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X:WP NEWS [49]
X:WP RUMORS [50-51]

X:WP Season Three Episode Notes

Sharon Delaney
Sharon Delaney
Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[42] Sharon Delaney, President of the Official Fan Clubs, shared notes on past episodes, news regarding the new season and a rumor or two.

[43] ONE AGAINST AN ARMY [59/313] is the episode where we saw the first toothpick Xena action figure. That was not in the script. The figure came about because the stunt director Peter Bell uses little STAR WARS-type action figures when he's showing Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo how to do their stunts. Renee O'Connor found the horsehair on the set and toothpicks from Lucy's dressing table and made the figure as a joke. They decided to use it in the episode. This episode was also the first time we have ever really seen Xena break out in a sweat.

[44] It was also in OAAA that Gabrielle was injured and her left foot was bandaged. In the sequence after Gabrielle's nightmare, when the guy comes through the roof, he actually landed on Renee's ankle and twisted it pretty badly. To make matters worse, he landed on the right ankle. They had already shot all of the footage with the left ankle being the one Gabrielle had injured. So that's why there is even less walking for Gabrielle in this episode. Sharon Delaney had "a feeling that when we see them (Xena and Gabrielle) walking into the armory, it is probably after the real injury, because Lucy was really kind of holding up Renee." The stunt person who landed on Renee's foot was later jumping off a box or crate and broke his leg. So there were a lot of jokes about the voodoo doll Renee kept at home to pay back this guy.

[45] KING CON [61/315] was filmed right after ONE AGAINST AN ARMY. This episode never showed how Gabrielle injured herself but attributed it to Gabrielle's clumsiness.

[46] FINS, FEMMES & GEMS {64/318] was originally titled FISH SHTICKS. The title was changed because of the DeBeers company. In other words, "to please the sponsor." There is an article about the title change in the May 1998 issue of Whoosh! entitled "When Titles Collide: A Title Wave."

[47] THE DEBT I & II [52 & 53/306 & 307] were originally going to be a film, but they changed their minds and turned it into a two-part episode.

[48] THE BITTER SUITE [58/312] took so long to complete that the final version was sent out to the TV stations via satellite five days late, just before it was scheduled to air. Rob Tapert has said he never wants to do a musical again because there is too much involved in making it. There were 170 special effects used in the episode.

X:WP News

[49] Universal Studios does not want to do feature films while the HERCULES and XENA shows are still in production on TV. They saw the way the X-FILES feature movie did while the series was still in production and that was one of the reasons they decided not to do HERCULES and XENA feature films at this time.

X:WP Rumors

[50] They are thinking about bringing back Janice (Renee O'Connor) and Mel (Lucy Lawless) from THE XENA SCROLLS [34/210] back, but they don't have a storyline yet. These two characters were extremely popular with the fans.

[51] There are rumors that all seasons of both HERCULES and XENA will be coming out on video.

X:WP Season Four Episode Notes

[52] One of the last conversations Gabrielle had with Xena in the third season was, "What will happen to me if I stay with you?" In the beginning Gabrielle was naive, seeing everything in black and white. She wouldn't kill anything. In the episode WHEN IN ROME [62/316], Gabrielle said she played judge, jury and executioner. Even though she didn't actually execute anyone, she still decided that Crassus would die and made no effort to save him. So Gabrielle is changing. Xena, on the other hand, was faced with the fact that if she keeps Gabrielle with her, can she handle what is happening to Gabrielle. So their relationship is going to have to undergo some changes.

[53] Caesar and Pompey return. There are at least two episodes with Caesar in Season Four. Xena and Gabrielle will be wearing new outfits in one of these episodes (as yet untitled).

[54] The Horde from THE PRICE [44/220] will return in the fourth season.

[55] There will be an episode directed by Bruce Campbell (Autolycus). It is a takeoff on the movie FOOTLOOSE. There is dancing in this one and Sharon joked about one slide as "Xena invents the limbo."

[56] The fourth season of X:WP starts with a two-parter, ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE. Part of it is flashbacks and includes Borias (from THE DEBT) and part of it is in the present. Sharon has seen some of the footage and all she will say is that it has something to do with a bear skin rug (draw your own conclusions). There is also a woman who is very important to Xena in this episode. Sharon doesn't know whether the woman is a M'Lila character or a Lao Ma character. "You take the scope, majesty and beauty of THE DEBT episodes, add to it the loss of Gabrielle, an unscheduled rain and you meet a Xena you have never seen before"

[57] The following episodes are A FAMILY AFFAIR, SOMETHING TO BE GAINED, A GOOD DAY, CRUSADER, PAST IMPERFECT, THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM, and THE TALE OF TWO MUSES. The return of Tara from FORGIVEN [60/314], which Sharon thinks is a bad girl being bad again. Next is SHARK ISLAND PRISON (or PRYSM), DAUGHTER OF PIMYRA, and an as yet untitled Argo episode to explain more of the relationship between Xena and Argo. After that comes PARADISE BOUND, directed by Rob Tapert. Sharon said not to look at the TV Guide blurbs or the previews during and after the previous show. There is nothing that she can say about this episode that won't give it away.

[58] Then Xena and Gabrielle are going to India for four episodes. They are going into the area of different gods, different mythology and different cultures. The four episodes in India are not continuous, it's not a four-parter. The episode currently titled AMAZON REUNION has been on and off the schedule numerous times and Sharon doesn't know if it is really going to happen.

[59] In conclusion Sharon said, "Do not quote me saying this is the air order. This is the air order as of July 8th and, as is everything in Hollywood, it's worth the paper it's written on."

H:TLJ Season Four Episode Notes, News and Rumors

[60] In ARMAGEDDON NOW [H72/413] Xena was called Xena the Conqueror. She was dubbed this by the writers as a tribute to KULL THE CONQUEROR.

[61] Kevin Sorbo is fully recovered from the surgery for the aneurysm in his arm.

[62] Sharon has heard rumors about a Yoda-like (STAR WARS) character appearing in the upcoming season.

H:TLJ Season Five Episode Notes, News and Rumors

[63] There will be a FANCY FREE PART 2 episode coming up this season.

[64] Dahak started on XENA then went to HERCULES. Sharon hears that Dahak is coming back this season and "he is going to be all kinds of trouble."

[65] The Sovereign, from STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD [H64/405] and ARMAGEDDON NOW I & II [H72 & 73/413 & 414] will return this season. According to Sharon, Kevin "loves playing the Sovereign, he adores it."

[66] HERCULES is going to do a "sleazy" episode this season. It will be a 3-D episode, they were just filming it at the end of July and used special cameras. You will need 3-D glasses to view this episode. They will need some kind of sponsor, like a candy company, to provide the glasses.

[67] There will be a HERCULES episode called RENDER UNTO CAESAR this season.

[68] Another episode is titled FAITH and includes actor Tony Todd, but he's not playing the Cecrops character from the XENA episode THE LOST MARINER [45/221]. Michael Hurst appears in this episode, and directs it as well. The character of Nebula returns in this one. Nebula appears in another, as yet untitled episode.

[69] In RESURRECTION, something happens to Hercules' clothes and someone gives him new ones. Sharon thinks they are "really nice looking clothes." But, the rumor is that after this episode they are going back to the old costume. Part of Hercules' usual costume includes, what has been termed "waffle pants." These pants weigh a whopping 12 pounds.

[70] Also, in the upcoming season, Hercules meets a Celtic woman who is, like him, half-human and half-god. She is a redhead and that is about all Sharon knows. According to Sharon, "From the photos she looks like she's about 5'2". She is going to do a lot of standing on boxes.

[71] The Widow Twankie (played by Michael Hurst) will be back this season with Michael in the role again. He was doing the character on stage and Liz Friedman (producer) saw this performance. According to Sharon, "he really likes this character."

Some Final Thoughts from Sharon

[72] Sharon doesn't read the scripts in advance because she thinks that it spoils watching the episodes. She prefers to watch the episodes on television along with the other fans.

[73] Sharon believes that "The actors can never respond to the episodes, or feel them the way we (the fans) do, because the actors see the episodes being done in little bits and pieces. That's one of the reasons the actors can rarely understand why a movie or a television show they are in has such an impact. They get that impact from other people's work, but can't get it from their own. It was just an interesting point I was ruminating about."

News, Info and Notes from Hudson

Hudson Leick
Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[74] Hudson will be playing Liz Friedman again on HERCULES. Liz didn't like the hair twirling thing that Hudson did in YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A HERCULES [H74/415]. Liz actually does that in real life. The next time Hudson plays Liz she will also be a serious chain smoker (this may be a joke from Hudson). The Callisto character is done. Hudson really enjoyed playing her, but it's "time to do other things." She mused about Callisto's death in SACRIFICE II [68/322]. She said Callisto really want to die by having Xena be the one who killed her. Hudson thought Callisto saw it as "an act of love from Xena." Xena was Callisto's maker (mentor) and Callisto loved Xena." To explain part of the reason for her point of view, Hudson made reference to the scene immediately following Xena stabbing Callisto. In this scene Callisto's hand touches Xena's face and then her hand slowly slides down the rest of Xena as she sinks to the floor.

Hudson Leick
Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

Future Convention Appearances

[75] The future convention appearances for Lucy, Renee, Kevin and Michael depend on their filming schedules and hiatus times. Other than the main hiatus, one of the main actors from each show (two out of four) have to stay in New Zealand filming. Combined convention appearances by the two main actors on each show is not possible.

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