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Men of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS 1998 Calendar Issue

Release Date: January 1, 1998
Printed pages:

Note from the Editor: From the Editor-in-Chief: The New Year; From Stacey Robillard: The New Year; From the Webmaster: The New Year and a few plugs
Letters to the editor: Differing Opinions About the Deliverer, The Acting of Ms. Lawless, Can't Get Enough of Leick, Missing Music, Where's Poppa?, Le Morte d'Sci Fi Universe?, The Debt, Lauda Bret, Maybe the Interviews Aren't So Bad After All, Xena XPosed . . . Exposed, Still Thinking About Those Amazons!, Where's Those Updates?, Peruvian Fans!, Korean Fans!, Extraterrestrial Fans!, Xena Withdrawal Symptom Strikes Again, Re-Run Blues, Random Thought, More From Peru, Xena Rules

Disclaimer: After 72 consecutive hours of listening to the new Xena CD, members of the WHOOSH staff (who will remain nameless) threw off their clothes and ran down the streets singing "Feelings" at the top of their lungs. They were apprehended and lobotimized. Which brings us to the new staff openings for 1998....


Release Date: February 1, 1998
Printed pages: 122 pages at 55 lines per page

Note from the Editor: From the Managing Editor: Reflections of a Burbank Survivor; From the Editor-at-Large: The Night of the Hard-Core Nutballs; From the Editor-in-Chief: Cheers and Jeers
Letters to the editor: Romantic Friendship Revisited, Xena And The Fonz, Calendar Woes, Calendar Question, No! To The Men Of XWP, Yes! To The Men Of XWP, Indifferent! To The Men Of XWP, Why We Do Whoosh!, Disappointed With Gabrielle's Hope, Disappointed With a Lot More Than Gabrielle'S Hope, Can't Get Enough Of Those Ratings!, Tired Of Re-Runs, Canadian Convert Who's Got It Bad, Lyrics To Burial Song, More Xena Xposure

Disclaimer: During this issue, El nino caused many the staff member to drop their work and go outside to play. As a consequence, the coffee market felt a sharp decline in sales.


Release Date: March 1, 1998
43953 words, 6908 lines, 272811 bytes, 13 features, 139 pages.

Note from the Editor: From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The Scintillating Statistics; From the Editor-in-Chief: Cheers And Jeers
Letters to the editor: Cry Murder!, On The Brink Of Madness, Changing Times, Gabrielle's Staff Techniques, Bravo Bitter Suite, Bitter Suite and the Abuse Of Gabrielle, Kudos To XenaStaff, Just Who Is Xena's Father?, XWP Censored In UK!, A Calendar Tradition!, Subtext Everywhere!, Dagnine, Responses To The Guy E-Mail Edition Article, Bummed Over The Rift, Xena And The Psychomachia, Interviews, Xena Rave!, Writing Campaign Request, Need Help Locating Parody

Disclaimer: During the production of this magazine, no staff members were grabbed by a whip and then dragged miles behind a horse as a netzine plot contrivance. It was deemed too harmful to the characterization of the staff members we have labored on these past 18 issues.


Release Date: April 1, 1998
310,257 bytes, 45.156 words, 8425 lines, , 187 pages, 9 features

Note from the Editor: From the Managing Editor: The Bitter and Suite Of It; From the Graphics Editor: The Night of the Sudden Blackout; From the Editor-in-Chief: Cheers and Jeers
Letters to the editor: Young Dr. Jung, Bravo To the Rift Arc!, About that Drop and Drag, That Darn Bitter Suite, Jeers to the Cheers And Jeers, Love Those Episode Guide Commentaries, Love Those Convention Reports, Love Those Interviews, Comments From a Publicist, Asterix Influences The XenaVerse?, Fans in South Africa!, Censorship in UK, Anachronism Denial!, Disgruntled Fan Shoots Off, E-Mail Edition Versus The On-Line Edition

April 1998 Fool's Day Cover: HSN Buys WHOOSH

Disclaimer: Whoosh! and its crew would like to caution its readers to think twice before singing Kevin Smith's "Come Melt Into Me" in public, especially on the subway. However, we highly recommend several of Lucy Lawless' songs for making up with one's significant other.


Release Date: May 1, 1998

Note from the Editor: From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The New York Nutballs; From the Managing Editor: The New Joxer Wars; From the Webmaster: Xena Palace Opening; From the Editor-in-Chief: Whoosh! Staffer Makes Good
Letters to the editor: Fourth Season Jitters & Recommendations, April Fools Cover, More On Bitter Suite And Abuse Issues, LoDuca Interview, Watch out for Unauthorized XENA Book, Imperial Greetings, Stop Slacking On The Episode Guide, Deconstructing Joxer, Bitter Treat More Sweet Than Bitter, New Callisto Mailing List Auf Deutsche, More On UK Censorship, Changing Face Of Violence In XWP

Disclaimer: WHOOSH! takes no responsibility for the actions of Bret Rudnick during his Amazon dating spree and New Zealand Hi-Jinks tour which culminated in his appearance in the XWP Episode SACRIFICE I. All complaints should be sent to the New Zealand National Authorities, and all foundlings should be deposited in the nearest Amazon Nation/Centaur Village Co-Op Orphanage.

Special Gabrielle Year of Hell Retrospective

Release Date: June 1, 1998

Editor's Page: From the Editor-in-Chief: What A Year!; From the Webmaster: The Palace, Again; From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of Our Departed Callisto
Letters to the editor: In Defense Of Xena: Warrior Princess, Joxer: The Neverending Discussion, Alison Bruce, Gina Torres, Dinars And More Dinars, Marketing Abuse, Horses And Gabrielle, Kudos To The FAQ, Wishful Awarder, Unexpected Spoiler In Episode Guide

Disclaimer: Gabrielle was not permanently damaged despite the intensive physical and psycho analysis undergone during this isuue, although it may take days for the couch imprints on her skin to disappear.


Release Date: July 1, 1998

Editor's Page: From the Editor-in-Chief: Curiouser And Curiouser; From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The Lesson
Letters to the editor: All-Gabrielle Issue, Bye Bye Callisto, Gabrielle Crossed The Line, Who Is Gabrielle?, Xena & Gabrielle: Classic Greek Heroes?, One Is The Loneliest Number, Regression Schmegression, Bitter "Bitter Suite" Memories, Hey! It's Joxer Time!, Shelley Sullivan: Agent Of Evil?, Shelley Sullivan: Agent Of Good?, Not Evil, Not Good, Just Got It Wrong, The Joxer Wars

Disclaimer: There is no truth to the rumor that El Niño caused several staff members of Whoosh to act in a bizarre manner. The reports of swimsuit swapping, recipe sharing, and makeovers involving the male staff have all been proven to be the effects of trick lighting and mirrors.


Release Date: August 1, 1998

Editor's Page: From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The Canceled Conspiracy
Letters to the editor: That Darn Episode Order, More on Why Gabrielle Does Not Ride, Kudos to Bret's Interviews, "Gabdrag": Did She Deserve It?, Third Season Disappointments, Last Issue's Editorial, Searsapalooza

Disclaimer: No editors were permanently harmed in the production of this issue.


Release Date: September 1, 1998

Editor's Page: From the Editor-in-Chief: Whoosh! Anniversary, XWP, And Societal Change; From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The Scary Fans
Letters to the editor: Xena And Gabrielle Ain't No Steed And Mrs. Peel, Nomads And THE DEBT, The Internet, Sears Interview, Toy Biz Blows It With Gabrielle Figure, Gabrielle And Some Other Things, New Zealand, That Darn Last Issue, That Darn Episode Guide, That Darn Last Issue II

Disclaimer: No puppies were harmed in the making of this issue or any other "puppy" issues.

Second Anniversary Issue
All-Fanfiction Issue

Release Date: October 1, 1998

Editor's Page: From the Editor-in-Chief: Good-Byes & Hellos, Fan Fiction Mania, And Time For A Vacation; and an Addendum; From the Guest Editor: Once Upon A Time...; From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The Fictitious Fans
Letters to the editor: The Lesbian Gaze, Hades' Pending Paternity Suit, The Boy Scouts And Tony Todd, Karl Urban, Shakespeare, A Response To The Lord Nelson Letter, Conspiracies?, Topless Women, Origins Of The Name Xena, Dahak's Indiscretion, More Ponderings On The Third Season, The Last Embers Of Searsapalooza?, Whoosh Contributes To Fan Negativity, Toy Biz, USA Channel Avoiding Episodes?, Hope And Alcmene, Why Do You Cover Hercules?, A Friendly Visit, Preaching To The Choir?, And the Debate Continueth...

Disclaimer: No legal rights, established or unestablished, real or imaginary, were harmed in the production of this issue.


Release Date: November 1, 1998

Editor's Page: from the Editor-in-Chief: Gabrielle. O, Gabrielle/Last Month's Issue And A Haiku; from the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The Edited Episodes
Letters to the editor: The Fan Fic Issue!, Missed Something In The Fan Fic Issue!, Jay Leno Appearance, Comment On Last Month's Frazier Letter, Response To Stein's Lesbian Gaze Rebuttal, USA Network Airings, Gabrielle Action Figure, Different Intrepretations A Good Thing, Editorial Praise, Shakespeare And The Rift, You Like Us, You Really Like Us

Disclaimer: No cute deer were slaughtered or horses' blood drunk to achieve the antlered, er altered, state required to produce this issue.


Release Date: December 1, 1998

Editor's Page: From the Editor-in-Chief: Season Four Thus Far; From the Webmaster: Breaking Records At Whoosh; From the Graphics Editor: The Night Of The Crushed Credits
Letters to the editor: Can't Stop Dissing Dahak: Pondering The Third Season, Gruendemann and Renee O'Connor, How Do We Solve A Problem Like Joxer?, The Problem With Anachronism, Love In The XenaVerse, Sex Lives In The XenaVerse, Fan Fiction Issue, More On The Shakespeare Debate, Thoughts On CRUSADER, Thoughts On A GOOD DAY, Lauda Whoosh!, Violence In XWP, Love That Herk, Haiku Apppreciation, Origins Of The Name Xena, That Darn USA!, Episode Guide Lows And Highs

Disclaimer: No one on staff was harmed when a critically placed staff member went gaga over the character Nebula and came dangerously close to joining the Cult of Nebula and changing the name of WHOOSH to "All Things Nebula". Tragically, Nebula has never appeared on any XWP episode to date, and so other staff members, accordingly, kicked the hinder of the wayward staff member.

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