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Season 1, episode 05
Series 105
1st release: 09-19-98
2nd release: 09-23-98
3rd release: 01-21-99
Production number: V0805
Last update: 05-03-02


SYNOPSIS 1 by Deb Roche
SYNOPSIS 2 by Kent Simmons

Ryan Gossling as Hercules
Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus
Chris Conrad as Jason

Cheiron: Nathaniel Lee's
Lilith: Jodie Rimmer
Cyane: Katrina Browne
Simula: Alison Bruce
Zared: Paul Willis
Traitor: David Goodwin
Messenger (Arcus): Campbell Rousselle
Crewman: Jason Taltu

Writen by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Directed by Charlie Haskell

On a mission to get a new cook for the academy, Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason take a shortcut aboard a large ship, and find themselves locked in the cargo hold with an all female tribe of unpredictable savages -- Amazons!


This synopsis is by Deb Roche

The academy gets a new cadet, a girl named Lilith.

Cheiron sends Herc, Iolaus, and Jason, on a mission to Athens to get a new cook. They decide to take a short cut by 'hitching a ride' on a boat headed to Athens.

The captain of the boat puts them to work and orders them to stay away from the cargo hold. Iolaus' curiousity gets the best of him and he opens the door on the cargo hold, the guards catch him opening the door and knock him in. Herc and Jason fight the guards to get Iolaus out, but they wind up in the hold to.

They're not sure what to except since wild, ferious animal noises had been heard coming out of the hold. I don't know if they are relieved or scared when it is revealed that the cargo isn't wild animals, or a monster, it's.... AMAZONS.

Hercules befriends the leader of the Amazons, a woman named Cyane. He asks how they got here. She says "We were tricked. By a god." Hercules asks which one. She says "the cruelest of them all. Zeus." This hits Herc hard. He was starting to like this girl. But what would she say if she learned Zeus was his father? He tries defending Zeus. Saying that maybe she's wrong. When it appears she won't listen, Herc changes the subject. Cyane informs them that her tribe is being taken to Athens as slaves. Herc says they should work on an escape plan. So, they do. All of them.

Hercules, Jason, Ialous, Cyane, and the rest of the Amazons, escape. They are walking along a road, when Cyane pulls Hercules off to the side. She thanks him for his help and looks at him. They are about to kiss when they get interrupted. They say their goodbyes. Cyane and her tribe set off to find a new home, and the boys head off in the other direction.

Godly Appearances: None
Godly mentions: Zeus

(NOTE: This episode should have been BEFORE HERC & SEEK because Lilith only joins the academy in this episode.)


This synopsis is by KSZone

Zared and slave traders are throwing prisoners and there foes below there ship. Is it a monster or warrior hurting them ? Chiron sends Herc, Iolaus, and Jason to Athens to find a new cook for the academy since the messenger that was supposed to go was named by a water ball during the boys little contest. The guys meet Lillith, a female cadet, who isn't all impressed with them.

The guys head off to Athens and need a way to get there so they take passage on Zared's ship. They notice stuff being thrown into the bottom on the ship and question whats down there. Iolaus steals a sailors keys during the sailors nap, and falls below and awakes the others. Herc and Jason and are below and they meet sevral Amazons, being sold once the ship lands at Athens. The girls were thrown off there land by Zeus, which makes Herc weary, and are seeking new lands. The leader is a woman named Cyane, who Hercules takes intrest in. Hercules and the amazons finally form a plan to take the ship and the next morning the plan starts.

The Amazons and the guys fight off the sailors and Zared. The ship is overtaken and they land. The Amazons and the guys part ways as Herc and Cyane almost kiss, but Iolaus comes to talk to Hercules and prevents the kiss. Herc and Cyane wave goodbye, and love seems near. The guys thus head off to Athens to find a good cook for the Harvest Festival at Chirons Academy.


02-11-99. Cyane, Queen of the Amazons (tribe name: Telaquir) is played by KATRINA BROWNE. Very short brown hair. Her second-in-command is played by Alison Bruce (Melosa; XWP's "Hooves & Harlot").

10-29-98. From KSZone. Alison Bruce played the Amazon Queen Melosa on XWP and the evil Posteria on HTLJ in "Gladiator".

10-29-98. From KSZone. The name Cyane was also used for the Siberian Amazon Queen in XWP season four premier "Adventures in the Sin Trade."

10-29-98. From KSZone. Katrina Browne played an amazon called Siri in HTLJ's "Prodigal Sister" during season four. She also played Mendalla in XWP's "When in Rome..." during season three.

10-29-98. From KSZone. Things to look out for: The ship with an eye was used in this episode; Lillith is introduced in this ep yet the day before she was partying with the three heros and knew them well. What we call an out of order broadcasting mistake.


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