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aka Cross of Utu

Season 2, episode 09
Series 209
1st release: 11/13/00
2nd release: 03/05/01
Production number: 209
Last update: 05-25-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Lindy Booth (Claudia)

Megan Fahlenboch (Kelly)
Cameron Graham (Matt)
Peter Mensah (Witch Doctor)
Nigel Bennett (Professor Alaine Richarde)
Andrew Gillies (Auguste Devereaux)

Written by Charles Heit
Directed by George Mendeluk

Filmed on location in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


Students disappear while searching for the Haitian Cross of Utu.


When two graduate students on the trail of the Haitian Cross of Utu disappear in New Orleans, Sydney and Nigel go down on the bayou to find them. Picking up the young scholars' trail, Syd and Nigel uncover more than they ever wanted to know about voodoo and the dark arts, including a modern day Utu cult hell-bent on keeping its prized black pearl talisman - and its amazing powers - a secret.


1st RELEASE: 11-13-00

X-Files 3.7/4.1 
Andromeda 3.7/3.9 
Xena/Stargate SG-1 3.3/3.4
VIP (2.6/2.7)
Baywatch Hawaii (2.3/2.5) 
Maximum Exposure (2.3)
Earth: Final Conflict (2.2/2.3) 
Back2Back/Beastmaster (2.1/2.2 each) 
Sheena (2.0/2.1) 
Relic Hunter (2.0) 
The Lost World (1.8) 
Battle Dome (1.6) 
Queen of Swords (1.5/1.6) 
The Outer Limits (1.5) 
The Invisible Man (1.4) 
The Immortal (0.8) 


This commentary is by Beboman.

Before I really get started on my review of this episode, there is something I have to say. This was just a super excellent episode and a true example of why this show deserves to be watched.

Once again we follow Sydney and Nigel on another adventure as she goes after the Cross of Voodoo. It has been lost for over 100 years and believed to have been taken back to Haiti. In reality, it is buried in a town close to New Orleans.

In this episode, we don't get to travel to some exotic country or some major international city, but we get to stay and play in our own back yard. Not bad.

The exploration takes us into the mystical world of Voodoo and the mixture of cultures and superstitions found in the Louisiana Bayou. This episode provides the audience with a perfect mixture of suspense, action and comedy.

Sydney and Nigel begin the search for the Cross of Voodoo because she is in the search of two of her students who have been missing for a few weeks. For Sydney, finding and saving the lives of her students is more important than locating the missing relic. Once again, we get to see how much Sydney cares for her students and for those who are close to her. For Sydney, finding them alive was her main concern and she would not stop at anything until she finds them.

Now I have a few problems with this episode in spite of the fact that I really liked it. If the Voodoo priest had the power, by using Sydney's hair, to cause great harm and pain to her, why did he just hurt her in the shoulder? There are other parts of the body that could be just as painful and maybe even more dramatic. How about a super headache that could immobilize her or a massive stomach ache that would render her unable to do anything? But a painful shoulder? This would not even beginning to stop Sydney for more than a few minutes.

Also, if the Voodoo priest who was helping Sydney and Nigel was so good, how was it that he did not notice that an enemy was approaching? Why didn't he notice that his enemy was in his hut and about to kill him until it was too late.

Another thing that got me, and this one got me a bit peeved, was Nigel's attitude toward the Voodoo priest who was trying to help them. Those commentaries that Nigel made about him being a witch doctor and how he got his title, or if he could get a title at any of the Ivy League schools, were so totally thoughtless and not very intelligent. I really think those comments were totally out of character for Nigel, who is a very educated man in many cultures and traditions. Comments like those put him in a really bad light.

Now for a very dramatic touch, I think Sydney's shower scene was just great. It was up there with the shower scene in "Psycho". During the whole scene, I was expecting one of her students who had turned into living dead was going to enter the room and put a knife through the curtain. But it didn't happen.

Another of those suspenseful moments came when Sydney realized the professor at the university was the spider, the other half of the powerful team who had turned her students into the living dead. Then there is great suspense when the professor goes to Nigel's room and Nigel realizes that he is the spider and that he is after the cross. It turns out that his powers are useless due to the fact that his mentor, the snake, is dead and his powers are now totally gone.

I will say that this episode was very well written and the characters were very well developed. The direction was also superb. It kept the suspense up throughout the episode. The acting was also very strong and the main actors kept good control over their characters. By doing so, the show flowed easily and it kept the audience very interested.

A very good episode worth watching several times.


05-25-02. From TV Tome. Nigel Bennett stars in Psi Factor. Relic Hunter and Psi Factor are produced by CanWest Entertainment Inc.

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