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Xena Scroll Pouch #2
Dispatches from the Xena Restoration Society team that translated the Xena Scrolls
(as edited by Robert Mellette)

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Pouch 2: X.R.S. Correspondence 

Date: April 1, 994
From: Costantakos
Re: CRADLE OF HOPE (Scroll #805-01-76906) 

I've just completed the translation of the scroll I call "Cradle
of Hope." I will distribute it to you via the usual channels for

It seems here that our mysterious author is creating new mythic
figures. There are references here to Pandora's granddaughter.
I'm not sure I like him tampering with the established myths. 


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Date: April 10, 1994
From: Covington
Re: RE: CRADLE OF HOPE (Scroll #805-01-76906)


"Established myths"!?! Are you crazy? You know as well as I do
that the Xena Scrolls date back to about the time Herodotus
claimed Homer was writing. Unstuff your shirt Evan. Xena IS a
character of the "established myths", until now. 

Enough said--so onto your translation: 

In your own classical way, I think you've found the voice of the
Xena Scrolls. Obviously, they're written in prose, but there is a
poetry here. You've captured this so well: 

"'...There is truth in your dreams,' reads Cynara from the golden
stones, 'Your Lordship, there is indeed a child in your future.'
But Gregor, the caring king; Gregor, blinded by the loss of his
only son and wife, could not see with the ... eyes of the old
woman. The only child for him was his infant son, dead these many
[months]. 'But this child in not of your line,' spake the
prophet, 'Born on the equinox, he is a child in your

And you've done a wonderful job keeping the alliteration: 

"'The child will speak as you speak; will walk as you walk; will
sit where you sit and will wear what you wear.' went the
prophesy."  And who could be more beautiful than Pandora's
Granddaughter? "Her hair, as golden as the Sun, seemed to create
a light all it's own. Her eyes matched that sun with the blue of
the sky itself. Yet, she carried a heavy load in her small wooden
box. Light enough on the outside; inside, it weighed heavy on her

Of course, the original author is to have most of the credit, but
Evan--I'm impressed. I didn't think you had it in you! 


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Date: April 12, 1994
From: Costantakos
Re: Having it in me...


A compliment? From you!?! 

Seriously, thank you. I've always held your work with great
esteem, and consider it an honor to have your praise. Even if you
are wrong about which myths are established and which are not. If
you'd read my books, you'd know! 


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Date: May 1, 1994
From: Mad Marvin

The woman of Poteidaia has a name!! 

While in this part of the world I decided to take a run up to the
Xena Scrolls excavation site. Sort of, visit the home office,
right? Well today, they uncover a new set of scrolls--or "scroll"
I should say. At first we didn't think it was one of the Xena
Scrolls. Probably just another ancient rental agreement or legal
babbling. I mean, it's on parchment not papyrus, and the
handwriting is completely different than the other scrolls. 

But I couldn't wait to get a look at it. [The archeologists]
broke all of their own excavations rules to let me at it. The
first line is torn for the most part, but does read: 

"...Gabrielle of Poteidaia, Best Friend of Xena: Warrior
Princess, sometime adventurer with Hercules, and ..." 

And that's all they would let me read in the field. They had to
measure and photograph and preserve the rest. I  can't wait to
get at it! 

But who wrote THIS scroll? Why is it separate? Why is Gabrielle
mentioned here by name and nowhere else? What does Hercules have
to do with it? Mysteries, man, mysteries. 

Mad Marvin in Macedonia 
Close to Mother Xena. 

Date: May 2, 1994
From: Covington

That's great, Marvin! "Gabrielle."saying it all day to myself:
"Gabrielle, this" and "Gabrielle that" just to get used to the
sound of it. That is really great! 

And the Hercules reference is incredible! This discovery
definitely means we've found a lost character of classic Greek
Mythology. I'm so excited!!! 


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Date: May 2, 1994
From: Costantakos
Re:She has a name!

Wow! That's great! 

But who wrote this scroll? To whom do we owe the gratitude?
Besides Marvin and [archeologist], of course. And Hercules!?! 

To quote an old Haight-Ashbury linguist I know, "Mysteries, man,


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Date: May 5, 1994
From: Hasson
Re: Gabrielle and Art History

Marvin and I drank much wine and celebrated some wonderful
discoveries -- Gabrielle among them! We met with [name deleted],
his Art Restoration friend, and were able to make out some faint
images from scroll
number 805-01-76911. Marvin is working on the specific
translation, but a quick scan of the text points to Gabrielle
carrying "The mighty staff,"the section seems to be a description
by an Amazon warrior on how to kill a Centaur with a fighting

Marvin wants to call this scroll "Hooves and Harlots."Evan? 


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Date: May 10, 1994
From: Mad Marvin
Re:The Author!

Check this out! I just read it on the parchment scroll: 

"Father: I've just had read to me the memories and stories of
..." missing here, but then it goes on, "...Gabrielle of
Poteidaia, Best Friend of Xena: Warrior Princess, sometime
adventurer with Hercules, and ..." piece. Then: "You remember
her, Father, from Athens--from school. She's the one who taught
me 'to close my eyes, that I might see.' Well, her stories ... of
her ... and their [adventures?]" 

This parchment is still in pieces, and I'm reading what parts I
can. Hasson is backed up with other parts of the papyrus scrolls
and won't get to this for weeks, but you can see where it's
heading. This is obviously a letter from the author to his father
about the Xena Scrolls. I don't think I'm going too far out on a
limb to suggest that Gabrielle might be the author of the Xena

Mad Marvin 
Hung Over In Glyfada 

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Date: May 11, 1994
From: Mad Marvin
Re:The Letter to Dad

I've been working on this thing 20 hours straight, now and am
about to pass out--but had to let you guys hear this. Part of
this mysterious single parchment reads: 

"...Irony--as you taught me so well, Father--is the proof that
the gods watch over us, and so fits well into a story."us all,
etc.,could have foreseen my loss..."that the name she was so
[instrumental?] in [pinning] on me, the..." 

I can't make out the next few words, but I swear by all that's
Holy that it could be The Blind Bard!! The line continues: 

"Long before it was true..." 

A small piece of the parchment reads, "your loving son," 

Could it be!?! Is it possible? The Boy? The Dude? The Teller of
Tales? The man who put the "myth" into mythology? The "Il" in
Iliad? The "Odd" into Odyssey? And are we this close to actually
having his signature!?! 

Think of it!! The father of Bart Simpson, and we have his scroll
right here! (They call that a "joke," 

Mad Marvin 

Feeling Better, thanks. 

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Date: May 11, 1994
From: Covington
Re:Re: The Author!



Scrolls. I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb to suggest
that Gabrielle might be the author of the Xena Scrolls. 

Of course, we'll have to wait for all the evidence to come in,
but I think your hypothesis is right on the money. This might
also explain why her name doesn't show up anywhere in the papyrus
writings. Either she's very modest, or that was the style of the

This also brings up another point... If we can confirm that
Gabrielle is the author of the Xena Scrolls, then we have found,
not only a new female mythic character, but also the first
documented female mythic author. 

This may answer a question that I've kept to myself since I first
read these scrolls: Is it me, or do these stories seem more .. .
compassionate ... than other writings of the period? 

Could it be!?! Is it possible? The Boy? The Dude? The Teller of
Tales? The man who put the "myth" into mythology? 

You mean ... !?! Joseph Campbell!?! not possible! :) 

The "Il" in Iliad? The "Odd" into Odyssey? And are we this close
to actually having his signature!?! 

Marvin, if I weren't so sure you were pulling our collective leg,
I'd be way too excited to joke about this. 


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Date: May 11, 1994
From: Costantakos


"The Blind Bard."to explain why the Iliad and the Odyssey are
written in different handwriting. When in fact, they were simply
written by different people. Read my book sometime! 


And for the record, I'm well aware of who Bart's father is. I've
got kids, you know. 

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Date: May 11, 1994
From: Covington
Re:Evan's Book


I heard your books were written by different people, and you're
just taking credit for it! :) 

The Blind Bard was as real as you and I are. The question is, did
he make up his stories, or did he just write down folk tales that
had been around for generations before him? But the point is
moot, Marvin is joking... Aren't you Marvin? 

And speaking of real. Regardless of who wrote the "Letter to
Dad,"the idea that both Gabrielle and Xena were actual people,
and not just mythic characters like the Argonauts, etc. 

Thoughts anyone? 


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Date:  May 13, 1994
From: Hasson
Re: The Blind Bard

He's not kidding. 

I couldn't possibly make anything close to a definite conclusion
from this sketchy evidence, but the translations in his E-mail of
1 May are all correct. I'm ordering another AMS Carbon-14 test on
this parchment as well as chemical analysis of the ink, but I can
tell you this: If this is a forgery, it's the best I've ever
seen, and I've seen them all. 

I'm letting my students handle my other duties for a while, so I
may devote my entire energies on this letter. I will keep you


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Date: May 15, 1994
From: Hasson
Re: Dedication of the Scrolls

To stray off the subject for a moment, [one of my assistants] has
finally completed a project that I began back in 1983. 

The very first part of the Xena Scrolls was almost completely
missing. As we began to sift the soil, and canvas the area, we
found thousands of scraps of parchment. Painstakingly, piece by
piece, we put together this puzzle. Poor [assistant's name
deleted on request], must be in a permanent hunch from all of the
with tweezers and magnifying glasses, in a room sealed for fear
that a breeze would blow away an important piece of parchment.
She really has been a trooper! 

Finally, yesterday, she brought me a photo of the finished page.
It reads: 

"These..."that part of the page down to the next line. "... Oh,
and of course, S..."the rest of this person's name "who was
right, this writing thing is catching on!" 

[My assistant] did this translation, and is all caught up in the
Idiom Translation Movement. (Marvin, she thinks you're one of the
gods!) As you all know, I'm more traditional, but she has worked
so hard, and her translation is correct, I will let it stand. 


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