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November 13, 2001

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Tuesday November 13 2001 09:21PST

By Alex Poindexter - Uber Media Writer


HOLLYWOOD (UM) - The indefatigable Lucy Lawless has been spotted working like a hairless chihuahua on the set of her latest gig, a two-part guest spot on FOX Network's X-Files. In the opening sequence, the seams of her hardly-there little black dress barely contained the former Warrior Princess' enthusiasm for her role. "I know the producers have been very good to me, and I would love to be good to them and their show, [however] you work like a dog for six years and being the star of your own little show. And to go and be a fifth wheel on somebody else's would have to be rewarding in a lot of ways," Ms. Lawless said.

Ms. Lawless further padded the production company's bottom line by saving on wardrobe costs. Although she appears many times throughout the hour-long episode, her only other dry scene was a swish down a corridor whilst attired in a micro-mini business suit. She posed the rest of the time in nature's own glory. Ms. Lawless was heard to exclaim that the X-Files was the best MAXIM photo shoot she ever did.

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