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Season 1, episode 07
Series 107
1st release: 02/28/00
2nd release: 06/05/00
3rd release: 08/28/00
Production number: 1257/1310
Last update: 11/09/01

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Brogard)

Derek Payne (Sir Rupert Smythe)

Written by Eric Morris
Directed by Chris Graves


Emilia's father comes to supervise one of the missions. ExciteTV

Jack and Emilia get help from the legendary British spy, Sir Rupert Smythe, which also happens to be Emilia's father.

Sir Rupert Smythe, Britain's most decorated spy and Emilia's father, comes to the island to supervise one of Jack and Emilia's missions.

Sir Rupert Smythe (Derek Payne), a highly decorated British spy and Emilia's (Angela Dotchin) father, arrives to supervise a mission. ClickTV


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


In a dreamlike world, Jack and Emilia are locked in a passionate embrace. Suddenly, just as Jack is removing her blouse, Emilia morphs into Croque. Jack wakes up from this nightmare to find Em musing about the side effects of her new knock-out gas. Jean-Claude flies in to report that a special crate -- marked with a red X -- will be arriving from England today.

Croque and Brogard are discussing their imminent invasion of the island of Tengu. Croque reveals that Napoleon has threatened him with dire consequences if he fails in this mission. He bitterly regrets having stolen Napoleon's pudding as a child. Brogard is confident that they will succeed, but Croque is sure the Dragoon will spoil their plans.

Em and Jack receive the X-marked crate and are shocked to find Sir Rupert Smythe -- Em's father -- inside it.

Act I

Sir Rupert greets Emilia as "Fu-Fu" and recognizes Jack as a former adversary. He informs them that he has been sent to supervise their attempt to stop the invasion. He and Jack reminisce about their exploits during the Revolution. Both behave very condescendingly toward Emilia, who becomes indignant at being treated like a helpless female who is expected to prepare dinner for the two of them.

Emilia prepares and serves dinner as Rupert and Jack continue to compliment each other on their excellence as spies. Em interrupts to remind them of the mission at hand. Neither Jack nor Rupert has a plan, so Emilia suggests blowing up the French powder stores. Jack and Rupert applaud this idea and go ahead with the planning, still excluding Emilia, who leaves the room in disgust.

Rupert confides to Jack that somehow he always succeeds in upsetting his daughter and needs advice. Jack: "You've come to the right place. I'm an expert in upsetting Emilia." Rupert asks Jack to "tactfully" determine what the problem is.

Jack and Emilia are reconnoitering near the French armory, and Jack asks Em about her relationship with her father. She says the problem is that her father treats her like a little girl. Em throws her parasol into the air to test the soldiers' defenses and it is shot full of holes. She sees that they are on high alert and tells Jack that her knock-out gas must be used when they attack the armory.

Rupert vetoes the use of the gas because it is not a "gentlemanly" way to fight. He feels that he can win the day with his sword and his fists. Furthermore, he decrees that Emilia will stay behind, and that he will buy her a new parasol to make it up to her.

Rupert and Jack (dressed as the Dragoon) hide near the armory. Rupert is critical of the Dragoon costume. Jack: "I'll have you know this outfit has been remarkably effective." Rupert: "How, by causing the French soldiers to laugh themselves to death?" Rupert is ready to attack, but Jack points out that they are far outnumbered and will lose if they attack now. Rupert is appalled, especially when Jack says he learned caution from Emilia and that Emilia learned it from her father's example. Rupert is amazed that Emilia has studied all of his missions. Still, he insists on attacking. Calling Jack a coward, he leaps out to confront the guards and is immediately surrounded.

Act II

Jack leaps out and rescues Rupert, fighting off all of the guards.

Back at the house, Rupert is depressed at his failure. He confesses to Em that this is his last mission and that he is being forced to retire. He further confesses that he has no savings because all of his funds went to pay for Emilia's education at Oxford. Em is dumbfounded at this news because her father seemingly never took any interest in her scientific pursuits. Rupert admits that Em's sleeping gas would have been a better plan after all and that he had kept her out of the mission because he didn't want any harm to come to her.

Jack comes in to suggest that he and Em hit the armory again at dawn. Em says no, that her father will be the one to destroy the armory. She confides to Jack that she never knew what her father had sacrificed for her, and now she was going to give him back his dignity. She announces to Rupert that he would have succeeded before if Jack hadn't gotten in the way, and that Rupert is the only one who can pull off the plan. Rupert's confidence returns, and he agrees.

The next morning, Emilia drives by the armory and drops a cannister of knock-out gas. The guards are overcome and when Rupert arrives, he has no trouble fighting his way through them. Meanwhile, Em slips into the armory without Rupert seeing her. Rupert comes in and begins hacking at a keg of powder, trying to open it. Outside, Jack is holding off the guards' reinforcements. Em realizes that her father is never going to get the keg open and throws one down from her hiding place. It bursts open on the floor.

Jack defeats all of the guards and starts to leave so Rupert won't see him there, but is waylaid by a group of autograph seeking locals. Inside, Rupert sets the fuse ablaze and runs for the door. Em ducks out also. Jack escapes just before Rupert sees him. The armory is blown to smithereens.

Rupert takes his leave of Jack and Emilia. He confesses that the Dragoon outfit "sort of grows on you". He tells Em that he saw her in the warehouse and that she makes "a bloody good spy". Em says that it runs in the family. Rupert is packed into his crate. Jack asks Em how she got the nickname Fu-Fu. She tells of one of her playmates patronizing her -- much as Jack is doing now -- and how she "fu him fu an open window". She asks Jack about his nickname -- Little Willy -- and reveals that a letter from Jack's father had arrived that morning. Jack chases her down the street trying to get the letter from her.


11-09-01. From marguimarz. Both Jack and Emilia are trying to open the large crate with a couple of pry bars. After Emilia successfully opens the crate we can visibly see and hear both Jack and Emilia drop the pry bars. A moment later we see a panoramic view of the loading area as the 4 sides of the crate come crashing down. There were no pry bars in sight. Where did they go?

11-09-01. From marguimarz. You would think that two accomplished spies like Rupert and Jack would know better. Both carry on a conversation behind a flower kiosk in full view of at least 6 French soldiers and Jack is dressed as the Dragoon!

11-09-01. From marguimarz. Is it really nice for you to talk about your father behind his back? As Emilia was trying to bolster her father's confidence after his unfortunate encounter with the French soldiers, Emilia and Jack planned and plotted with Rupert still in the room. Granted, he was despondent at the moment, but the least they could have whispered.

11-09-01. From marguimarz. Right after Emilia drops the smoke bomb and leaves her father to do some "fighting", she is fully dressed in her normal clothes, and then exactly 43 seconds later she's back in her black outfit? Could Emilia be a quick change artist?

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