Whoosh! Issue 16 -January 1998

A Directory Of Guys, Seasons 1 And 2

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Hi, my name is... NemosCRADLE OF HOPE (04/104)
Played by Simon Prast
Nemos was the Captain of the Guards for King Gregor. He attempted to seize power by playing on the emotions of the recently widowed king, telling him that a recently-born child would become king by overthrowing Gregor. Xena posed as an exotic dancer and lured Nemos to his chamber, where she knocked him out. (This scene is shown in the opening credits under the words "the passion.") Later, in the famous baby-tossing fight, Xena killed him. [CC]
Hi, my name is... NessTHE GREATER GOOD (21/121)
Played by Jonathan Hendry
Second-in-command of Talmadeus.
Hi, my name is... Newborn, EdwardPlayed King Gregor in CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104)
Select filmography: Hot Target (1985)
Hi, my name is... NicklioDESTINY (36/212). Played byNathaniel Lees [who also played Manus in DREAMWORKER (03/103)]
Nicklio (Nathaniel Lees) is a healer who lives in a remote cabin somewhere in the Strymon Pass. He uses acupuncture on Xena's legs after her crucifixion. Years later, Xena, who is again badly hurt, to him. Appearance: DESTINY [#36]. [CC]
Website: http://www.io.com/~bugger/xena/xwpinfo/bios/nicklio.htm
Hi, my name is... NikosTHE XENA SCROLLS (34/210)
Played by Ajay Vasisht [also played Vendor of cloth in BLIND FAITH]
Nikos, one of Janice Covington's Greek archeology assistants, finds an ancient tablet in the first scene. He is later found stabbed to death before he can show the tablet to Janice. John Smythe, who is probably the killer of Nikos, has the tablet, which is found to be the key to opening Ares' tomb. [ND]
Hi, my name is... Norell, PaulPlayed Statius/Falafel in PROMETHEUS (08/108)
Select filmography: An Angel at My Table (1990)


Hi, my name is... O'Gorman, DeanPlayed Iloran in THE GAUNTLET (HTLJ) and Orion in ATHENS CITY ACADEMY OF PERFORMING BARDS (13/113)
Selected filmography: Bonjour Timothy (1995), Shortland Street (1990) TV Series. TV appearances: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995).
Trivia: Went to Rangitoto College and was best friends with Chris McDowell, who also appeared on Hercules. Was a karate black belt at age 10. Has a brother named Brett. Other works: TV Commercial for Snackers Muesli Bars
Hi, my name is... O'Leary, JohnPlayed Antonius in THE PATH NOT TAKEN (05/105)
Select filmography: Guardian Angel (1994), Distant Cousins (1993), Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992), For the Boys (1991), Stewardess School (1987), The Last Starfighter (1984), Mr. Mom (1983), Airplane! (1980), The Island (1980), The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything (1980) (TV), Demon Seed (1977), Heroes (1977), All the President's Men (1976), Farewell, My Lovely (1975). TV appearances: Taxi (1978)
Played by Dean O'Gorman
Gabrielle inspires Orion to refind his story-telling skills at the Bard School. Orion has a stage-door father who is pushing him to be all that he can be in the bard biz. Through Gabrielle's help, Orion becomes the great poet and bard, Homer
Hi, my name is... OrpheusGIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204)
Played by Matthew Chamberlain
Yet another one of Xena's past acquaintances that does not appreciate her deeds, Orpheus finds his head removed by Bacchus so that Bacchus can take over the world with lisping, over-acting, heavily made-up vampire wannabes. For some unknown reason Joxer finds his head and enlists the help of Xena and Gabrielle to rid the world of this Bacchae epidemic. Orpheus eventually gets his head back, but not before a homage to the scarecrow in "Wizard of Oz" hasn't been laid out several times for the edification of the viewer.


Hi, my name is... PalaemonBLIND FAITH (42/218)
Played by Jeremy Callaghan
Yet another young gunslinger wannabe who is convinced that if they bag Xena, they can be the hottest thang in the west... but this time it's ancient West Greece. Xena knocks sense into the kid and Palaemon decides to run amuck in the countryside doing good deeds.
Hi, my name is... Palantine of ParnassusHERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211)
Played by Stan Wolfgramm
Hi, my name is... PaliniosTHE RECKONING (06/106)
Played by Ross Harper
Killed by Ares, last one alive of the three murdered villagers. Saw Xena fighting the hooded man. [DW]
Hi, my name is... Palmer, AlanPlayed Pharis in THE PRODIGAL (18/118)
Selected filmography: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993) TV Series
Hi, my name is... Palmer, JohnPlayed Baruch in DREAMWORKER (03/103)
Hi, my name is... ParisBEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS (12/112)
Played by Warren Carl
He abducts Helen from King Menelaus and takes her home to the folks at Troy. The Greeks catch up and start a ten year siege. Paris eventually is killed in the Xenaverse version by his brother Demophobus, who betrays Paris and Troy to King Menelaus.
Hi, my name is... Parker, Anthony RayPlayed Bacchus in GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204) and Pinullus in COMEDY OF EROS (46/222)
Select filmography: The Frighteners (1996), Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (1994) (TV). TV appearances: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995)
Hi, my name is... Parker, CraigPlayed Sarpedon in FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216)
Select filmography: The Tommyknockers (1993) (mini) TV Series, Shortland Street (1990) TV Series
Hi, my name is... ParnassusTHE BLACK WOLF (11/111)
Played by Ross Duncan
Hi, my name is... PeranisTHE RECKONING (06/106)
Played by Christopher Mayer
Peranis - hippy lookalike with dark hair. He's the main accuser of Xena and with Grathios argues against having a trial. He also is one who beats Xena up while she's tied down. [DW]
Hi, my name is... Perdicas/PerdicusSINS OF THE PAST (01/101) played by Anton Bentley [who also played Athol in THE PRODIGAL]
BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS (12/112) and RETURN OF DEATH MASK (29/205) played by Scott Garrison
Perdicas (variant spelling Perdicus) is the man Gabrielle was betrothed to before she started traveling with Xena, and he is briefly seen in SINS OF THE PAST immediately after Xena returns the women to the village. She left her village and him in favor of action and adventure touring the world and righting wrongs. He appears again, portrayed by another actor, in BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS, as a soldier defending Troy. This is the first time he and Gabrielle meet after she left him in Potedeia. He is now an accomplished and well-trained soldier, and he is now a desirable man in Gabrielle’s eyes. After fighting valiantly in Troy, he accompanies Helen on her journey away from Troy. Gabrielle is a little miffed that he chose Helen’s company over hers. He again appears – for the last time – in RETURN OF DEATH MASK. He is tired of fighting and the only thing that has kept him going was his love for Gabrielle – specifically "her face." He proposes to her, and later in the episode, Gabrielle accepts. They’re married, but the next day, as luck would have it, Callisto finds them. Perdicas points out they are unarmed, but of course, this doesn’t daunt Callisto or sway her from her purpose. Xena shows up in time to save Gabrielle, but Perdicas, who has already been wounded, is then murdered by Callisto. [RG]
Perdicas, the betrothed of Gabrielle, shows up briefly to try and get Gabrielle away from Xena, who is in Gabrielle's house having her wounds tended after saving the village from Draco. "Let's go Gabrielle," he says, to which Gabrielle replies, "No. Just because we're betrothed doesn't mean you can boss me around." He then exits, and the old Perdicas is gone forever. [ND]
Hi, my name is... Perrett, DavidPlayed Gar in SINS OF THE PAST (01/101)
Hi, my name is... Perry, MarkPlayed Vicerius in DESTINY (36/212) and Galipan in THE PRICE (44/220)
Hi, my name is... PetraclesA FISTFUL OF DINARS (14/114). Played by Peter Daube
Petracles makes his appearance in A FISTFUL OF DINARS, and much to the surprise and shock of Gabrielle - and the audience - we find out that Xena was betrothed to marry him at one time! He is needed to provide a piece of the map to the Samarian Treasure. He accompanies Xena, Gabrielle, and Thersites on their treasure hunt. Xena warns Gabrielle to be wary of him and to stay away from him, because he was a "smooth talker" and he'd try to use her to get information. Gabrielle didn't heed the advice too well, as she ends up taking him an armload of firewood to where he's practicing his swordsmanship in the middle of the forest! Xena continues to be wary of him, not believing his claim to have changed. When Thersites takes Gabrielle hostage to get to the Ambrosia, it appears that Petracles is going to take his side, so that he would also become a god. In truth, however, it was just a ruse to free Gabrielle. In the end, Xena admits to being wrong about him, that he really was a good man. Before he dies, he gives her her wedding bracelet that he had kept all those years. [RG]
Hi, my name is... PhantesHOOVES & HARLOTS (10/110)
Played by Colin May
Son of Centaur leader Tyldus. Phantes was captured by the amazons who thought he had killed Terrais. He was set up by Celano (who was working for Krykus). Developed a love/hate relationship with Ephiny. They got married, but he was killed by Mitoan troops on their way to Athens where Ephiny was going to have their child. Some guys have it rough in the Xenaverse
Hi, my name is... PharisTHE PRODIGAL (18/118)
Played by Alan Palmer
The village leader of Poteidaia. He heard that Meleager killed 250 men at Liguria
Hi, my name is... PhilemonWARRIOR...PRINCESS (15/115) and WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206)
Played by Iain Rea [who also played Brisus in THE PATH NOT TAKEN]
Philemon is a non-warrior who wins the hand of his beloved Diana unconventionally in W..P. In W..P..T, he stands by, unable to do anything to help as first Diana, then his baby are kidnapped by Agis. His only function seems to be to comfort Diana and be there when she is rescued. Xena again becomes his champion by saving Diana, the baby, Lias, and the kingdom for him. [ND]
Hi, my name is... PhiliusTHE TITANS (07/107). Played by Paolo Rotondo
Hi, my name is... PinullusCOMEDY OF EROS (46/222)
Played by Anthony Ray Parker [who also played Bacchus in GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN]
Pinullus is an unsuspecting participant in an elaborate plan by Xena to stop the warlord Draco from kidnapping Hestian virgins to sell them as slaves. Pinullus, a slave trader who had agreed to pay a high price for the virgins, arrives early from a summons supposedly sent by Draco, but written by Xena. The note includes an Amazon princess (Gabrielle) in the deal. Draco, a victim of Bliss' arrows and madly in love with Gabrielle, refuses the deal. Pinullus and Draco start fighting, which allows Xena to rescue the virgins. Pinullus, a better fighter, is about to kill Draco, but Draco is saved by Xena. The fight ends in a draw. Later, Pinullus does not seem concerned that he does not recieve the merchandise, and gets punched in the stomach for calling Draco a "wuss" in the end.
Hi, my name is... PoloniusATHENS CITY ACADEMY OF PERFORMING BARDS (13/113)
Played by Grahame Moore
The father of Orion, a schoolmate of Gabrielle's at the Athens Academy
Hi, my name is... PoseidonULYSSES (43/219) and THE LOST MARINER (45/221)
Voiced by Charles Siebert
The god that greets Xena in all the opening credits. He often takes humanoid shape out of the water, which is his element. In two second season episodes he speaks, and usually to express his peevedness over some human act.
Hi, my name is... Prast, SimonPlayed Nemos in CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104)
Select filmography: The Rainbow Warrior (1992)
Hi, my name is... ProgneseROYAL COUPLE OF THIEVES (17/117). Played by Crawford Thomson
Hi, my name is... PrometheusPROMETHEUS (08/108). Played by John Freeman
The god who got all tied up, which took away fire and humans' ability to heal. Hercules and Xena had to set him free or humanity would be doomed.

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