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Kevin Shows Up

[428] Creation showed a music video with scenes of the many sides of Ares. Don't know the song used but "bad boy" or "bad to the bone" figured prominently in the chorus.

[429] Cheering and applause started well before the lights came up. When Kevin walked on-stage in a simple oatmeal-coloured muscle shirt and black jeans, the estrogen level in the house "whoosh'd" off the map! I gotta say that it's bizarre to hear Kevin speak with that heavy Kiwi accent. His speech was also peppered with a lot of "G'days, Cheers, mate and Good on ya's". I found him to be very warm, personable and very funny.

[430] I missed some of the first questions because I was busy trying to get a picture of Kevin for an absent friend (no, really) but I gave up since it's hard to take a decent shot with a TV crew in the way... Kevin was asked if he'd take a crack at singing the NZ National Anthem. He sang it respectfully and strongly. Will we hear this voice on THE BITTER SUITE (58/312)?

[431] Got a kick out of various female fans in the question lines who, starry-eyed, informed Kevin, "You are sooooo fine" or "You are workin' that shirt!"

The Questions

[432] Kevin said he enjoyed playing the God of Love in the HERC/XENA cross-over STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD (H64/405) but since he didn't want to appear too much of a wuss, he's glad TPTB came up with the "Lounge Lothario" look. I'm pretty sure I heard a million hearts sink when Kevin said he'd been married for 14 years. Also has 3 kiddies-all boys -- 6,4 and 3 months. I didn't quite hear the question but got the impression that, if Kevin wasn't an actor, he'd be playing for the NZ All Blacks (rugby). He's glad his acting gig has worked out though because his kids dig the fact that he's on XENA/HERC.

[433] Asked which show he preferred to work on, he said that he enjoyed the fight scenes with Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) but since he has very different relationships on each show, it's unfair to compare the two. Chuckled when Kevin got asked who his favourite warlord is. Turns out to be Draco, partly due to his great "do" and headgear. "You could clean a toilet with that puppy," quipped Kevin.

[434] I found both Kevin's and Danielle's observations about the NZ film industry parallel to Canada's in that they're both strongly supportive of local talent and want to stay in NZ to make the industry grow.

[435] His fave XENA eps are TEN LITTLE WARLORDS (32/208) and THE FURIES (47/301).

[436] Kevin just did a feature movie with Danielle Cormack but alas, didn't catch the name of it. It's due out in April.

[437] He was asked the inevitable "What's it like to work with Lucy?" He said the XENA set was friendly and that Lucy is a "really fun girl."

[438] He gave us a demonstration of that wicked Ares laugh. Very effective! Also, Kevin gave an impromptu acting class when asked how he switches from a Kiwi accent to an American one. He did the Ares voice and said it comes from the back of his throat. When I watched THE QUILL IS MIGHTER (56/310), I found myself watching for this. Oh, he checked to make sure that we could all understand his accent and related a brief anecdote about chattering away to Hudson, only to find out she hadn't understood a word he'd said!

[439] One fan asked what Kevin's inspiration was for Ares. He said playing Ares is like one big cathartic vent for things that might be bugging him and he works things out through the character. Later, someone asked him if he could relate to Ares. He said he does access a certain part of himself even though his friends tell him "shut up, man, they'll know you're a dick." Someone asked about the Ares-as-Xena's-father plotline. He said that the ambiguity was useful to the story right now. He jokingly asked if he looked old enough to be Xena's father.

[440] It brought down the house when one fan asked, "If you could be any other character on Xena, who would you be?" A: Argo! I must've been suffering from con burn-out because it took me a minute to clue in to what all the hootin' and hollerin' was about ::sheepish grin.::

[441] Further regaled us in song with a C&W tune called "If You Touch My Food." It turns out Kevin used to be in a band. Hey, will Kevin and Lucy do a C&W duet?

[442] A young fan asked how long the physical transformation, i.e.costume and make-up took for Kevin to become Ares. My notes (and Kevin's answer) started at one hour and moved up to an hour and a quarter.

[443] Great anecdote about his kids playing XENA. In their world, Ares wins (natch!). He said sometimes, when his kids are tired, they call him Ares instead of Daddy.

[444] And then Kevin had to dash off to get on a plane for NZ to get back to filming.

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