GAB'S BARDTRONIC TRANSLATOR: Electronic Translator used for translating between English and other ancient, rare (unheard of) languages.

GABBARCHEOLOGIST: Those archaeologist/scholars devoted to the restoration of the Xena Scrolls and other lost histories by the Bard of Poteidaia.

GABBERISH: The official lexicon of the Poteidaian Potentate of Gabdom. The Collegiate Edition of the lexicon was recently published by the Playground Institute for Creative Gab Studies.

GABBERFLUENT: Proficient in Gabberish or adept at Dorian rhythms.

GABCONADE: Boastful or blustering bardtalk.

GABFUSCATION: Another verbal tactic employed to get out of jams. Found to be especially effective when dealing with stupid Cyclopes. [SEE ALSO: GABOTAGE, Fighting and Weapons.]

GABRILLINI: (rare) A conversation that occurs only when a bard answers a question or offers an explanation of five words or less.

SAINT GABBARELLA'S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD BARDS: A detention commune for novice poetasters. The school's headmistress is the fearsome Gabbess of Karmic Redemption.

SCABBARD: A bard who works for scale.

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