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Season 3, episode 01
Series 301
1st release: 09/17/01
2nd release:
Production number: 301
Last update: 01-24-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert

John Tench (Kane)
Jonathan Potts (V.P. Neal Harris)
Peter Williams (Shandar)
George Chiang (General)
Ho Chow (Bartender)
Hakan Coskuner (Shandar's Stunt Driver)
Oscar Hsu (Monarch)
Ravi Khajuria (Sanjay)
Robert Lee (Mah Jong Player #2)
Djanet Sears (Chancellor Evans)

Written by Jeff F. King
Directed by John Bell

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


A sacred dragonís egg disappears; can Sydney Fox crack the case?

Sydney and Nigel seek out a map to reveal the whereabouts of an ancient dragon's egg said to be filled with explosives.

Sydney and Nigel are hot on the trail of a Chinese "dragon's egg" concerning an early contact-explosive like nitroglycerine. Rival relic hunter Kane has the map, but has been captured by a local warlord, Shandar. The duo have to break Kane out, and then get the map from him and go for the egg. They manage to get hold of it, but Kane and Shandar pursue them, and Sydney uses the explosive to blow up their opponents. Meanwhile, Claudia is off on a "fashion emergency" and temp Karen Petrusky is forced to deal with a budget review of Sydney's Ancient Studies department. Extended logline


Sydney and Nigel enter a seedy Chinatown alley in search of a mystery contact carrying a map with directions to a missing relic -- an ancient dragon's egg filled with powerful explosives. The duo spot their contact, but discover itís Cain, a rival relic hunter who's beat them to the map. A struggle ensues and Cain escapes. Syd and Nigel empty handed, head back to the university to re-think the whereabouts of the egg. During their prep work, in walks Karen, the beautiful and scantily clad temp who will watch the office in their absence. Syd catches a glimpse of Karenís tough demeanor as she handles a rude caller. As a test, Syd gives Karen a task to complete while she is away; knowing it will evaluate her ability to meet future complicated job obstacles.

When Syd and Nigel get to China, they are immediately hassled at a bar. Showing off his Mah Jung comprehension, Nigel is nearly killed by an angry giant. In addition to diffusing the giant situation, Syd discovers Cain has been jailed by the evil city warlord, Shandar. Later, Syd accepts a dinner invitation from Shandar, as a distraction, with no intention of showing up. Instead, Syd makes a deal with Cain - his rescue in exchange for the map. She gets the map and successfully tracks down the lost relic.

Back at the school, Karen, ever the seducer, works her magic on her assignment. After several unbelievable run-ins, she conjures up enough facts to convince the Finance VP to approve Sydís budget, a difficult task given the VPís resentment towards Syd. Karen just may be hired as a full time employee yet.

Meanwhile, Syd and Nigel find the egg at the Imperial Magazine Ruins and head to Beijing. Shandar and Cain pair up to stop Sydney and take back the relic. After a wrong turn, Syd and Nigel find themselves cornered on the edge of a cliff, trapped as their pursuers fast approach.

In a dangerous twist, Syd siphons some of the ancient explosive out of the egg and uses its volatile charge to escape certain capture. The bomb not only blocks the road, it blows up their jeep! Cain, the sole survivor, manages to pull a gun on Nigel. Syd bravely steps in front of her assistant, just as fatigue consumes Cain and he passes out. Later Sydney returns the egg, still intact, to the grateful Chinese government and heads back to the university. Much to Sydís delight, Karen has managed the office remarkably in her absence and free from concern, our beautiful relic hunter dashes off to her next exciting quest.


This commentary is by Beboman.

This is the first episode of this new season. In this episode, we find out that Sydney has lost Claudia to a new and better job and gets a temporary aide named Karen.

This new character, Karen, portrayed by Tanja Reichert, even though she is the sexual attraction of the show, is a strong, determined young lady, with office knowledge and some brains. She is so totally different from Claudia and it seems to bring a new light to the show. I really hope the writers take time to develop this character more.

As always, we see Nigel is attracted to Karen. The boy never learns, does he?

This episode had some very funny moments, especially between Karen and the new budget manager. Those scenes were just great, especially when Karen interrupts the board meeting and makes a fool of the new budget manager. That scene was just excellent.

Those scenes also gave us an insight into the internal working of Trinity College. This was very good since we know Sydney and Nigel work for the college, but it always seems like the college is left way out in left field. It is good to visit that part of Sydney's life.

This episode also introduces us to Sydney's new weapon of choice: a big knife she keeps tucked in her boot. It is interesting that the writers changed Sydney's small crossbow for this knife. It seems like this knife is a more lethal type of weapon and gives Sydney a more lethal look. I really don't know if I can get accustomed to this new idea of a more lethal Sydney. I loved that small crossbow; it was a multipurpose weapon which gave Sydney the physical defense she needed without portraying her as a lethal character. The crossbow also gave Sydney that touch of ingenuity when it came time to solve a problem that required some type of physical action. This knife just shows her as a Rambo type. I loved the mixture of the kickass and ingenuity that Sydney was in the first two seasons.

I thought the writers did a great job in the way they introduced the new character of Karen and the way that both Sydney and Nigel handled Claudia's departure. The transition was smooth and the character of Karen was very well defined.

The acting in this episode was very strong, with some good writing and directing.

It was a very enjoyable episode.


Claudia (Lindy Booth) does not show up in thie episode but it is mentioned that she found a job in the fashion industry in NYC. She is replaced by Karen (Tanja Reichert).

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