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The Properties of Ambrosia

AmbrosiaAh, ambrosia, the Food of the Gods! Was it due to accident or to malice aforethought that the Gods neglected to carry all of their ambrosia back to Olympus? It would be absolute folly to do anything less, as everyone knows that the Food of the Gods, when consumed by mere mortals, has the power to change the latter into the former. Yes, indeedy--a human who eats ambrosia will become a God. If given to someone who has recently passed to the Other Side (as with Xena in THE QUEST [#37]), ambrosia will restore life without bestowing godhood.

Xena first became involved with the gelatinous goodies of the Gods in A FISTFUL OF DINARS [#14].  Olympus' favorite yummy pink dessert made a reappearance in THE QUEST, again with disastrous results.  This time, Velasca, Amazon psycho-killer, was the lucky recipient, chiefly of its side effect:  blindingly blue-white eyes.  Callisto, who'd become immortal by eating a Golden Apple, also managed to ingest some of the gooey concoction, with the same results.  Good thing Velasca is encased in lava forever and ever (or at least for awhile). Maybe when she gets out, she'll learn what we already know—that the eye color change is only a temporary, transitional one.

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