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Gabrielle: Amazon Princess or Bard?

Gab Gabrielle is a talker and a storyteller by nature. She's expressed her desire to become a bard in several episodes, notably PROMETHEUS [#08] and ATHENS CITY ACADEMY OF THE PERFORMING BARDS [#13]. She actually attends bard school in the latter episode, and beats the likes of Homer and Euripedes in a storytelling competition. Perhaps the most moving example of her talent is in IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? [#24], where she uses her bardic abilities to convince a hardened warrior of the beauty of peace.

Gabrielle originally didn't fight at all. The Amazons taught her to use the staff in HOOVES AND HARLOTS [#10], and it remained her primary weapon for quite a long time.

For a short time, Gabrielle adopted a pacifistic policy, and refused to fight at all. That changed when Xena was mortally wounded while fighting the Romans in IDES OF MARCH [#89]. In a berserker rage (and one of the series' most dramatic scenes), Gabrielle killed six or seven Roman soldiers. Since then, she has continued to fight, and has learned to use several new weapons. At the same time, she continues to chronicle her adventures with Xena.

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