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Season 1, episode 06
Series 106
1st release: 09-22-98
2nd release: 10-08-98
3rd release: 12-09-98
4th release: 01-28-99
5th release: 04-16-99
Production number: V0804
Last update: 05-05-02


SYNOPSIS 1 by Deb Rocje
SYNOPSIS 2 by Kent Simmons

Ryan Gossling as Hercules
Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus
Chris Conrad as Jason

Cheiron: Nathaniel Lee's
Kora: Angela Dotchin
Fiducius: Ross Duncan
Shepherd: Peter Mason

Writen by John Loy
Directed by Chris Graves

When Hercules, lolaus, and Jason are placed in detention, lolaus convince his friends to cover for him so that he won't miss his first day of waiting tables at Kora's. Just when lolaus believes he has succesfully gotten out of his academy chores, he turns to wait on his first customer-academy headmaster, Cheiron!


This synopsis is by Deb Roche

The boys are excited about the weekend. Iolaus claims to have a big date with Cora. The guys decide to have a race to see who can get dressed and out of the academy gates first. As they are running out, Iolaus runs into Fiducus. And, as a result the three of them get "detention". They have to spend all weekend helping Fiducus. Iolaus asks Herc and Jason to cover for him because today is his first day as a waiter at Cora's. Against their better judgement they agree.

While filing Academy student records, Jason finds the scroll that belonged to Fiducus' son. He can't help but read it, because Fiducus is always bragging about how great his son was.

Meanwhile, at Cora's. Iolaus is trying hard to avoid detection by Cheiron, who happens to be at the Inn. But, since Iolaus is Cheiron's waiter, he has to think fast and tries disguising himself.

Meanwhile, back at the academy, jason learns that Fiducus' son never graduated. And, had a long disciplinary record. Fiducus walks in, and they all have a talk. As the talk reaches the end Iolaus returns from his shift. They confess to Fiducus about covering up for Iolaus, but before Fiducus can say anything Cheiron enters. Cheiron asks how the biys did. Fiducus says they didn't do everything that needed to be done, but they're good boys, and leaves the three of them with Cheiron. Cherion then tosses Iolaus a coin an says "it's your tip".

Godly Appearances: None

(Note: Time check in Ancient Greece there were no weekends, because they didn't tell time by our standards. They didn't use hours & minutes or days/weeks, months/years. And they certainly didn't refer to the days of week as Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. In Ancient Greece they told the time by the sun, and the moon. Day's were referred to by rounds of the sun. Time was referred to as either "days ago" or "moons ago".)(Note: I was glad to see that when Jason was reading the scrolls, they were actually written in Greek. Now whether it was ancient greek, or not is another question. Does anyone know if the scrolls said anything at all, or if they were just a collection of Greek letters?)


This synopsis is by KSZone

The guys tease the Academys accountent Fiducius enough to the point were he punished Herc, Jason, and Iolaus for the day. Chiron agrees they should be punished and Fiducius decides to ground the boys for the day and make them stay with him at the academy and work. One problem exsists, Iolaus needs to go to work at Kora's bar. The guys are forced to clean up a barn and the guys agree to cover for Iolaus as he sneaks out. He arrives at Koras and wears a disguise because his customer is Chiron, who orders oats. Kora is confused at why Iolaus is doing what he is doing. Chiron never see's Iolaus, or so do Iolaus probally think. Fidicius almost catches the the boys covering for Iolaus however in the end, Herc and Jason discover that Fidicius lied about his son being aperfect student and one that they should role model after. He tells them he is strict because he doesn't want the new cadets to turn out like his son, bad kids who run away and become lost. He covers for Iolaus and tells Chiron the boys did well all day. Iolaus returns and Chiron lets them go off and have fun, and gives Iolaus a dinar as a tip for the resturant. Jason takes the dinar as payback and Iolaus is upset.


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