised. Em reassures her and makes Jack feel guilty for not wanting to use the gold to ransom the people.

Croque and Brogard are discussing security at the vault where the gold is being kept. A huge mechanism controls the lock to the vault.

Jack and Em break in and Em uses a stethoscope to crack the safe. Jack: "I was wondering when we were going to play doctor." Jack accidently trips the alarm -- a lot of nails falling into a metal bucket -- as they are escaping with the gold. They jump down a laundry chute and are planning to use Em's elastic rope to spring out of the chimney. Em makes it, but Jack is surprised by Brogard before he can escape. Jack and Brogard fight as Croque and the other soldiers look on. Jack uses a frying pan in the fight (a la Xena in "A Day in the Life") and defeats them all by throwing a sack of flour into the air just as they shoot at him, covering them all in flour and allowing him to spring up the chimney.

Jack sends a chest full of gold back to the US. Em is still disappointed that he didn't use part of it to save the people. Anne approaches with her parents and tells them that the Dragoon paid the taxes. Em is surprised, but Jack says the Dragoon is just a great guy.

Jack tells Em he used 10% of the gold to pay off the taxes and sent the rest back to America. Em thinks 10% would more than cover the taxes, and Jack invites her to dinner: "And I'm buying".


11-09-01. Amy Morrison (Anne) played Hope on "Maternal Instincts"



11-09-01. From marguimarz. I wonder if Jack Stiles has a closet full of identical clothes? In one scene, Jack gets shot. The bullet hole is clearly visible on his gold vest. Sometime later, Jack walks into the secret laboratory with an identical vest sans bullet hole. Either he has a closet full of identical clothing, or he employs a very good seamstress.

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