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By By Heather McGinnis [83-90]
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Carmen & Gary
Carmen M. and Gary Berman Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[83] Gary Berman was the presenter for the Costume Competition. He is pictured above with Carmen M.

[84] A woman dressed as Xena came onstage carrying a purse and Gary Berman said, "Xena has a stylish Gucci handbag. I didn't know Xena had a handbag."

Amy F.
Amy F. as Queen Gabrielle
Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[85] Two women dressed as Ephiny and Amazon Queen Gabrielle sparred with each other using their staffs. Gary said, "I certainly hope they planned that in advance."

[86] When another Xena came onstage, she gave a Xena-like battle cry and Gary remarked, "These costume parades seemed like such a good idea when they were planned."

[87] A man dressed as Ares, God of War, screamed rather loudly "Xena!" Gary responded with, "Usually she just shows up."

Amy R.
Amy R. as Third Season Gabrielle
Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[88] At the end of the costume parade, Gary thanked everybody "for the time, effort and energy they gave to participate in the costume competition. It's really nice to see as HERCULES and XENA become more and more popular around the country, our costume parades are getting better and better." This particular costume competition was dubbed by Gary as "their best one to date."

Mary B.
Mary B. as Callisto
Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[89] In order to choose the three finalists, Gary went down the line to each contestant and the audience applauded for each one. The three contestants who received the most applause were selected as the finalists.

Three Contestants
Photo courtesy of Heather McGinnis

[90] Then the audience applauded only for their favorite of the remaining three. Again the audience applause was used to decide the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The First Place and Super Grand Prize Winner was Carmen M. dressed as the third season Gabrielle. Second Place went to Noelle R. dressed as Callisto and Third Place to Byron O. dressed as Ares, God of War.

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