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Welcome to the real Issue 31:
The Special Myth and Religion Issue


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Depictions of Goddesses in Xena: Warrior Princess
By Nusi Dekker (nush@itsa.ucsf.edu)
Ya Gotta Have Faith: Xenaworship
By S. Jane Greening (madcelt@sprint.ca)
The Myth of the Redeemer in Xena: Warrior Princess
By Samira al Thores (stupidcats@aol.com)
My Gods, What Did They Do To You?
By rax@eclipse.net
Christian Iconography in THE BITTER SUITE
By Virginia Carper (carperv@FRB.GOV)
Christian Theology in THE BITTER SUITE
By Dana Hlusko (dhlusko@series2000.com)
Blessed Are The Greek: Christian Symbolism in Xena: Warrior Princess
By Catherine O'Grady (Cathyogrady@msn.com)
Anachronism Be D*mned: An XWP Historiography Part V: Biblical References in Xena: Warrior Princess
By Carolyn Bremer (cbremer@ou.edu)
Belief Systems in Xena's World: Part I
By Loree Angel (langel@pon.net)

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