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By Jono [76-82]
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My Experiences

[76] Since this was my first ever X:WP convention, I wasn't sure what to expect as I arrived at the Convention Center. Technically, it was a joint HERCULES/XENA Convention, but I'm not a big HERC fan, and I went with about 10 members of our local X:WP fan club (the Xenaversity of Minnesota), so all of my attention was focused on X:WP stuff. About 5% of the people were dressed up; I saw a bunch of good-looking Gabrielle's, a few Xenas, one Joxer, one Strife, and a Callisto (who I think was a Creation employee and looked remarkable).

Xenaversity of Minnesota member (ie. XOMbie) Rob L.

[77] It was a blast attending the Con as a group of Xenaversity members - wherever I was in the auditorium, I could spot a friend and strike up a X:WP conversation, or chat about which collectibles were the best deals. We all sat together in the main hall, and I remember our cheering loudly (kind of like a ballgame crowd) as one of our members was on-stage struggling to answer trivia questions. I strongly recommend attending X:WP conventions with a group of friends.

[78] The trivia contest was a lot of fun, by the way. A group of three HCNB fans were chosen from the audience and brought on-stage. Then audience members with X:WP trivia questions were invited to stand in line near the stage and pose their questions to the group one after another. If the three fans seated on-stage could answer four (three?) consecutive trivia questions correctly, they'd win money. But the questions were very, very tough. Here's a sample of questions audience members posed: Q1. What's the first H:TLJ or X:WP episode directed by Michael Hurst? Q2. There were three characters whose bodies were taken over by Xena's spirit: Autolycus, Gabrielle, and ?? Q3. Please complete the verses to the rhyme from THE BITTER SUITE [58/312] beginning with "Fate is a wheel..." Even Xenaversity HCNB Regents like Lizzy and Mr. Jamester were stymied with some of the questions.

[00] Unfortunately for me, I had to leave the Con before Hudson went on-stage. (It was my Dad's 60th birthday - 'had to get to the party). I left the Con satisfied . I had a great time with my fellow Xenites. Everyone I met was nice, polite, and enthusiastic about their heroines. Creation did a good job organizing the Con, but I thought the video screen was a bit tiny for such a large hall.

Interview with Amiee F.

Two Gabrielles
Amiee F. and another Amy, both dressed as Gabby

[79] As I walked around the Con halls, checking out X:WP T-shirts and other stuff, I told myself that I'd check out the other fans and pick out whoever I thought had the best costume. That's the person I'd interview for Whoosh!

[80] I found a young woman dressed up just like Gabrielle as an Amazon Queen (like in THE QUEST [37/213]). She had the feathered head-piece, the brown top and skirt , the whole nine yards. She'd obviously spent a good deal of time making her outfit, and it showed. She looked fantastic. I've got to admit that I think Gabby looked best in this outfit, even better than she does in her BGSB and skirt.

[81] She smiled and said her name was Amiee F., and that she'd been a Xenite for three years. She watched the Second Season episodes a lot, and got hooked. I asked her what changes she'd like to see in the show, and she said that "...they should do more comedy episodes," and that they should have a X:WP episode like HERC's YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A HERCULES [H74/415]). She was attending the Con with her friends Michelle G., dressed as Ephiny, and Derek R., dressed as Autolycus.

Amiee and Michelle
Amiee F. with her friend Michelle G. dressed as Ephiny

[82] Name: Amiee F.
First X:WP episode seen: THE TITANS [07/107]
Favorite ep: A DAY IN THE LIFE [39/215]
Favorite quote: Gabrielle to Xena: "Does an Amazon Queen beat a Warrior Princess?" (A NECESSARY EVIL [38/214])
Favorite character: Gabby
Misc.: Amiee is 18 and likes to write fan fiction in her spare time. She loves the drama in the show as well as the comedy, and appreciates the X:WP fans. "They're all so friendly," she said.

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