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Xena Scroll Pouches
Dispatches from the Xena Restoration Society team that translated the Xena Scrolls
(as edited by Robert Mellette)

Xena Scrolls Main Page
Xena Scroll Dispatch 1: 10/15/93-03/07/94
Xena Scroll Dispatch 2: 04/01/94-05/15/94
Xena Scroll Dispatch 3: 05/18/94-05/26/94
Xena Scroll Dispatch 4: 05/27/94-05/30/94
Xena Scroll Dispatch 5: 06/07/94-07/03/94
Xena Scroll Dispatch 6: 07/30/94-08/13/94

In 1995, the Official Xena website (back when it was ran by MCA) had the coolest series. They were posting over time the dispatches from the Xena Restoration Society. These were the e-mails from the archaeological team that discovered the Xena Scrolls, from which the stories of Xena become known. They introduced the grandkids of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas (namesakes of their grandparents) and the whole backstory to the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Sadly, the dispatches were taken down within a year and we lost them forever until I found them rumaging around my harddrive before it imploded for the 32nd time. I reprint these gems created by Robert Mellette for th sake of posterity. They are hilarious, they are educative, they are clever, and they are sometimes subtle. If you love the first season as much as I do, then you have to read these. There are many in-jokes about the episodes and they are fun to read. So go for it!

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