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A Directory Of Guys, Seasons 1 And 2

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Hi, my name is... UlyssesULYSSES (43/219). Played byJohn D'Aquino
Ulysses was the King of Ithaca. He left his kingdom to fight in the Trojan war. He met up with Xena on his journey home. Poseidon had a grudge against Ulysses for blinding his son, Polyphemus. Thinking his wife was dead, Ulysses fell in love with Xena. Supposedly the feeling was mutual, but if you look in the encyclopedia under lack of chemisty -- you'd find a picture of Xena and Ulysses. With Xena's help Ulysses makes it past Poseidon and the Sirens, gets home to Ithaca, finds his wife alive, reclaims his throne and decides to stay with his wife. Thank the gods for small favors. Ulysses is also not-so-fondly referred to as Plastic Man.
Hi, my name is... Urban, KarlPlayed Mael in ALTARED STATES (19/119), Julius Caesar in DESTINY (36/212), and Cupid in FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216) and COMEDY OF EROS (46/222)
Selected filmography: Chunuk Bair (1992). TV appearances: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995)
New Zealand actor Karl Urban has played three characters on Xena: Mael, Cupid, and Julius Caesar. Cupid is also a favorite guest deity over on the Hercules set. For the role of Cupid, Karl has to sit through anywhere from an hour to three hours (when the character was introduced) in make-up just for his wings. From what I understand, it's a painful process. Karl attended his first convention this year in September at WarriorCon, and I was lucky enough to meet him. He's a very nice guy with a great sense of humor - he had the audiences in stitches. Despite his success, he has remained down-to-earth, which seems to be a typical Kiwi trait. Karl began acting when he was eight years old, and has since appeared in the New Zealand dramas Shortland Street, Shark in the Park, and White Fang. He was also in a movie entitled Once on Chunuck Bar, and recently finished another for Miramax entitled Heaven. He is currently working on his Xena/Herk appearances and a new show called Amazon High in which he plays a cannibal. [RG]


Hi, my name is... Vasisht, AjayPlayed Nikos in THE XENA SCROLLS (34/210) and the Vendor in BLIND FAITH (42/218)
Hi, my name is... VendorBLIND FAITH (42/218)
Played by Ajay Vasisht [who also played Nikos in THE XENA SCROLLS]
This guy tried to sell Gabrielle a "finely-woven Egyptian prayer scarf" for 5 dinars. Gabrielle ended up paying 2 dinars for the "piece of scrap". [SR]
A cloth vendor in the village marketplace, he sells Gabrielle a fine Egyption scarf after much good-humored haggling. Later, it is his bag of sumac oil which blinds Xena, when she and Palaemon are engaged in a fight in front of his stand, and her sword pierces the bag. [ND]
Hi, my name is... Vere-Jones, PeterPlayed King Silvus in A SOLSTICE CAROL (33/209)
Selected filmography: Braindead (1992), Secrets (1992), The Grasscutter (1990), Meet the Feebles (1989), Bad Taste (1987), Nate and Hayes (1983), Pictures (1981)
Hi, my name is... ViceriusDESTINY (36/212)
Played by Mark Perry [who also played Galipan in THE PRICE]
Member of Xena's pirate crew. She had him deliver her ransom demands for Julius Caesar to the Romans (it's was for 100,000 dinars). Xena stopped Vicerius from killing M'Lila after she used pressure points to kill a fellow crewman. [SR]
Xena's second-in-command of her crew of pirates, he arranges the ransom of 100,000 dinars for Julius Ceasar. Later, he draws his sword at the approach of Ceasar's ship, suspecting an ambush, but is stopped by Xena. He is the first one killed in the ensuing attack by a Roman arrow. [ND]
Website: http://www.io.com/~bugger/xena/xwpinfo/bios/vicerius.htm
Hi, my name is... VidalusBLIND FAITH (42/218)
Played by Sydney Jackson
Oh, listen, every bride gets the jitters. Is he the right one? Will it last? But, don't you worry. Vidalis will take care of everything.

What's Vidalis?

That's me.

All right. Look. My best friend is Xena, Warrior Princess. And she is not going to like this forced wedding thing, if you get my drift.

A little husky, don't you think?


This whole threat thing. It's not very ladylike. And take your hands off your hips! You look like a scrub-woman!


Just trying to teach you to act like a lady.

I know perfectly well how to act like a lady!

You have the hand gestures of a wagon-driver.

I can't believe this.

And that dialect. Thrace, Macedonia? Oh, what does it matter? Backwoods is backwards, as they say. Posture is not bad. Yes, we can cover up that peasant muscle, but these dishwasher hands-- Ohhhh! Uh, white gloves might be a solution.

You don't think I'm the right type to be a Queen, do you?

Not really.

Trained at the royal finishing school. Protocal aide to Apex. Teaches Gabrielle how to act like a lady to prepare her to be the bride of the dead King Solus. In the end, Vidalus ends up helping Xena and Palaemon save Gabrielle and defeat Apex. Vidalus and Palaemon ride off into the sunset together as hero and sidekick.
Hi, my name is... VirgiliusTEN LITTLE WARLORDS (32/208)
Played by Chris Ryan
Website: http://www.io.com/~bugger/xena/xwpinfo/bios/virgilius.htm


Hi, my name is... Walsh-Wrighton, CraigPlayed King Lynaeus in FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216)
Hi, my name is... Watson, JohnPlayed Arben in HOOVES & HARLOTS (10/110)
Selected filmography: Hercules and the Circle of Fire (1994) (TV)
Hi, my name is... Weatherley, DavidPlayed Gastacius in ATHENS CITY ACADEMY OF PERFORMING BARDS (13/113)
Selected filmography: Talkback (1987) (TV)
Hi, my name is... Wharerau, LawrencePlayed Klonig in FISTFUL OF DINARS (14/114)
Selected filmography: Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (1994) (TV), The Piano (1993), The Rainbow Warrior (1992)
Hi, my name is... Whittaker, JonathanPlayed Andrus in TIES THAT BIND (20/120)
Hi, my name is... Willis, PaulPlayed Atymnius in MORTAL BELOVED (16/116)
Hi, my name is... Wilson, Kevin JPlayed Xerxes in THE BLACK WOLF (11/111)
Selected filmography: Frontline (1994) TV Series, Chunuk Bair (1992), Wild Horses (1983), Pictures (1981)
Hi, my name is... Wilson, PatrickPlayed Estragon in THE WARRIOR PRINCESS (HTLJ).
Hi, my name is... Wolfgramm, StanPlayed Palantine of Parnassus in HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211)
Hi, my name is... Woolf, RayPlayed Marmax in IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (24/124)
Ray Woolfe is the actor that convincingly portrayed a torn general in a needless and bloody civil war. There was nothing to be found on this particular Ray Woolfe, though his face looks familiar. [RG]


Hi, my name is... XerxesTHE BLACK WOLF (11/111)
Played by Kevin J. Wilson
Evil Lord Emperor of the land, Argos which is being terrorized by the Robin Hood-esque outlaw, the Black Wolf. Xena offers to help Xerxes find the Black Wolf for 10,000 dinars and a new pair of boots.


Hi, my name is... ZagreusA DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215)
Played by Willy DeWit
You set me up, Xena! That giant destroyed my entire army! It's not fair! I'm just trying to make a living! All us warlords are! A little looting! A little mayhem! You used to do it, Xena! But you changed! And you ruined everything for all of us! With your chakram, your-- whip, your sword, your fists, and your little tricks! You made fools of us all! I'm here to end it, Xena-- end it all! Yeah! One of us ain't leaving this place alive, Xena. So come on! Let's have at it!

Zagreus wanted to loot the village of Piedmon. He used to ride with Xena. The heavily tattoed warlord's army got squashed -- literally -- by Gareth, the giant. He ended up getting his butt kicked by the new, improved, leather-clad Minya. Zagreus is a prime candidate for a stress-management course.
Website: http://www.io.com/~bugger/xena/xwpinfo/bios/zargreus.htm

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