Whoosh! Online Edition Whoosh! On The Road

By Theresa Holl [136-153]
(1558 Words)

**HUDSON!** [143-153]

Disclaimer: This story is told from the point of view of a hardcore-nutball with little or no interest in HERCULES. This reporter has no intention of offending any HERC fans by omitting HERC-related facts. She just doesn't care about them.

The Rest of the Con

[136] Where to start... Well, I walked down the Skyway toward the Convention center with my sister, Anne. My jaw dropped as a massive throng of XENA T-shirts writhed on the backs of people I instantly recognized as my family, because XENA binds us closer than blood ever could. We proceeded into the mob with my mouth still agape and small birds entering and departing of their own free will. I only waited in line for about 9.21 seconds because I had purchased my tickets. I think I bought them in March. I waste NO time.

[137] We then glibly entered what I like to call the Room-for-People-Who-Have-Too-Much-Money-and-Want-To-Lose-It-or-Get-More-of-Said-Money, or the Dinar Emporium. I had read about this part of the Conventions but this was amazing. My sister purchased a Gabby doll and I got my little capitalist self a poster of Xena and Gabby during ALTARED STATES [19/119]. We are both satisfied consumers.

[138] I couldn't wait to see Hudson. I had to, obviously, but in a literal sense, I couldn't. At around 1:15 we headed into the Room-With-Hudson's-Stage-In-It-Where-I-Met-Hudson, or Hudson's Room. THE BITTER SUITE [58/312] soundtrack could be heard in both chambers which was getting me all excited. :) We spent a whole bunch of minutes in this room so I'll just try to sum up everything previous to the Hudson Experience.

[139] A splendid myriad of Music Video Tribute Dealies were shown to the delight of all of us (I think). At any rate, I enjoyed them verily. My very favorite one was a tribute to Gabrielle and Renee. It was very well done to the tune of "Wind Beneath My Wings."

[140] They also showed some XENA and HERCULES blooper reels. I haven't laughed that hard since I learned that I couldn't cook with Xena's juices. I really wish I could see them again.

[141] There was also a trivia contest. Some of the questions were ludicrously easy, others challenging and yet a sparse few that had me gasping and reaching for my oxygen mask. Who in the entire Xenaverse knows what the names of Callisto's parents were? Uffda...

[142] Aside from the Hudson-related events, my personal favorite aspect of the convention was getting to talk to other fans. I've never met anyone who likes the show as much as I do, so this was a relief and a joy. My thanks to everyone who helped to put it together. I sat next to really groovy people who enjoyed engaging in spontaneous conversation about all-things-XENA. That rocked.


Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[143] O.K. Let's get to it. There were a few events left before the main attraction. I was beyond excited. Then the person who was running around with the microphone announced it... She stepped onto the stage and just walked back and forth for awhile. I think she has gotten used to us cheering like maniacs so she didn't try to talk over us right away. I was cheering too hard to hear it anyway. After we regained our sanity, Hudson sighed very audibly into the microphone. I still don't know why but that made us cheer some more... come to think of it... everything she did made us cheer some more. She could've blinked the right way in response to a question and the whole house would roar. She was a little bit tired and didn't try to hide that. In fact, she's an amazingly honest person and laughed at that aspect of herself. She tried to get herself in the mood by making a strange noise into the mic, which I found rather amusing.

[144] She then commanded us to talk to her and ask our questions. She said "make a line." For one reason or another, none of us understood so we just stood there staring at our heroine. She tried desperately to help us out. "A LINE! A LINE!" She demonstrated the concept by moving her arm in a long LINEAR motion in front of her body. The troops began to respond and a long LINE formed immediately.

[145] Hudson has very very short hair now so the first question I remember was someone inquiring as to the decision to hack it all off, to which Hudson responded (paraphrasing here) "I'll no longer be a Barbie Doll for this society." Those of us who understood her cheered with passion. Unfortunately, my seats were located fairly far from the stage and the people directly behind my sister and me misunderstood and said "What's wrong with her Barney Doll?" I was laughing my head off, and trying to explain what she REALLY said. That was hilarious. She then said something like "I don't want to be told what beauty is. I am ready to find out more about me." That was very refreshing to hear.

[146] She got the usual questions about whether or not she would do anymore XENA episodes as Callisto. She said "One never knows."

[146] A girl told Hudson that her math teacher went to New Brighton High school with Hudson. She stopped dead in her tracks and asked who it was, the girl told her and Hudson paused and said "Oh my God." Everyone laughed.

[147] One girl asked her what her real hair colour is and before she even finished the question Hudson said "God only knows!" We all laughed and thought that was the end of it. The questioner persisted much to Hudson's chagrin. "No for real what colour is it?" The entire audience burst out laughing. Hudson turned back to the girl and said "It's green!" I guess she's taking that one to the grave.

[148] Hudson looked into the house and said "You guys are really tired," to which a man said "we're in awe." Hudson wasn't buying it. "you're in awe? No you're asleep. Someone gave you all some Advil." One guy said "You mean Valium," She retorted quickly "Whatever! A pill... I'm a blonde leave me alone."

[149] Someone asked her if she had any pets but Hudson misheard the question and paused strangely "Do I have any fats? Well, yes I have fats..." Examining her thigh, she struggled to make sense of this audience. Some of us were yelling "PETS! PETS!" but I just laughed as she tried to locate the individual fats on her leg. She (eventually) said she has a dog. I forget the details.

[150] Most people had certain requests for lines that they hoped Hudson would do as Callisto. She acted them out when she remembered them, however, she couldn't remember what scenes they were from so she would stare into the audience and wonder while we screamed our pathetic explanations at her. Someone asked her to say "You want it? Come and get it." Hudson had no idea what the person was talking about and said the line in her normal cadence looking at the audience for help. We all started shouting at her which was when I thought it would be fitting to stand up and flail my scrawny arms as if I was catching the chakram and scream at the top of my lungs "When you caught the chakram, man and you said it like that!!!!" I was a little excited... She remembered and said "OOOHHH." She said that line and a bunch of other favorites. She also did the infamous scream. She asked if we would do it first and we did which was fun. Then she said "with the mic or without?" Most of us said "without" and she said "pansies."

[151] The scream was horrific! I had heard it on the show but this was amazing. I wanted to take a picture while she was doing it but once I heard the sound, I couldn't move. Luckily, I got a picture of the second one she did.

[152] I was very fortunate to get to meet Hudson in person. She had a flight at 9:00 but at about 7:30 she STILL took ten minutes out to meet with her fan club. We all lined up to get our pictures taken with her. My sister and I were next and I actually got up the nerve to complement her on her work in MATERNAL INSTINCTS [57/311]. She looked me in the eye and said "Thank you." She looked at me for quite a long time. I'd bet my last Dinar that that woman didn't ignore a single fan in the whole convention. She was extremely giving and extremely honest at all times. She told a joke about something that none of us understood. We just stood around and stared at her some more. Hudson said "That was a joke!" Then she made fun of us, "Just look at her. She's PURDY!" She was a joy to have around.

[153] That's about everything I remember. Thank you for reading this far.

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