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Season 1, episode 15
Series 115
1st release: 10-09-98
2nd release: 10-20-98
3rd release: 01-01-99
4th release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02-12-99



Ryan Gossling as Hercules
Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus
Chris Conrad as Jason

ARES Kevin Smith
CHEIRON Nathaniel Lees
APOLLO Scott Michaelson
STRIFE Joel Tobeck
ATHENA Jane Fullerton-Smith
DISCORD Mieghan Desmond

Writen by John Loy
Directed by Charlie Haskell

Hercules is forced to defend Ares when he is put on trial for trying to destroy Hercules, due to Zeus' no god kills another god rule.

Hercules must defend Ares in a trial to determine whether or not Ares has broken Zeus' protection order and attempted to destroy him. It's a difficult case where wht you see isn't necessarily what you get, proving once again that anything can happen in a world of gods vs. mortals.


This synopsis is by Deb Roche

Jason, Hercules, and Iolaus are in a boat, fishing. They appear to be having fun, when all of a sudden they get an unannounced visit from Ares.

Ares appears on the boat, zaps Jason and Iolaus to shore, and picks yet another fight with Hercules.

Iolaus and Jason get up and yell to Hercules. Ares zaps them again. They go flying and when they hit the ground they don't get up.

Herc and Ares start into it again. Ares zaps Herc to shore and then joins him. They fight for a while. Then Ares zaps Herc back to the boat. Herc fells the boat vibrating and then Ares standing over him. Ares tells it's over, once and for all. Ares is about to zap him, then all goes white.

Jason and Iolaus wake up. They look at the lake, and notice the boat is in pieces. Jason dives into the lake and searches for Hercules. No luck. Jason & Iolaus return the academy believing Herc is dead.

Herc opens his eyes, and realizes he's on Olympus. he's just not sure why. There is a big chair in front of him, and Ares is strapped into it. Lounging around, he sees Discord and Strife, and a whole bunch of other Olympians. In front of Ares, are three chairs. Herc is looking at the chairs as three gods -- Apollo, Athena, and Hephaestus -- appear in them.

Athena addresses the "court" and informs everyone that Ares has been accused of breaking Zeus' protection order, and trying to kill Hercules. If found guilty, he will spend eternity in Tartarus. Athena then asks for the dense council to rise. No-one does. Athena looks at Herc and says rise. Hercules says "Me?". Athena says yes. Herc is confused, and asks Athena if he can "have a moment with his client" Athena nods.

Herc asks Ares why he wants him to defend him. Ares says "it wasn't me". Herc asks Ares if he has an alibi. Ares says he was with Strife and Discord. Herc laughs. Ares asks what Herc thinks is funny. Herc says forget it.

Herc tells Athena that they plead not guilty, and calls their first witness.

He calls Discord. Herc rattles her cage and asks her who would take Ares' place if he is found guilty. At first Discord doesn't answer. Then Herc asks if it would be Strife, after all Strife is next in line isn't he? Strife would be the God War, right. Discord is furious and says he's wrong. "It would be Goddess". Herc smiles and Discord realizes she just gave the court reason to suspect her.

Herc calls Strife. He asks some general questions then rattles his cage by saying how Ares seemed different this time. How he fought like a wimp, and how he was able to get the upper hand more times than usual. To which Strife says "That's not true I laid in to you pretty good. I...." Herc smiles and Strife realizes he just confessed.

Atena tells Ares he is free, and that the charges are dismissed, but... she tells Discord and Strife that they are found guilty, and will spend eternity in Tartarus. Ares asks Athena if she can turn them over to him instead. Discord and Strife plead to be sent to Tartarus instead. Athena turns then over to Ares.

Ares looks at Herc and instead of saying "thank-you", he jsut says "don't think this changes anything. Herc mutters "You're welcome"

Meanwhile back at the Academy, Iolaus had been thinking of leaving earlier, but it looks like he changed his mind. He is sitting on the well with Jason. Jason asks him if he's decided to stay. Iolaus says that he thinks it'd be what Herc wanted. Jason see Herc and says "why don't you ask him yourself." Iolaus turns around and sees Herc. He runs to him. Both Herc & Iolaus are happy to see each other. they are so happy in fact, that they almost hug each other, but then think better of it, and just shake hands.

They ask Herc where he's been, and Herc says it's a long story. Herc and Iolaus share this look and briefly give in to a quick hug.

Godly Appearances: Ares, Discord, Strife, Hephaestus, Apollo, Athena, and some unnamed Olympians.
Godly Mentions: Zeus
Mythological mentions: Pandora's box.
Note: Herc recognizes Apollo and Athena.


This synopsis is by Wendy Raimi

The beginning of the episode has Hercules, Jason, and Iaolus, in a boat fishing on a lake. This lake is used quite a lot on the series. It is a lake that lays on the side of a path that leads to Corinth.

The boys are fishing and talking about a test they have just recently taken. It is raining heavily as well. Ares appears and yells at Hercules for ruining his temple. Hercules is confused about this, as he didn't do it. Jason and Iaolus try to defend Hercules but are blasted onto land by Ares. Ares continues to yell at Hercules and they fight on the boat. Ares blasts Hercules onto land as well and the fight continues. Hercules jumps back onto the boat and is knocked down by Ares. The last thing we see is Ares gaining power from the rain and about to blow Hercules up.

There's a fade out and in and we see Jason and Ialous on land getting up from being blasted twice from Ares. They look onto the lake and see the remains of their blasted boat. Jason jumps into the lake to find Hercules, but there is no luck and they give him up for dead.

Really nice picture of above the clouds and Hercules wakes up in what looks like an ice palace. He wonders if he's dead and finds that he is not. Athena, Apollo, Hephestus, Discord, Strife, and a variety of other major and minor gods appear as well as Ares in what looks to be a restraining chair. Athena rattles off about how Hercules is a protected mortal and how Ares disobeyed Zeus' law of going after and trying to kill Hercules. Ares said that he didn't do it and that he asks Hercules to be his defender. Reluctantly, Hercules accepts.

Ialous yells at the gods and screams at them for taking his friend. Jason says it won't help.

Hercules calls Discord to the stand and asks her where she was today. She says that she was with Strife and Ares in Ares' temple hearing about how Ares wanted to kill Hercules, but today was different, because today he actually did try to kill Hercules. Discord goes on to describe that she was there only she was invisible so Hercules couldn't see her. She describes the fight and sits down.

Ialous is packed and ready to leave the academy but the main teacher stops Ialous and talks about how Hercules wouldn't have wanted it.

Hercules calls Strife to the stand. He asks Strife about the fight and Strife says the same thing as Discord. Hercules asks Strife if there wasn't something wrong with Ares because Hercules had gotten the drop on his half-brother once or twice. Strife, as normal breaks down and says he did it, but only on Discord's orders. Athena sentences the two to eternity in Tarturus and frees Ares. Ares asks the court to hand Discord and Strife over to him and they accept. Ares looks to Hercules and says that nothing has changed between them.

Iaolus and Jason are sitting near the academy well and are talking about Iaolus staying. Iaolus asks Jason if it wouldn't have been what Hercules wanted. Jason says why don't you ask him yourself. Iaolus turns to see Hercules walking towards them. Hercules and Iaolus shake and Hercules explains how they wouldn't understand what happened to him. Hercules and Iaolus hug very briefly thinking it too manly to hug and it fades out.


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