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AUGUST 9, 1998

A WHOOSH! Report
Copyright 1998 held by authors

The Cub-Reporters are:

  • Beverly Gores
  • Theresa Holl
  • Mr. Jamester
  • Jono
  • Heather McGinnis
  • Jules Warrick (aka JettX)
  • Michelle Werlich

Editor's Note: What follows is pictures and observations from a corps of WHOOSH! Cub Reporters who donated their time and money in order that the events and activities of the HERCULES/XENA Minneapolis Convention of August 9, 1998 would be saved for posterity.



1:20: Creation's music video salute to XENA & GABRIELLE: "Sisters are Doing It For Themselves"

1:25: HERCULES & XENA: NEXT SEASONS PREVIEW: SHARON DELANEY, President of the Official Fan Clubs! [42-75]

2:05: Creation's music video salute to ARES


2:35: HERC & XENA: "Saturday Night's for Fighting!" Creation music video!

2:40: XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Blooper Reels

2:45: Creation's music video salute to HERCULES


3:10: Creation's music video salute to GABRIELLE

3:35: Creation's music video salute to XENA


4:00: Creation's music video salute to IOLAUS


4:25: Creation's pick for TOP FIVE HERC/XENA VILLIANS

4:45: HUDSON LEICK [91-153]

5:35: Autographs with HUDSON


Biographies of Contributors

Beverly GoresBeverly Gores
Beverly was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is torn between looking out on the Minnehaha Creek from her living room and looking at her Xena/Gabrielle poster hanging on the wall. She helped start the Minnesota Xena Fan Club so she could enjoy the show with fellow Xenites.
Favorite episode: DEBT I and II [52&53/306&307] with ONE AGAINST AN ARMY [59/313] a close second.
Favorite line: Gabrielle to Xena: "Does an Amazon Queen beat a Warrior Princess?" A NECESSARY EVIL [38/214]
First episode seen: CALLISTO [22/122] The ladder scene was both fascinating and impossible. Who was that blond girl hanging on high that Xena fought tooth and nail to save?
Least favorite episode: WHEN IN ROME [62/316] Boring. No character development, and Lucy's take on Xena was off. Where was the Xena we know and love?

Theresa HollTheresa Holl
Theresa is 18 years-old and studying acting in Minneapolis.
Favorite episode: A DAY IN THE LIFE [39/215]
Favorite line: Xena to thug: "That's right crawl! Crawl for your stinking life!!" ONE AGAINST AN ARMY [59/313]
Least favorite episode: THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER [59/310] (or the episode that maintains that people who try to solve problems peacefully are idiots)

Mr. JamesterMr. Jamester
James, or codename "Mr. Jamester" is a 28-year-old father who loves to be a kid as much as his 6 year-old. His son helps keep him young at heart. Together, they both watch XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and gaze in awe as she flips, hits, and swings. Mr. Jamester lives in Eagan, Minnesota and just recently began participation in a local fan club called the Xenaversity of Minnesota where he helps set up and maintain the website. He is enjoying every moment of it!!
Favorite episode: Comedy: BEEN THERE, DONE THAT [48/302], Drama: THE DEBT I & II [52&53/306&307]
Favorite line: Callisto to Velasca: "Here comes trouble!" A NECESSARY EVIL [38/214]
First episode seen: GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN [28/204]
Least favorite episode: That's difficult, maybe: THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN [49/303]

Jono is a 31 year-old Gabvocate, ROCer, Xenite, and subtexter, as well as a member of the soon-to-be-legendary Xenaversity of Minnesota. He lives with his wife, Lisa, in a little house in Hopkins, Minnesota. He's a big-time Gab fan and subtexter; one of his favorite web sites is Ms. Golightly's X:WP Subtext Shrine. Check out her caption competition -- it's highly recommended. When he's not working or doing X:WP stuff, he plays soccer, runs with the local chapter of the Hash House Harriers (running & drinking club), plays chess (is a class "A" club player), and, once in a great while, he works around the house. You might also find him at the local drugstore drinking chocolate malts and giving away free high schools.
Favorite episode: A DAY IN THE LIFE [39/215]
Favorite line: Gabrielle to Xena: "Can we cook with your juices?" A DAY IN THE LIFE [39/215]
First episode seen: It was a late first season ep.

Heather McGinnisHeather McGinnis

Heather is from the midwest, she has three dogs (a Rotweiller and two Shih Tzus). She works with computers and data entry. Heather is a serious amateur photographer and reads lots of books, listens to all kinds of music, and plays nine different musical instruments.
Favorite episode: WARRIOR... PRIESTESS... TRAMP [55/309]
Favorite line: Gabrielle: "I'll rise, but I refuse to shine." BEEN THERE, DONE THAT [48/302]
First episode seen: THE BLACK WOLF [11/111]
Least favorite episode: THE TITANS [07/107]

JettXJules Warrick (aka JettX)
Jules Warrick (aka JettX) is a early-30s lesbian Xenite living in Jayhawk country Kansas where she cheers on the women's basketball team and works for the City in an outdoor job that gives her plenty of time to daydream about all things related to X:WP. When not obsessing about Xena, she watches 'The X-Files' and 'Mystery Science Theater 3000.' Most of the time she can be found sitting in front of her computer reading fan fiction, cruising web sites or reading mail from the fan lists to which she is subscribed. She also worships Joan Jett, her first leather-clad woman warrior.
Favorite episode: HOOVES AND HARLOTS [10/110] and THE QUEST [37/213]
Favorite line: Xena: "It's the battles you choose and the people you protect." HOOVES AND HARLOTS [10/110] (words to live by)
First episode seen: (in full) CALLISTO [22/122]
Least favorite episode: FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS [40/216]

Michelle WerlichMichelle Werlich
Born as a demonstration in front of a class of gawking medical students, Michelle moved to Japan with her family when she was seven. She had a wonderful time living as an expatriate in both Kobe and Tokyo, returning to the States for college at the University of Minnesota. While in Minneapolis, Michelle fell in love with a coed. Ever since then she has been on the lookout for lesbian-themed movies. When she read Entertainment Weekly's piece on XENA nights at New York City's lesbian club, Meow Mix, she knew she had to tune in. Employed by Pillsbury, Michelle usually spends her weekends in the country with her partner, Alisa.
Favorite episode: DESTINY [36/212] and THE QUEST [37/213]
Favorite line: Xena: "Mother, I'm a lunatic with lethal combat skills." THE FURIES [47/301]
First episode seen: The last five minutes of A DAY IN THE LIFE [39/215]

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