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Disappointed #302-352


I am what I guess would be called a "casual" viewer- in fact, I have never watched Xena until season 6 and even then I've only seen about 5-6 episodes. (I tuned in during the middle of the Ring trilogy in March). I'm NOT a tv-watcher other than football. (GO RAVENS!) I tend to watch TV if I'm home sick, which is how I started watching the show in the first place (Not having cable, I was praying for something other than golf and basketball to be on).

Things I liked: watching "bad" Xena kick b*tt for a katana. There were some other cool shots/transitions too, it was more like a movie than TV.

Dislikes- well, pretty much everything else, so much of it didn't make sense (and at first I thought it was because I just didn't watch the show enough). Also so much of the time the lighting was so dark I was squinting trying to see what was happening! I never had to play with the TV so much!

There's no cord to cut, really, but I will refrain from investing any further time into a series ( I was considering DVD's if they came out, I really did like the 2 Ring shows that I saw) that really, truly is a nonsensical "dead" end. I do feel sorta silly for wasting time on the net to check out this show, but other than that, Xena hasn't impacted my life too much.

(P.S.- I have a friend who saw this, also casual viewer like me, and her two comments were: beautifully filmed and she felt cheated at the end).



Part of the lure of the show, was the fact that no matter what was thrown at them, they would get through it together.



I'll go back to season 3.



There was no reason to kill Xena off. She and Gabrielle could have walked away from this battle, too. The only hope I have for a movie or TV special is in the fact that Gabrielle didn't dump Xena's ashes over the side of the boat in that final scene.

As my main squeeze says, although it was a good movie, there were other disappointments. First, it seems that Akemi was Xena's "real" soulmate. Xena opted to stay in her world rather than to rejoin Gabrielle. Also, after all Xena went through to redeem herself, this episode indicates that the only way she could do that was by dying -- a miserable ending for six years of effort.




I am a loyal fan of Xena and have been waiting both with sadness and excitement for the last episode. I also took Rob at his word when he said he would not kill off Xena. Xena battled the devil, Alti, and killed all of the Olympian Gods. She has died and came back to life tons of times. She has raised both heaven and hell and yet she could not remain with Gabrielle as a mortal? I know it may sound corny but I really think the fans deserved more. With all the bad in the world would it have been so wrong to see these two walk out into the sunset together? The two hour episode was good but faithful fans deserved better closure for these two beloved characters.



What the h*ll happened with Eve? Are they just going to leave her "going East?" That's no resolution! There is just way too much left open here to end it



My heart is broken. Xena is gone and I find myself lost. For 6 years Xena has tried to amend her dark past and this was her final reward? She has saved the world from more bad guys then John Wayne and Superman put together. She died saving all those souls and her thanks is "stay dead." What of Gabrielle? She has spent her entire growing adult years as Xena's soul mate, to what end. She can't bring back her friend. Xena has said no. Now Gabrielle must go on in the knowledge she only has Xena in her heart and memory. What will she do? Xena's gone, Joxer's gone. What of Eve and Aries? Will Eve ever find out that her mother is dead? Was Xena's life all in vain? There are too many questions that have to be answer yet? Hey Rob, how about a movie.



disappointed and angry.



My primary objection to the death of Xena is not that it occurred, but that there was really nothing leading up to it. I believe that the issue of Xena's death being a permanent condition should have been out in the open, and Gabrielle and Xena should have known about it and accepted it as part of the drama of the final episode.

My preference would have been for her to have lived, but if that wasn't in the cards, then a better dramatic handling of her death would have been valid, too. This just felt VERY incomplete and false. In fact, I thought that the Xena who was stopping Gabrielle at the end was an illusion created by the ghost of the Samurai that Gabby fought, trying to trick her.



Why couldn't they have let X and G live "happily ever after" d*mm*t! ES


I was disappointed in that, I truly thought after all that they've been through, that they would walk away, or ride away into the sunset, or BOTH go out in a blaze of glory. Not one being left behind without the other.

I understand Gabrielle coming into her own. She has become a great warrior in her own right, and I understanding Xena wanting redemption. Akemi told Xena that she redeemed all the souls AND herself, but anyway, I digress...

I understand Xena having to die to kill Yodoshi, however, I TRULY don't think she needed to stay dead. Also, once again, they messed with the kiss. They have them kiss AFTER Xena is dead, and only through Gabrielle having to give her water from the fountain. I kept asking myself...what if she didn't need a drink? What would have happened?

I look at it rationally and say, O.K....Xena might be dead, but she is still very much alive to Gab. Gab can see her, feel her, touch her...and then I think..O.K., if THAT'S the case...if she can feel all of those things, then why the hell stay dead? Ya might as well come back to the living and do it right! ;0)

Anyway, other than that, I thought the episode was O.K., however I WILL say that there was TREMENDOUS acting by Lucy and Renee bar none! I can't believe these two women aren't eligible for an Emmy, because IMHO the both deserve one!

PS, I'm not angry and ANY of them! I think they all had a job to do, and they did it the best they could, and gave 1000%. If they weren't doing their job properly, we wouldn't give a fig about either Xena OR Gabrielle.......



Xena's death like that was a MAJOR let down to all the fans. The writers the directors of the show bombed with this one.

Look the entire series was about Xena finding redemption for her past sins. And what does the last 30 minutes of the entire series tells us, after Xena finally has come full circle? That no matter how much one strives and suffers to redeem themselves. It all a waste. Redeeming ones self is impossible. As Xena herself says to Gab "my death sets them free (souls of her victims) if I came back they become lost souls". An then she prevents Gab from bring her back. This ending makes the entire series pointless and useless. Xena was doomed from the very beginning and the best possible out come was for Xena to remain an outlaw.

This ending will go down in television history as disappointing as Bobby Ewing stepping out of a shower after dead for a season.

Lucy Lawless as an actor as an artist, that spent 7 years making the character come alive, You should be ashamed how they (the writers) butchered your character both literally and symbolically.

To the writers you too should be ashamed. You have left the impression and message. `Striving to Redeem yourself after you have made a mistake is pointless and useless, you can never be forgiven in the end. So don't even try'



Yes, I was so hurt; however, disappointed isn't exactly the right word. I would have preferred that Xena go on living. One could not help but cry at the end--it's almost like a real friend died. Do you feel that way?

The fact is, they could both be my daughters, I have a son the exact age as Renee and Lucy is only two years older than my eldest son.

These two Xena characters were better than the men on Hercules. Upcoming characters like the lady lead on Witchblade and Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft are good competition.



I was hoping for Ares, one of the most influential characters in Xena to be present in the episode. It would have been nice to see Eve as well.



yep, wanted to see them live and be happy together....



After watching the series finale of Xena: Warrior Princess I had mixed feelings. I am utterly appalled by the ending, I feel that the producers should have not have killed off Xena. It was not a bitter sweet ending it was just bitter. The special effects were excellent, but I feel the story line was week. They make up this story that happened long ago instead of making it more on what has happened in the last seasons. What happened to Eve, Ares, and so on? For Xena to have gone through all she did and for what to be killed by some samurai that was introduced in the last episode. They should have done everything they could to make another season. At least to make up for this ending. I was disappointed with the way it was ended and I know that many others feel the same. For it being the last Xena: Warrior Princess episode ever they could have done better.



My girlfriend and I are very, very disappointed!!! Excuse me, but did the writers suddenly get group amnesia or what? Xena has come back from the dead more than Regis Philbin's career and now they decide she has to stay dead?!!!? I don't get it. This is not closure for us, this is emotional robbery. There is no reason for Xena really dying this time around.

What about all the other souls that Xena has been forgiven for in past episodes? Why not this time? Sloppy, writing. The writers must have collected their paychecks before the last episode. We all wanted Xena & Gab to walk off into the sunset together, alive. They did not give a crap about the fans. I want an explanation from the writers and Rob Tapert!



The series two part ender just left me FLAT! Over the years they have had some really great shows - THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THEM! I guess I was expecting to much, I don't know what, I just wanted something more. When it ended I just sat there and thought "Yea, so what?"



as far as I'm concerned the series ended with "when fates collide". btw, thanks for being here all these years, whoosh has been fabulously entertaining and informative :-)



brilliantly done, but it was not necessary to kill xena in order to make a big splash/emotional impact on the way out. makes you wonder what tapert's motivations were.



i will never consider FIN I & II worth the time and money they took to make, unless they do a follow up tele-movie which brings xena back to life. to me the series ended with WFC since it had all the drama and weight necessary for a finale, but also showed the protagonists had a future together.

thanks for creating and maintaining such a cool site over the years! [Thanks! We enjoy it maybe too much. -Ed.]



I would have rather had both die and go off together as spirits



After seven years of watching Xena and Gabrielle battle with sword and word, I was disappointed that the producer couldn't find another way to end the series other than by killing Xena off. I thought much of the series finale was awesome but the very end was a complete disappointment.



I expected Xena to die in the end but the tone of the whole episode bothered me it seemed to cut away from all previous seasons of Xena, No Ares, No Eve and Xena and Gabrielle separated through a majority of the Show.

I knew they couldn't just walk off into the sunset because they would never stop fighting for causes and a warrior always wants to die in battle my problem with that was the beheading and burning of the body which gave it more of a finality (even though I think most of us were like how are they going to bring her back?) and the fact that she died alone. If she had to die and again I begrudgingly admit that it had to happen i would have actually preferred Ares if only to get Kevin Smith in the Episode.

As a whole I didn't like the Story as a series Finale but as a season opener it would have been interesting to see how things played out over the course of a season where as in my Series Finale Using the Bones of Chronos or Something like that we go back to right after they were resurrected with no memories of any of their tragedies or the warrior stuff and then they could have walked off in to the sunset of something peaceful like that. I really hadn't thought out the details but it would be something akin to that and I know that would disappoint some people but at least that would open up the possibility of a movie or two because I did hear Lucy say in an interview that she wouldn't be opposed to doing a Xena Movie but that Finale seemingly shut the door on that unless they do one of those dream things or Akemi is Evil and was lying to keep Xena in the spirit world with her .........

Battle on Xena !



Don't get me wrong, for the most part I thought the writing and direction was great for an adult audience, but it was difficult, even though one was advised of the parental guidance, to explain to a 9year old who ran from the television set devastated to know that his favorite hero was beheaded. We enjoy Xena because it takes us to a special and magical place, while also providing a touch of reality with moral values. It has always been a great place to escape to from the daily realism of today's world. People need that. Learning that the series was over sadden us, we thank you, accept it and wish only the best for all who brought us Xena. We took comfort knowing that we would always be able to go back and enjoy anyone of the 1-6 series over and over again,but it hurts to say that unless a movie is in store for us, the last episode has spoiled that , it's hard to enjoy any of the shows now knowing your hero is dead. The great thing about fantasy is that the unbelievable happens and the hero never dies, if we wanted reality we'd change the channel or step outside. My 9year loves the love xena & Gabrielle share for one another, and knows that in the real world love doesn't always last, but his heart was convinced that xena and gabrielle would change that. We don't watch a lot of T.V. or see a lot of movies because of the limited views we feel many offer, but Xena was open to so much and never were we offended by any of the shows, which made it a weekly love that we shared. It was heart breaking enough that the show had to end but having Xena die in any fashion takes away the magic that we don't see enough of in the real or fantasy world, love lasting as is.



I don't mind Xena dying, but to do so for the sake of a local mythos after defeating the gods at their own game again and again seems out of character. If she was just tired of the struggle, perhaps the end would be psychologically justified, but the whole point of Xena is that she is indomitable. I would probably have preferred she and Gabrielle have simply sailed into the sunset and let our imaginations take it from there.



Awful ending. I had a Xena party to celebrate the last episode. There was nothing really to celebrate, we were all in tears!



The season finale made me cry. I didn't want Xena to die. I know she will live on forever as a spirit but I expected a happier ending.



I don't want it to end... Why end it that way? Xena Dying? why? is there a possibility that they'll revive it again? I've been watching Xena ever since i was in the Philippines all those late issues and when am finally here in Canada just this year while I'm finally enjoying al new episodes... its bye bye time why why why? it is totally affecting me ( i hope i don't sound like such a geek or a loser)



Disappointed from a production standpoint. I would assume that it was of significant expense to produce the 6th season in it's entirety. Despite the wondrous cinematography of the final II as well as the riveting storyline, I still felt that the timeline was rushed, and I as the viewer was force fed the plot, having no time to acclaim to the supplementary characters/storyline. I did appreciate the stoic efforts of Xena during the battle prior to her beheading, as well as other compelling scenes, but the penultimate final moments left me feeling robbed, and disheartened.

Despite seeing Gabrielle evolve over time, and more recently rapidly acquire a few "skills" which would render her a worthy (yet untainted) replacement for the Warrior Princess, I find it hard to deal with her living out her (back in time) life without her lifepartner despite allusions to the fact that they would always be together. Still, TPTB have given us episodes albeit not of a serious nature that have alluded to the fact that they would end up together (in the physical realm) regardless at some point if one believes in reincarnation, but this is does not seem to be of consideration to the disheartened fans that wish to deal with the "death" in one timeframe only.

Being that I am a pessimist, I didn't just think to myself, well, they'll end up together, as they were depicted in the C.H.A.K.R.A.M. and Send In the Clones, but instead focus on the sudden and abrupt death of our heroine, who sought atonement.

I guess that fair is fair, but most of all, I feel (strangely) legitimate pain for Gabrielle's character at the loss of her life-partner. I still can't figure out how Xena can place her hand/head on Gabrielle's shoulder, yet not grab her chakram. A technicality as old as Star Trek's walking through walls but not falling through floors.

I suppose that the finality of Xena's passing offers closure (once acceptance sets in), after all, anyone whom has had a loved one die has likely dealt with similar emotions, though I did feel somewhat ripped off during season 6. Ripped off at least in that there were at least two nonsensical "filler" episodes which I shall not name, which dealt with modern timeframe. The flashback episodes were entertaining, but the abruptness of the resolution, as well as the lost events therein were not strong evidence of cohesive screenplay. Given the allotted schedule, perhaps more "meaningful" material could have been produced which would coincide with the ending, though perhaps the futuresque episodes were more cost-effective. Perhaps it was contractual, I do not know. Certainly TPTB are not expected to simply pander to the fans, as fans don't pay the millions of dollars necessary to produce a spectacle of such magnitude for our amusement. They have mostly succeeded in not feeding us sugarcoated garbage, and provoked us, angered us, upset us, questioned our very morals, and at least made us think, or feel compassion. More than I can say for most programs, yet strangely the last II left me feeling that it ended too abruptly.




I wanted Xena to be redeemed fully. They did it for Iolaus, why not Xena!

I'm cool with Gabs taking over, though.


New Haven, CT


Gabrielle did look nice in blue!






It really didn't need to end this way. They had so many options. But most of all what I was hoping to see was just a good final story with the focal point being the friendship between 2 people. As they did in the 5th season and some of this season, too many distractions got in their (the writers' and the characters') way. Someone had a good suggestion when they said it would have been better if the episode "When Fates Collide" was used as the season finale. At least then they would have just ridden off into the sunset to live and fight another day. And we would have been left with a wonderful episode.

Now we are just left with sadness. Disappointment really doesn't capture the feeling I have, but it will have to do.



I was disappointed with the ending because I did not see the need to keep Xena dead, but I thought the rest of the episode was well done.



I'm choosing disappointed, though I was entertained by the episode This isn't an ending I would have chosen, though it was definitely an XWP type ending, in the classic sense.



I can't believe they killed off Xena!!!! I was hoping for a movie in the future. I feel like I've lost a family member!



Wish there had been some way to allow both characters to be *together* in reality. I think the important thing is to continue in the "tradition" of allowing every fan to interpret the series, the characters, and the *future* in her/his own way.

The power of the show has been in our collective imaginations, giving it life well beyond its depiction onscreen.

I was sorely disappointed that the finale made that close to impossible. And it's not about the fact that Xena dies, or that Gabrielle carries on the tradition, but that the friendship/relationship of these two soulmates was ended and leaves no room for the growth in the collective fans' hearts and imaginations.

I guess I'm just heartbroken.

Technically, the finale was well done, but I'm still heartbroken.



disappointed, deeply hurt, profoundly sad, betrayed. The worst was watching Xena humiliated by the Dark Lord almost as though she was being raped. It was awful!!!



I could not believe the ending! How could they have let Xena remain dead? They should have brought Xena back to life so she could remain with Gabrielle.



I was disappointed in the Series Finale.

Xena and Gabrielle have indicated that they would be together forever, and the show indicated that they would be together, even in death, for six years. This point could be argued by the fact that Xena's ghost was still with Gabrielle, but the image is not the same.

Second, the way they chose to portray Xena's body was damnable. The Great Warrior Princess, strung naked by the arms, with no head. What a shameful, disgraceful way to die. They humiliated the image of Xena, and belittled the greatness that the show fought so hard to convey. Any true hero should have gone out in a blaze of glory. The death scene for Xena was too short, and not at all in the tradition of a great warrior.

Third, I was saddened to see that after all these years of likening the Greek Gods of Mythology, that the producers chose to end the show on foreign ground. A Japanese Super Ghost? If they truly would have wanted to portray Xena coming full circle, then they should have done it closer to home. That image would have been far more powerful.

The ending scenes could have been much more prophetic. They could have re-united Xena with all those that she loved and lost, like her brother Lyceus, Solan, her son, Marcus, the long ago love. They could have had them in the background, tying into the fact that she will never be alone. She always said she wanted to be buried with Lyceus, and several times the show revolved around that theme. So what of the ashes now?

Which brings another point. The only survivor is Gabrielle? Then why would the show not be called "Gabrielle"? The last shot we ever get is Gabrielle, alone on the boat? And what will she do? What will become of them?

Too many unanswered questions. I was not happy at all. I thought that they could have done a supreme tribute to Xena, but it wasn't even close to that. The last few episodes were done MUCH better than the finale, and that's no way to end a show.

Think of all the people whose last images will be the ones portrayed here. Think of all the years we spent watching every episode, all the time devoted to it. And they leave us with a very weak storyline, poor cinematography, a foreigner (stranger never even introduced in any other episodes) who so easily claimed the slaying of our great hero, a dead idol, and a sidekick who rides off in the sunset with our hero's chakram, the subliminal message indicating that Gabrielle will take on Xena's role.

I was extremely, horrifically, sad to see it. I really wished I would have missed the episode, and made up my own end in my mind. This is not the way I want to remember things.



my answer. i guess i was disappointed, but still love xena. I'd like to cut the cord, but can't. maybe after the next issue the group therapy will help.



Too bad they didn't sail into the sunset with a bright, restful, future ahead, as would have been appropriate after the years of trials and tribulations!! What a downer.



I was very unhappy and felt that there were better ways to end the series.



I thought that was a horrible way to end the show, that's all I can say , just horrible!!



I HATED the ending. HATED IT HATED IT HATED IT. Still crying.



One of few" heroes" who pays in the end, but to pay for an accident, even given the numbers, is odd considering the amount of up-front deaths caused throughout the series. To not resolve how Gabby has children so we know how she keeps appearing in the future - i.e. we know X and J have living children, but G? To make a poet the fighter is an interesting twist, but why go to Eqypt when earlier we risked all to bury X in Greece? Unless one assumes all after lives converge, our friends will be in different worlds given probable death of Gabby out of Asia. Just where are the scrolls stored anyway?

Given the 6 seasons altogether I have greatly enjoyed the writing (even tracking down the obscure references), acting, editing, music, athletic moves, creative computer work and thank those involved for this wonderful creative series. One hopes all good things will go on forever, but realistically one knows it cannot. My loss and those of us who truly looked forward to the days of airing the series. At least I have the commercial vhs tapes to look at - so when is the final season available and will it be on dd. too (the whole series) and what about the final season of Hercules on vhs or the whole series on dd.? Don't want much do I? Also, why cannot you create set(s) of cufflinks for the show or characters? Thanks, too, to the gang at Whoosh for the information. I have greatly enjoyed reading the synopsis of each episode, and most especially the messages in the trailers and credits of each film. Don't suppose someone is doing another episode book like was done for the first three seasons by Stafford? Oh well, think I'm having a hard time letting go, like a death in the family.

The best to all the creative team and families. Thanks, again, for all the work by all who generated my hour of erudite escapism for each week! I've enjoyed!!!!

Hopkins, MN


Very disappointed and horrified. There was no need to kill her off. They should have ridden off into the sunset together. It was like having a close friend die - how could they do that to fans?



Very Disappointed with the ending...that Xena had to die. Otherwise, the show was very entertaining and performances by Lucy and Renee were superbly done.



totally disappointed, totally inconsistent storyline, totally inconsistent with the previous history of the series, totally inconsistent in and of itself.



Xena spent 6 yrs with Gabrielle and missed the point - I don't mean from a "subtext" point of view. I mean regarding understanding redemption and forgiveness. If I were Gabby, I'd demand a re-write.


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