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WARNING: Spoiler Alert
Yet Another Episode Guide?
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Main Characters
Table of XWP and related HTLJ Episodes
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History of Xena
Hera, Zeus and the Twilight of the Gods
Damn Romans
Strife and Deimos
Those Body-Swapping Greeks

WARNING: Spoiler Alert

The 'Comments' in the tables and text contain spoilers. If you venture no further than the bottom of the big 'Table of Episodes', and avoid scrolling to the right to view the 'Comments' column, you should be reasonably spoiler-safe.

Yet Another Episode Guide?

Well, not exactly. In the course of following XWP, I sometimes found it hard to tell where episodes fit together, especially 'crossover' episodes. This is made more difficult when stations screen re-runs out of sequence.

It's also useful to know which episodes of XWP are important to the plot - and which HTLJ episodes are relevant to XWP. This is sometimes difficult, as Herc episode guides don't seem to exist in the same degree of detail as the XWP guides on Xenite or Whoosh.

So I compiled a list for myself, as far as I could, of the sequence of XWP episodes, and where any relevant HTLJ episodes fit. Much of this is based on the episode guides in Whoosh, with additional information (particularly on early HTLJ episodes) from whatever sources I could find on the Net.

HTLJ episodes are shown in the table below where they feature significant inhabitants of the Xenaverse or where they are relevant to the ongoing storylines of XWP.

Columns in the Table

Type indicates the type of episode -
DDrama (or 'Dark')
ClipA 'clip' show
RA 'Rift' or post-Rift episode

The categories are (like everything else in the table) arbitrary. They are based very loosely on the categories in Beth Gaynor's Rate-a-Xena site.


I've tried to rate the episodes according to how much they tell us of the ongoing storyline(s) of XWP as follows:

3 Major plot development, part of the history or
ongoing story of Xena or XWP.
2 Important plot fact or character development,
but not absolutely essential to the ongoing story.
1Minor relevance to the ongoing story.
No substantial new information.
0 Does not really advance the overall story at all.
Episode could be put almost anywhere.

These ratings are (of course) arbitrary. Some of the episodes I haven't seen and I've rated them on what I could find out.

If an episode reveals new facts about Xena's past, or shows events that form the background to future episodes, then I've rated it 2 or 3. Obviously these ratings are subject to error; however, it's safe to assume that a 0 or a 1 does not contain vital facts for the ongoing plot (even though it may be a great episode). Miss a 3 and some of the background for following episodes may be missing.

Note: The 'Plot' ratings do not relate to how 'good' an episode is. For example, A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215) is one of the favourite episodes with fans, but only gets a 1 in terms of plot, whereas the much-maligned GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305) gets 3 as it's essential to the 'Rift' sequence.

Also, 'subtexters' please note, I consider the Xena-Gabrielle relationship to be just one of the themes or storylines running through the series. So I haven't given the same weight to gradual developments in the relationship that a 'subtexter' would.
There's certainly room for someone to produce a 'subtext-significant' episode list. I wouldn't presume to.

How good

The next column in the table below shows very roughly how 'good' each episode is, based partly on the opinions of Xenafans. Of course, many will disagree!

3+ One of the best episodes of the season.
Don't miss this one!
3Excellent episode. Take the phone off the hook.
2Good. Worth setting the video for.
1If all the other channels are showing infomercials,
you might as well watch this.

The numbers are, as always, arbitrary, derived by a complicated secret formula involving the oracle at Delphi, Beth Gaynor's excellent Rate-a-Xena page, the Whoosh! episode guide, and much too much coffee. For more factual and detailed information, based on the votes of actual fans, and much more besides, visit Rate-a-Xena. In the case of Herc episodes, I've given them my own rating based partly on my viewing, partly on general comments by others on the 'net.

Main Characters

This lists the 'regular' characters (other than Xena, Gabrielle and Argo) appearing in each episode, also any noteworthy 'irregulars'. In the case of HTLJ episodes, regulars other than Herc and Iolaus are listed.

All known HTLJ episodes with Xena, Gabrielle or Callisto are included. Episodes with Ares, Autolycus and Aphrodite are not all included because they seem to be as much HTLJ characters as XWP characters and (unlike Callisto) their activities on HTLJ aren't tied into the ongoing XWP plot. The 'alternate' Joxer appeared in STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD and I'm told the 'real' Joxer appeared in WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN; I don't know if he's been seen anywhere else in the Hercaverse.

For more information on which XWP and HTLJ episodes characters appear in, see Part 4 of the XWP FAQ on this site, or the XWP Credits Guide on Logomancy.
For a complete list of male characters (including Miss Artiphys) from Seasons 1 and 2 of XWP only, see A Directory of Guys from Whoosh! Issue 16. For a list of female characters (also including Miss Artiphys!) up to CRUSADER (76/408) see A Directory of Gals from Issue 28. If there is a complete list of HTLJ characters somewhere, please let me know!

The Hercules telemovies with LL and ROC, and the two HTLJ episodes with LL as Lyla, are included for completeness.

HTLJ episodes are shown in their approximate chronological position relative to XWP.

Table of XWP and related HTLJ Episodes

Episode Type Plot How good Main Characters Comments
Hercules telemovies (1994):       
[Hercules and the Amazon Women]   0   Lysia LL as Lysia - first sight of LL in the world of Hercules
[Hercules and the Lost Kingdom]   0   Deianeira ROC as Deianeira - first sight of Renee
Season 1 (1995-1996):       
[H06/106: As Darkness Falls] D 0   Lyla LL as Lyla, friend of the Centaur Deric - first sight of LL in the regular HTLJ series
[H09/109: The Warrior Princess]D 3 3 Xena First appearance of Xena - and she's baaad! (But Iolaus never had it so good!)
[H12/112: The Gauntlet] D 3 3 Xena, Ares (suspected), Salmoneus Xena loses her army to Darphus, sees the light, and goes off into the sunset with Herc...
[H13/113: Unchained Heart] D 3 3 Xena, Salmoneus Xena domesticates Herc, helps kill Darphus again, and sets off to find her own series ... err ... destiny
Sins of The Past (01/101) D 3 3 Xena, Gabrielle, Cyrene, DracoFirst XWP; first sight of the Irritating Blonde (TM)
Chariots of War (02/102) A 1 2  Xena defends a village and kills a warlord (and ruins Gabrielle's romantic prospects)
Dreamworker (03/103) D 3 3 MorpheusXena battles her old bad self for Gabrielle (who manages not to kill anybody)
Cradle of Hope (04/104)A 1 1PandoraXena and Gab save a baby and Pandora's box. (Note: This is not Gabrielle's Hope!)
The Path Not Taken (05/105)A 2 2 MarcusXena's old friend, Marcus, first betrays her then dies for her
[H18/205: The Outcast]   0   Centaurs, Lyla LL (as Lyla again) gets killed by Centaur-hating bigots (nothing to do with XWP)
The Reckoning (06/106) D 3 3 AresAres frames Xena for murder in an attempt to regain her allegiance. Our boy can be real persuasive!
The Titans (07/107) A 1 1  Gabrielle, Goddess of the Titans, goes megalomaniac
Prometheus (08/108)A 1 3 Herc, Iolaus, Green Egg Men Xena and Herc battle the Green Egg Men and unchain Prometheus
Death in Chains (09/109) [1] A 1 3 Hades, Sisyphus, ratsXena frees Celesta (death), who was imprisoned by Sisyphus. Talus is the first romantic interest to die from the Curse of Gabrielle
Hooves and Harlots (10/110) [1] D 3 3 Centaurs and Amazons, EphinyGabrielle, Amazon Princess! First sight of centaurs and Amazons.
[H24/211: Highway to Hades] [2] A 1   SisyphusSisyphus clashes with Hercules and ends up in Tartarus
The Black Wolf (11/111) A 1 1 SalmoneusOur heroes help free a resistance gang
Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts [12/112]D11Helen of Troy, PerdicusThe Trojan Horse story revised
Athens City Academy of Performing Bards (13/113)Clip11(Xena-lite)Gabrielle hosts the first XWP clip show
A Fistful of Dinars (14/114) A 1 3 PetraclesCan Xena's ex-fiance Petracles be trusted in a treasure hunt? And why is Xena after the treasure, anyway?
Warrior ... Princess (15/115) C 13 DianaThe first 'Xena-double' episode (and the first comedy)
Mortal Beloved (16/116) D 2 3 Hades, MarcusXena's old love Marcus, in Hades, helps her recover Hades (the god)'s Helmet of Invisibility. Gabrielle sits by a lake.
The Royal Couple of Thieves (17/117) A13 AutolycusFirst sight of Autolycus in XWP. And what a couple Auto and Xena make!
The Prodigal (18/118) A 0 1 (Xena-lite), MeleagerGabrielle redeems an alcoholic warrior. She would, wouldn't she?
Altared States (19/119) A 13  X & G interrupt their fishing long enough for Gabby to get high and Xena to save a boy from being sacrified.
The Ties That Bind (20/120) D 3 3 Ares, AtriusAres tries again to invoke Xena's dark side, this time posing as her father Atrius
The Greater Good (21/121) D 3 3+ SalmoneusXena is poisoned by a dart, Gabrielle impersonates her to keep a warlord at bay
Callisto (22/122) D 3 3+ Callisto!, JoxerWatch out Xena, Psycho-Barbie's on your case!
Death Mask (23/123) D 1 2 Cortese, TorisXena's past catches up again - Gabrielle helps Xena avoid slipping back into her old bad ways
Is There a Doctor in the House? (24/124)D 2 3 EphinyXena delivers Ephiny's son and brings Gabrielle back from the (almost) dead
Season 2 (1996-1997):         
Orphan of War (25/201) D 3 3 Solan, Dagnine, centaursXena grapples with maternal instincts and helps the centaurs fight off her old lieutenant Dagnine
Remember Nothing (26/202) D 2 3  The Fates give Xena the choice of an alternate world where her brother is alive but Gabrielle is a killer.
The Giant Killer (27/203) A 0 1  Xena helps (biblical) David kill an old friend. Why does nobody like this one?
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (28/204)A 1 3 Joxer, Bacchae, Dryads Just watch those Bacchae go!
Return of Callisto (29/205) D 3 3+ Callisto!, Joxer, PerdicusShe's baaaack! Gabrielle can't kill her, Xena buries her in quicksand.
Warrior ... Princess ... Tramp (30/206)C 1 3 Diana, Meg, JoxerAnd then there were three (Xena's). 'Guess which one I am'
Intimate Stranger (31/207)D 3 3+ Callisto!, Ares, JoxerAres helps Callisto take over Xena's body. (Hudson plays Xena and LL plays Callisto.)
Ten Little Warlords (32/208) D 3 3+ Hudson-Xena, Ares, Sisyphus, JoxerAres is mortal, Hudson-Xena helps him get his sword back, Ares gives Xena her (LL) body back
A Solstice Carol (33/209) C 0 1  XWP does Dickens
The Xena Scrolls (34/210) [3] Clip 1 3 Ares Xena and Gab's descendants unearth ancient clips and release Ares
Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis (35/211) C 0 3 SalmoneusXena enters a beauty contest. Our gal can do anything!
[H49/312: Surprise] [4] D 3   Callisto!Hera releases Callisto from Tartarus, Herc traps her in the Labyrinth
Destiny (36/212) [5] D 3 3+ M'Lila, Caesar, Julius CaesarThe classic flashback episode - Caesar betrays Xena, M'Lila saves her - and dies, Evil Xena is born
The Quest (37/213) [5] D 3 3+ Autolycus, Amazons, Velasca, Ephiny, IolausGabrielle and Xena (in Autolycus' body) searching for ambrosia to save Xena's life
A Necessary Evil (38/214) [5] D 3 3+ Callisto!, Velasca, Ephiny, AmazonsXena releases Callisto to help defeat the new goddess Velasca
[H50/313: Encounter] [5]   1   Serena, AresFirst of the Golden Hind trilogy - Herc meets Serena
[H51/314: When a Man Loves a Woman] [5]  1   Serena, Ares, JoxerThe Golden Hind continues - Herc marries Serena
[H52/315: Judgement Day] [5]   2   Serena, Ares, Xena, GabrielleAres frames Herc for killing Serena - Xena saves him
A Day in the Life (39/215) C 1 3+ Minya (Xenafan No 1)The favourite comedy episode (complete with hot-tub scene)
For Him The Bell Tolls (40/216) C 0 2 Aphrodite, Joxer the hero (Xena-lite)Joxer as the romantic hero (half the time)
The Execution (41/217) A 0 1 MeleagerGabrielle's still trying to save Meleager - this time from execution
Blind Faith (42/218) A 1 3  Gabrielle kidnapped. Xena blinded. Palaemon wants to be 'the man who killed Xena'.
[H56/319: The End of the Beginning] [5]   2   Ares, Serena, AutolycusHerc changes history and gives up Serena to save her life
Ulysses (43/219) A 0 1  Xena helps Ulysses return to claim his kingdom
The Price (44/220) D 2 3 The HordeXena calls on her old dark side to fight off the Horde; Gabrielle has other ideas
Lost Mariner (45/221) A 0 3 CecropsXena saves Cecrops from a 300-year old curse
A Comedy of Eros (46/222) C 0 3 Joxer, DracoBliss uses Eros' arrows to make all sorts of unlikely people fall in love
Season 3 (1997-1998):          
The Furies (47/301) D 2 3 Ares, Cyrene, The FuriesAres uses the Furies to drive Xena mad. Xena out-fights Ares in the temple of the Furies
Been There, Done That (48/302) C 1 3 JoxerSee Xena chakram Joxer! See the look on Gabrielle's face! XWP does 'Groundhog Day'.
The Dirty Half Dozen (49/303) [6] A 1 1 Ares, Discord Xena frees some desperate characters to help her destroy Ares' secret weapon. First sight of Discord on XWP
[H64/405: Stranger in a Strange World] [7]C 1 3 Most of the regulars, in reversed roles [5] Alternate universe where heroes are now villains
The Deliverer (50/304) D R 3 3 Ares, Caesar, Boadicea, KhrafstarGabrielle's 'Year of Hell' begins. Who would've thought Caesar and Ares were only the minor villains?
Gabrielle's Hope (51/305) D R 3 2 Banshees, HopeAnd a right homicidal little pest she is, too
The Debt I (52/306) D R 3 3+ Lao Ma, Borias, Ming TienXena goes to Chin to kill Ming Tien (flashbacks to 10 years ago with Borias). Epic scenery on the way.
The Debt II (53/307) D R 3 3+ Lao Ma, Borias, Ming TienMore flashbacks with Lao Ma. Ming Tien tries to execute Xena, who kills him (and omits to inform Gabrielle).
King of Assassins (54/308) C 0 2 Autolycus, Joxer, Jett, Cleopatra, (Xena-lite) Auto, Gab and Jox try to stop Joxer's brother Jett killing Cleopatra
Warrior ... Priestess ... Tramp (55/309)C 0 2 Meg, Hestian Priestess Leah, Joxer3 Xena look-alikes - again
The Quill is Mightier (56/310) C 0 3 Aphrodite, Ares, Minya, Joxer, (Xena-lite)Aphrodite enchants Gabrielle's scroll. Total confusion. Nice Go-Go-Gabrielles!
Maternal Instincts (57/311) D R 3 3+ Callisto!!, Hope, Solan, Ephiny, centaursHope releases Callisto, kills Solan, Xena buries Callisto (again), Gabrielle poisons Hope - things are really hotting up
The Bitter Suite (58/312) D R 3 3+ Ares, Callisto, Ephiny, Joxer, Solan, many XenaphobesThe musical Illusia episode (and the notorious Gabdrag)
[H72/413: Armageddon Now, Pt 1] [8]D R 3 3+ Callisto, Ares, Hope, SovereignCallisto and Hope continue to rampage in the HTLJ alternate universe
[H73/414: Armageddon Now, Pt 2] [8]D R 3 3+ Xena, Gab, Callisto, Ares, Hope, SovCallisto travels back in time to Cirra; and in the Alternate Universe, Evil Xena rules the world!
One Against an Army (59/313) [9] A 2(subt)3(subt) Xena holds off the Persian Army (and saves Gabrielle again). Significant for 'subtext' followers.
Forgiven (60/314) [10] A 1 1 TaraAnd now, the Irritating Brunette
King Con (61/315) [10] A 0 1 JoxerXWP does 'The Sting'
When in Rome (62/316) D 2 3 Caesar, PompeyPlot and double-cross in Rome between Xena, Pompey and Caesar - and Gabrielle has a difficult moral choice to make
Forget Me Not (63/317) Clip R 2 3 Ares, Joxer, (Xena-lite)Clips from the Rift. Gabrielle loses her memory, Joxer helps restore it, we find how she got to Chin
Fins, Femmes & Gems (64/318) C 0 2 Aphrodite, JoxerAphrodite casts a spell on Xena, Gabby and Joxer
Tsunami (65/319) A 0 1 Autolycus'The Poseidon Adventure' retold (and Poseidon ain't in it!)
Vanishing Act (66/320) A 0 2 Autolycus Autolycus tries to recover a stolen statue with Xena and Gabrielle's help
Sacrifice I (67/321) D R 3 3+ Callisto!, AresCallisto's back from HTLJ! And so's her little protege Hope. Watch out, Xena!
Sacrifice II (68/322) D R 3 3+ Callisto!, Ares, Hope, JoxerGabrielle sacrifices herself to kill Hope. Xena kills Callisto (again).
Will they stay dead? See next season...
Season 4 (1998-1999):          
Adventures in the Sin Trade I (69/401) D R 3 3+ Hades, Borias, Alti, Cyane, Amazons (no Gabrielle) Xena searches for Gabrielle in the Land of the Dead; flashbacks to Ten Years Ago with Borias when she encountered the evil Alti and killed Cyane and her Amazons
Adventures in the Sin Trade II (70/402) D R 3 3+ Borias, Alti, Cyane, Otere, Amazons (no Gabrielle) Xena defeats Alti and saves the remains of the Amazon nation - and has That Vision
A Family Affair (71/403) D R 3 3 Hope, Joxer Xena and Gabby (yes, she's back!) battle Hope and Dinsdale (aka The Destroyer).
In Sickness and In Hell (72/404) C 1 1 Argo, Joxer, wildlife Xena and Gabby battle rabid rabbits and worse to get Argo back
A Good Day (73/405) D 2 3 Caesar, Pompey Caesar and Pompey's civil war comes to Greece and Xena declares war on them both
Tale of Two Muses (74/406) C 1 1 Tara, Autolycus Tara's in trouble for... dancing?
Locked Up and Tied Down (75/407) [11] D 2 2 Thalassa Xena is jailed for one of her past crimes. Just one?
Crusader (76/408) D 2 3 Najara Najara can outfight Xena. Can she lure Gabby away too?
Past Imperfect (77/409) D 32Borias, Satrina, Dagnine, centaurs Xena remembers the Battle of Corinth, birth of Solan, death of Borias, while besieged by an old acquaintance (is there anyone from her past who isn't out to kill her?)
Key to the Kingdom (78/410) C 11 Autolycus, Meg, Joxer (Xena-lite) Meg cons Autolycus into stealing a baby
Daughter of Pomira (79/411) A 2 1 The Horde Urged by Gabrielle, Xena rescues (or abducts?) a girl from the Horde
If the Shoe Fits (80/412) C 0 2Aphrodite, Joxer Cinderella, or something, but it's fun
Paradise Found (81/413) D 2 2 Aiden Gabrielle's paradise is Xena's nightmare
Devi (82/414) D 2 2 Eli Gabrielle turns into a healer - or is she possessed by a demon?
Between the Lines (83/415) D 3 3 Alti, Naiyima Xena and Gabs battle Alti in the future, and bring her back to the present for a gruelling fight
The Way (84/416) D 3 2 Hanuman, Eli Xena battles the evil Indrajit with the help of Hanuman
The Play's The Thing (85/417) C 1 2 Minya, Joxer Gabrielle's peace play is subverted by the forces of commercialism
The Convert (86/418) D 3 2 Najara, Joxer Najara returns - converted to the way of good? Xena doesn't believe it.
Takes One to Know One (87/419) D 1 2 Auto, Joxer, Minya, Discord, Lila, Cyrene, Argo Whodunnit? First major appearance of Discord in XWP
Endgame (88/420) D 3 3+ Ephiny, Pompey, Brutus, Amarice, AmazonsXena and Gabrielle play Brutus off against Pompey to save the Amazons. First sight of Amarice, last of Ephiny (RIP)
Ides of March (89/421) D 4 4 Callisto, Caesar, Brutus, Amarice, Eli Everything happens
Deja Vu All Over Again (90/422) [3] Clip0 2 Ares, Annie, Harry, Mattie X & G's descendants battle 20th-century psychosis
Season 5 (1999-2000):          
Fallen Angel (91/501) D 3 3 Callisto, Amarice, Eli, Joxer Xena saves Callisto's soul and she brings X&G back to life
Chakram (92/502) D 3 3+ Ares, Amarice, Joxer, EliXena's 'good half' reunites the light and dark chakrams and Xena herself is restored
Succession (93/503) D 2 3 Ares Xena and Gabrielle battle Mavican, a pretender to Xena's status
Animal Attraction (94/504) C 3 2 Amarice, Joxer Xena finds out she's pregnant and Gabby gets a horse
Them Bones, Them Bones (95/505) D 3 3 Alti, Amarice, Yakut Alti tries to posess the soul of Xena's child
Purity (96/506) D 2 2 Joxer Lao Ma's daughter is causing trouble with gunpowder...
Back in the Bottle (97/507) D 2 2 Joxer, Ming Tien ... and now she's dead, she's hooked up with Ming Tien
Little Problems (98/508) C 1 3 Aphrodite Xena is trapped in Daphne's body
Seeds of Faith (99/509) D 3 2 Ares, Callisto, Eli Xena finds who is the 'father' of her baby, and Ares offs Eli
Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire (100/510) C 1 2 Draco, Cyrene, Joxer, Amoria A Musical - love it or hate it
Punch Lines (101/511) Clip 1 2 Aphrodite, Joxer, Argo, pies The god Lachrymose shrinks Argo and Gabby
God Fearing Child (102/512) D 3 3+ Zeus, Hera, Hercules, Ares, Hades, Solan, Eve, the Fates Eve's arrival portends the end of the gods; Zeus decides to kill Xena to prevent it; Herc and Hera stop him; and Zeus and Hera die.
Eternal Bonds (103/513) D 3 3 Ares, Joxer, Eve Ares offers Xena his help to save Eve from the wrath of the gods
Amphipolis Under Siege (104/514) D 3 3+ Ares, Cyrene, Eve, Athena Athena's forces attack Amphipolis to capture and kill Eve; Ares again offers his help
Married With Fishsticks (105/515) [12] C? 0 0 Nobody who would want to admit to it Incomprehensible and bizarre
Lifeblood (106/516) [13] D 1 2 Eve, Ghost of Yakut The origin of the Amazons (includes some Amazon High footage)
Kindred Spirits (107/517) C/D 2 2 Joxer, Eve Amazon Queen Gabrielle must deal with Joxer, caught spying on Amazons
Antony and Cleopatra (108/518) D 3 3+ Cleopatra, Brutus, Octavian Xena impersonates Cleo, murdered by Brutus, and destroys Brutus and Antony
Looking Death in the Eye (109/519) D 3 3+ Ares, Athena, Hades, the Fates, Eve, Hephaestus, Celesta, Joxer, Octavian, Meg Xena fakes her death at the hands of the gods, but it goes terribly wrong thanks to Ares' good intentions
Livia (110/520) [14] D 3 3 Livia/Eve, Ares, Argo 2, Octavian, Joxer, Meg, Virgil Xena and Gabs awaks\e after 25 years and find Ares plotting to put Livia (Eve) on the throne of Rome
Eve (111/521) D 3 3 Livia/Eve, Ares, Joxer, Virgil Livia flees Rome and sets out to kill all Eli's followers
Motherhood (112/522) D 3 3+ Eve, Argo 2, Ares, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Deimos, Discord, Hephaestus, Hades, Poseidon, the Furies, ghosts of Joxer and Hope, a big spider and VirgilThe Gods mount their final assault on Eve and run head-on into Xena, Slayer of Gods
Season 6 (2000-2001):          
Coming Home (113/601)D33 Ares, The Furies, Eve, yet another bunch of Amazons Ares is trying to regain his immortality, manipulated by the Furies
The Haunting of Amphipolis (114/602)D 3 3 Eve, Mephistopheles, Cyrene (R.I.P.) Mephistopheles, having driven Cyrene mad, wants to enter the real world; and If Xena kills him, she must take his place
Heart of Darkness (115/603)D33Eve, Virgil, Michael, LuciferLucifer volunteers to ensure Xena goes to the underworld
Who's Gurkhan (116/604)D 2 2 Eve, Virgil, Lilla Gabrielle swears vengeance on the slaver who killed her family
Legacy (117/605)D 2 2   Xena and Gabrielle promise to help desert tribes repel the Romans, but Gabrielle unfortunately kills one of them
The Abyss (118/606)D 2 2 Virgil Cannibals
The Rheingold (119/607) [15] D 3 3+ Odin, Brunnhilde, Beowulf, GrinhildeXena travels North with Beowulf to fight a monster; Gabby follows and meets Brunnhilde; (Flashback: Xena the Valkyrie steals the Rhinegold and turns Grinhilde into a monster)
The Ring (120/608)D 3 3 Odin, Brunnhilde, Beowulf, Grinhilde Battling Odin and the monster Grinhilde, Xena loses her memory, and Brunnhilde turns into a ring of fire to protect Gabs
Return of the Valkyrie (121/609)D 3 3 Beowulf, Odin, Brunnfire, Grinhilde Beowulf 'rescues' Xena to help him rescue Gabrielle; Odin wants the ring for himself; and Xena persuades monster Grinhilde to redeem herself, and returns the ring
Old Ares Had a Farm (122/610)C 2 2 Ares Xena tries to settle the mortal Ares somewhere safe
Dangerous Prey (123/611)D 2 2 Varia A warlord is hunting Amazons for sport
The God You Know (124/612)D33Ares, Aphrodite, Caligula, Michael Caligula is draining Aphrodite's powers to make himself a god; and Micheal manages to get Xena's god-killing powers cancelled
You Are There (125/613)C/D 3 3+ Ares, Aphrodite, Beowulf, Odin, Eve and a cast of thousands A nosy reporter tracks Xena as she plots to get immortality for - who?
Path of Vengeance (126/614)D 2 2 Ares, Eve, VariaVaria wants to lead the Amazons to war and take revenge on Eve
To Helicon and Back (127/615)D 2 2 Varia 'Saving private Varia' - or how not torescue a hostage from a heavily defended castle
Send in the Clones (128/616)Clip 1 3 Alti Alti in the 20th century, clones Xena and Gabs for her own evil purposes
Last of the Centaurs (129/617)D 3 2 Ephiny, Xenan, Borias Borias' son declares war on Xenan, Ephiny's son; flashbacks to Borias
When Fates Collide (130/618)D 3 3+ Caesar, Alti, Brutus, Joxer, FatesCaesar tampers with history to get what he wants - Xena as his empress in an alternate reality
Many Happy Returns (131/619)C12 AphroditeXena enlists Aphrodite to prove that gods aren't so divine after all
Soul Possession (132/620)D33 Ares, Joxer, Meg, Annie, Harry, MattieFlashback to Sacrifice 2: Xena marries Ares to save Gabrielle
Friend In Need I (133/621)D33 Borias, Akemi, YodoshiXena returns to Japan to battle the ghost Yodoshi
Friend in Need II (134/622)D3 3Akemi, YodoshiXena gets herself killed to defeat Yodoshi - but can she come back from the dead?

Notes in the table:
[1] In DEATH IN CHAINS (09/109) Gabrielle is wearing the heavy necklace she inherited from Terreis in HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110), so DIC should come after H&H. (Thanks to Candi McBride for this).

[2] HTLJ: HIGHWAY TO HADES explains how Sisyphus, who was alive at the end of DEATH IN CHAINS, ended up in Tartarus, from which he escaped to annoy Ares in TEN LITTLE WARLORDS.

[3] THE XENA SCROLLS is set in 1942, and DEJA VU in the present day, so they really should come last in the XWP episode order (by about 2000 years).

[4] In SURPRISE (H49/312) Callisto escapes from Tartarus (where she was last seen in TEN LITTLE WARLORDS (32/208), and Hercules traps her in the labyrinth from which Xena releases her in A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214). So SURPRISE must fit between these two episodes.

[5] The HTLJ Hind trilogy, in the third episode of which Xena and Gabrielle appear, and its sequel THE END OF THE BEGINNING (H56/319), turn out to have echoes that persist through time and surface in ARMAGEDDON NOW (H72/314) and ultimately SACRIFICE II (68/322).
The trilogy followed in HTLJ immediately after SURPRISE (H49/312); the three episodes ENCOUNTER, WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN, and JUDGEMENT DAY screened at about the same time as the Xena 'Destiny' trilogy (DESTINY, THE QUEST, and A NECESSARY EVIL). Two things link the sequences: Iolaus appears briefly in THE QUEST without the injured arm he got in HTLJ: ENCOUNTER; and Xena and Gabrielle appear in a major role in HTLJ: JUDGEMENT DAY. So THE QUEST must either precede ENCOUNTER or trail it by a couple of weeks to let Iolaus' arm heal. Also, JUDGEMENT DAY must come after THE QUEST to allow for Xena to be alive. The DESTINY trilogy all happens in close sequence (DESTINY / THE QUEST are essentially a two-part episode, and Velasca reappears as a god bent on revenge in A NECESSARY EVIL). So I've arranged the episodes as HTLJ: SURPRISE, followed by the 'Destiny' trilogy, followed by the HTLJ Hind trilogy. This leaves Callisto stewing for some weeks in the labyrinth (from SURPRISE until A NECESSARY EVIL), but she should be used to that sort of thing by now.
THE END OF THE BEGINNING (the HTLJ sequel to the Hind) follows some time later.

[6] THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN (49/303) screened immediately before THE DELIVERER (50/304). However, at the start of THE DELIVERER, Ares is seen trying out a new metal for weapons which he plans to to give to a chosen few; THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN tells how Xena destroyed the metal, so it should have come after DELIVERER. This was confirmed by Tyldus (Steve Sears) in an AOL chat on 10/26/97. Those of you who like to keep the episodes in screening order can just regard the 'weapons' scene in DELIVERER as a flashback.

[7] STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD (H64/405) could fit anywhere between the Hind trilogy and ARMAGEDDON NOW (H72/413). It screened on the same day as GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305). I've placed it before The Deliverer to avoid breaking up the Deliverer - Gabrielle's Hope - Debt sequence, which seem to belong together.

The HTLJ and XWP regulars who appeared in Stranger in their 'normal' roles were: Hercules; Iolaus; Ares; Aphrodite. The HTLJ and XWP characters who appeared as 'alternates' in the alternate universe were: The Sovereign (Hercules); Iolaus; Ares, God of Love and Elvis impersonator; Aphrodite, Queen of the gods; Xena the Gangster moll; Joxer the brave; and Gabby the unrecognisably evil.

[8] The action in ARMAGEDDON NOW (H72/413) follows immediately after MATERNAL INSTINCTS (57/311), and precedes SACRIFICE (67/321). Part 1 screened on the same date as ONE AGAINST AN ARMY (59/313).
Some time can be allowed to elapse between Callisto being thrown through the portal into the Alternate Universe by Herc (ARMAGEDDON NOW 2), and managing to escape (which precipitates the events in SACRIFICE).

[9] There is a minor problem with ONE AGAINST AN ARMY; Gabrielle apologises briefly for betraying Xena in THE DEBT, yet neither one so much as mentions trying to kill each other 'last episode' in BITTER SUITE. Since MATERNAL INSTINCTS and BITTER SUITE go together, this leads to conjecture as to whether OAAA was intended to go before MATERNAL INSTINCTS. In terms of plot, OAAA could go anywhere between THE DEBT (53/307) and WHEN IN ROME (62/316). Gabrielle shows no traces of her OAAA-sprained ankle in MATERNAL INSTINCTS, but then she doesn't in any other subsequent episode, not even KING CON (see below). However this placement (OAAA before MI) would mean that Xena, while desperately trying to save Gabrielle's life, was still not telling Gabrielle about killing Ming Tien; and that Xena's feelings for Gabrielle could still be overwhelmed later by the events of MATERNAL INSTINCTS. If you like dark, that's interesting; but many subtexters strongly prefer to leave OAAA where it is and regard it as confirmation of the reconciliation at the end of BITTER SUITE.

[10] In ONE AGAINST AN ARMY (59/313) Gabby sprained her ankle; in FORGIVEN (60/314) the sprain has gone (just watch her taking on Tara!); in KING CON (61/315) the sprain is back. This has led some to conclude that KING CON came before FORGIVEN. However, it's a different ankle and Xena says to Gabby "At least that sprain's not as bad as your last one". So the airing order is correct.

[11] In the flashback near the start of this episode, Xena is wearing her Chin outfit, but Borias is nowhere in sight and Xena doesn't have her chakram. This suggests it is after PAST IMPERFECT but before the Ring trilogy.

[12] Since Xena is in her 'maternity leathers' at the start of this episode, and Discord and Aphrodite don't try to kill Eve, there is a theory that this episode should pre-date ETERNAL BONDS and AMPHIPOLIS UNDER SIEGE, and the official war against Eve hasn't started yet. There's another theory that this episode represents total brain failure by all concerned, and belongs in limbo.

[13] This episode includes many clips from the Amazon High pilot episode which never aired.

[14] 25 years has passed since the end of the last episode.

[15] This is a three-episode arc. The flashbacks (to '35 years ago') are to Xena, somewhere after Chin in THE DEBT and (possibly) before she returned to Greece in PAST IMPERFECT. However, Xena obviously spent some considerable time with Odin, since she became a Valkyrie. The episodes from Chin on are THE DEBTs, SIN TRADEs, and PAST IMPERFECT. Geographically, the Ring trilogy should be between SIN TRADE and PAST IMPERFECT; however, since Xena was pregnant in SIN TRADE and delivered in , this doesn't leave much time for Valkyrie-ing with Odin. Further, she does not have her chakram in THE DEBT, SIN TRADE or PAST IMPERFECT; she does have it in the Ring trilogy. This suggests that the Ring would come after PAST IMPERFECT.

Linked episodes

Besides the main story running through XWP, certain sequences of episodes are linked together, where the events of one episode are incomplete without the preceding (or following) episode.
In XWP these are:


DESTINY (36/212)
THE QUEST (37/213)

The 'Rift' episodes:

THE DEBT Parts 1 & 2 (52-53/306-7)

Note: This is virtually three two-part episode sequences, TD/GH, Debt 1&2, and MI/TBS.
THE DEBT is more loosely related to the other 'Rift' episodes, but is usually reckoned to be part of the Rift sequence.

The post-'Rift' episodes (which continue the 'Rift' theme of Dahok and Hope):

HTLJ: ARMAGEDDON NOW Parts 1 & 2 (H72-73/413-4)
SACRIFICE Part 1 & 2 (67-68/321-2)
ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE Parts 1 & 2 (69-70/401-2)

'Sin Trade' is loosely related to the overall 'Rift' storyline in that Xena is searching for Gabrielle (who went missing in 'Sacrifice'.
SACRIFICE and A FAMILY AFFAIR form a three-part Gabrielle-Hope arc of their own within the overall post-Rift storyline.

The Eve / Twilight of the Gods episodes:

This theme is dealt with more fully later, but the most closely-linked episodes are:

LIVIA (110/520)
EVE (111/521)
MOTHERHOOD (112/522)

The 'Halloween' episodes:


The Ring of the Valkyries episodes:

THE RING (120/608)

The Hind's Blood Theme, the Kronos Stone, and the Alternate Universe:

This is the most notable example of a common theme running through successive XWP and HTLJ episodes. It has appeared mostly in HTLJ, in episodes in which XWP notables or their doppelgangers have been prominent. It has been dealt with in some detail in
'Time Out of Mind: Alternate Realities in HTLJ and XWP', by E. A. Week (Whoosh 24), so I won't repeat it in detail here. However, briefly, the background is that Hind's blood can kill a god, so Zeus is exterminating the Golden Hinds; Ares sees Serena, the last Hind, as a possible weapon.

HTLJ: ENCOUNTER (H50/313) Herc meets Serena, and falls in love
WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN (H51/314)Herc and Serena marry; Ares (with permission of the gods) strips Herc of his immortal powers
JUDGEMENT DAY (H52/315)(with Xena and Gabrielle) Ares kills Serena, frames Herc, Xena helps save him, Zeus restores Herc's powers
THE END OF THE BEGINNING (H56/319)Autolycus steals the Kronos Stone, 'five years back' Ares kills Serena, Herc forces him to spare her 'mortal' half, but 'loses' the timeline where he married her
(with the 'other' freaky Xena)
In the Alternate Universe, Freaky Xena has some Hind's blood with which she is poisoning Zeus; Herc foils the plot and the Sovereign (alternate evil Herc) is trapped in the Alternate Universe with the Hind's blood in his possession
ARMAGEDDON NOW (H72-73/413-414)
(with the alternate Evil Xena, Callisto and Hope)
Callisto and Ares open the portal from the Alternate Universe and grab the Hind's blood from the Sovereign; Callisto coats a dagger with it and kills Strife; Iolaus tries to use it to kill Callisto, but fails; and Herc grabs the dagger and hides it in a wall. And Iolaus uses the Kronos Stone (which still exists in an alternate timeline) to go back 30 years and save Alcmene from Callisto, thereby preserving Herc's existence and wiping out the alternate timeline where Evil Xena ruled the world. Callisto, annoyed, destroys the Stone.
XWP: SACRIFICE (67-68/321-322)Callisto, having failed to persuade Hope to kill her, manipulates Xena into doing it with the Hind's blood dagger
HTLJ: STRANGER AND STRANGER(H94/513)The Greek gods (with the exception of Ares) have hidden from Dahak in the Alternate Universe, now ruled over by an alternate Nebula. (It would have been alternate Xena if LL had been available). Herc goes to rescue them, Ares goes to make sure they don't come back, and kills the Sovereign with the hinds blood dagger on the way.
Who would have thought STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD was anything but just a fun fantasy episode? And who thought we'd seen the last of the Kronos Stone when Herc destroyed it at THE END OF THE BEGINNING?
Nothing is ever permanently lost in the Xenaverse!

Question: How did Freaky Xena in STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD get the Hind's blood? Is it Serena's? Or is it some alternate-universe Hind's?

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