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Whoosh! At a Glance!

Issues 1-3 (1996)


Release Date: September 17, 1996
Printed pages: 35 pages, at 56 lines per page

Note from the Editor: "Welcome to the first issue of WHOOSH" by Kym Taborn

Disclaimer: "No rabid Xenafans or Hardcore Nutballs were harmed in the production of this journal; however a few people did resort to virtual fisticuffs over differing opinions about Xena and Callisto."


Release Date: October 17, 1996
Printed pages: 101 pages at 56 lines per page.

Note from the Editor: Lawless accident, notority of IAXS, etc.
Letters to the editor: hair color debate, snubbed contributor, kudos to 1st issue, and more

Disclaimer: "No author received a hernia from weighing massive issues or by writing enormous articles about XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS in this publication."


Release Date: November 17th, 1996
Printed pages: 63 pages at 56 lines per page.

Note from the Editor: "October: What a Month/Second Season Ho/Encyclopedia Xenaica/XENA FAQ" and more by Kym Taborn
Letters to the editor: Dreamworker, Ten Little Walords, and more

Disclaimer: "No IAXS Staff member jumped out any windows while preparing this issue. However, one did look rather longingly at a window for an uncomfortable amount of time."

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