CONSCIENTIOUS GABJECTOR: A warrior-bard proficient with any number of weapons-without-sharp-points.

GABBA-DABBA-DO!: War cry by a certain Poteidaian bard when bashing a warrior wanna-be (aka Joxer).

GABOTAGE: (Exemplification of the saying "the word is mightier than the sword") The successful use of words as weapons of trickery to escape a potentially deadly situation. This is the skill many fans would like to see Gabrielle use more often. (See SINS OF THE PAST, #01, for the prototypical example.)

GABSTAB: A bite suffered at the teeth of our favorite bard after she has been transformed into a vampire.

GABWHACKER: Gabrielle's fighting staff. The wee bit of white fluff on the staff has yet to be identified, and some of the speculations are much too horrible to contemplate.

HALF-GABBER: A tricky staff-wielding, self-defensive move in which a bard uses the leverage of the aggressor to perform a back flip and regain control of the staff. (See ORPHAN OF WAR, #25, for the prototypical example.) By extension, a "Full-Gabber" would entail a self- propelled flip. But we haven't seen that--yet.

JOXERPOSITION: The somewhat incongruous sight of a tall healthy male warrior-wannabe splayed piteously at the feet of the Bard after a direct hit from the Gabwhacker. (synonym: splatulence)

ROCswats: The ROCker elite security swat team, easily identified by their flowing red hair and leather softball uniforms. Will dispatch anyone heard muttering the words "Joxer" or "Renee O'Conan".

STAFF MEETING: An unfortunate and potentially harmful occurrence happening when Gabrielle is forced to defend herself against the baddies.

STAFFYLOCOCCUS: The bacteria that forms after being injured by a warstaff.

WHOOPS!: War cry of Clan MacGab; the origins of the war cry are still somewhat obscure, but rumor has it that Lucy herself was responsible when, during the resuscitation scene in "Is There A Doctor in the House?", her fist missed its mark by a crucial few inches.

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