Whoosh! Issue 28 - January 1999

A Directory of Gals,
Season 1 through Season 4, Crusader

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1st Siren
Hi, my name is...
See Siren, 1st.


Adriaanse, Samantha
Hi, my name is...
Clotho in SACRIFICE (67-68/321-322).
NZ child actor. Older sister of NZ actor Alexandra Adriaanse. Born 03/07/87.
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THE FURIES (47/301)
Played by Asa Lindh.
One of the three lap-dancing, disco-roving chicks who determine retribution about vengeance undone by humankind. Alecto seems partial to Ares (aren't we all?), and as a favor to him, agrees that her and her two lovely sisters will make Xena insane as punishment for not having avenged her father's death. After possession by the spirits of the Three Stooges, Xena finally gets back on track by leading the Furies to believe that Ares is her father and not Atrius, thus getting the Furies off her back on a mere technicality. [KT]
"Avengers or Airheads: The Xenaverse Furies". Nayko, Nicholas.
"Furies and Sacred Dance, The". Knighton, Linda.
Hi, my name is...
Played by Hudson Leick.
Aleph greets Xena in Illusia by giving her the kiss of life. She appears to Xena in the form of Callisto, one of Xena's most persistent nemeses. Then, Aleph morphs into "The Fool" as Xena visits TarotWorld with Gabrielle to work out some relationship issues. [KT]
Whoosh! Special All BITTER SUITE Issue
"A Few Moments with an Arch-Villain: Hudson Leick at the Burbank XENA Con" Whoosh! #05 (9702)
"Interview with Hudson Leick" Whoosh! #11 (9708)
"Interview with Hudson Leick" Whoosh! #14 (9711)
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Played by Mary Woodward.
The midwife of the Groundhog Day-esque village, Altara informed Xena that Lenarus of the House of Lycost and Tius of the House of Menos were half-brothers. In addition, she told Xena that Lady Menos tended to the ill Lady Lycost when she was delivering Lenarus, and consequently saved the lives of the mother and child [KT].
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Played by Claire Stansfield.
Alti was a down and out shaman hanging out in Siberia when she came across the up and coming warlord ("I could be a contender"), Xena. Xena, just fresh from rejecting Lao Mao's teachings, was still pillaging with Borias. Alti was miffed because the local Amazon tribe rejected her entreaties to join permanently the sisterhood, so she manipulated Xena into wiping them off the face of the earth. Xena lived with this guilt for some time. She finally dealt with it, say ten years later (give or take a year or two), after she had thought Gabrielle had died. Finding herself conveniently in Siberia, Xena discovered that her and Alti's actions had kept the Amazons she had slaughter from reaching oblivion. They were stuck in perpetual purgatory. Adopting a rogue tribe of Amazon young'uns (left leaderless and cultureless by Xena's eradication of all the pertinent Amazons leaders ten years or so earlier), Xena set out to get rid of Alti once and for all. After summoning the shaman within her, Xena whupped the pants off of Alti and made it possible for the dead Siberbian Amazons to reach oblivion. However, although dead as a doornail, Alti is rumored to be back later in the 4th season because the character worked out so well. Just to show, you cannot keep a good evil shaman down in the Xenaverse. [KT]
Upcoming Whoosh interview with Claire Stansfield, early 1999.
Anderson, Heidi
Hi, my name is...
Slave Girl in TIES THAT BIND (20/120).
Selected Filmography:
Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994), "Murphy Brown" (1994) (TV).
Anderson, Tania
Hi, my name is...
First Woman in THE TITANS (07/107).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Charlotte Saunders.
A true pawn if there ever was one. Alti, the Wicked Witch of Northeast Siberia, wanted Xena under her power and she wanted it bad. Alti plotted that her assistant, Anokin, would befriend the warrior princess, thus cementing Alti into Xena's life. And boy, did it ever work! Xena became obsessed with Anokin and Alti successfully entered Xena's life, much to Borias' complaints. Unfortunately, less than a month or so of the Warrior Princess' attentions, Anokin was killed during a raid. When Xena (still in bad chick mode) went to "the other side" the first time (with Alti's help), she went specifically to see Anokin again, and she was greeted by Anokin with this vintage XWP dialogue:
Xena: Anokin! Oh!
Anokin: Uh.
Xena: What's the matter?
Anokin: Stay away from me.
Xena: Why?
Anokin: You poisoned my soul. I want nothing to do with you.
Xena: I hate the dead. You can't take vengeance on them.
That Evil Xena -- what a card. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Alexandra Tydings.
At first glance, Aphrodite comes across as a vain, egocentric, self-serving, imp of a blonde, "babe", surfer-girl, that only wants to have fun and be at the top of everyone's wish list. To be truthful, she is all of those things, but... isn't love itself vain, foolish, self-serving, desirous, long-suffering, pleasurable, fun, and highly sought after and fought over? Aphrodite embodies the essence of it all. She wants to be popular (definitely more so than her sisters Athena and Artemis, "those hag-sters"), she wants to be praised, approved, fought over, desired, complimented, and cared about. As we get to know her better we also find out that Aphrodite does care about people, she is sensitive and has deep feelings. The blonde surfer-chick is far from stupid, and she just knows how best to "use it". The goddess of Love has a keen and sharp sense of humor, and she even has bad hair days (QUILL IS MIGHTIER...). Best of all- Aphrodite is "human" (far more than she would ever admit to being). In FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS, Aphrodite comes across as extremely "shallow', in comparison to her son, Cupid, who seems to be the champion of true love. All I have to say is, Who do you think he gets it from, His Dad?!!!!! NOT!!!! [RH]
Whoosh! Interview with Alexandra Tydings, Whoosh! #17 (9802)
Olympian Aprodite
Appleby, Shiri
Hi, my name is...
Tara in FORGIVEN (60/314) and TALE OF TWO MUSES (74/406).
Born: December 7, 1978
Selected Filmography:
Family Prayers (1993), Perfect Family (1992) (TV), Sunday Dinner (1991) TV Series, I Love You to Death (1990), Knight & Daye (1989) TV Series, Go to the Light (1988) (TV), Curse II: The Bite (1988), Blood Vows: the Story of a Mafia Wife (1987) (TV), Killing Time, The (1987).
Notable TV guest appearances:
Xena, Warrior Princess (1998), ER (1994), Doogie Howser, MD (1993).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Nancy Broadbent.
Areliesa is Rhea's younger sister, engaged to be married. When the slavers attacked their village and captured the women, Rhea volunteered to go with them in order to save her sister, because she wanted her to be able to be married and live a happy life. [LW]
Areolis' Widow
Hi, my name is...
Played by Meryl Main.
Areolis' widow is a pregnant woman, who, while working in a field one day, heard the screams of her husband other neighbors as they were being attacked. When she and her friends arrived at the scene, they found her husband and his companions slaughtered at the site. She testified at Xena's trial that she saw Xena holding a bloody sword with bloody hands at the scene. Although her husband dies, he comes back to life at the end of the episode. [LW]
Hi, my name is...
many episodes
Played by Tilly (the horse Lucy Lawless rides), Aztec (for rearing), Honey (for running), and Mac (the stand-in).
Argo is Xena's tried and true, faithful companion. Argo is part Lone Ranger's Silver, Brisco County's Comet, and a lot of Mr. Ed. Argo figured in heavily in the shows GREATER GOOD and INTIMATE STRANGERS. In GREATER GOOD, Argo saved Xena by talking another horse out of tearing Xena apart. In INTIMATE STRANGERS, Argo was the first living critter to know that Xena was not Xena, and Callisto (who happened to be in possession of Xena's body) knew that and took it out on Argo. In IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL, Argo, mega-miffed at Xena for abandoning her during Xena's trip to Siberia, leaves Xena and hangs out with the Scythians, who give her some new clothes and a tent of her own. After a while, Argo comes to her senses and has a tearful reunion with her warrior princess. There are rumors that Argo will get an episode revolving around her later this season. The money is on WILD HORSES which was featured in a clip in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE II in one of Xena's premonitions of her future. Argo was referred to as a HE in SINS OF THE PAST. After that, she was always referred to as a she. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Rachale Davies.
Aria is a pleasingly plump, blonde lady-in-waiting to Princess Ileana. She reports to the kings that Ileana has fallen for a brave warrior, Joxer. She is also the owner of a blue scarf that Joxer uses to mop his brow when he fights as a hero, and to blow his nose when he becomes Joxer again. [LW]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Lee-Jane Foreman.
Arleia is Callisto's mother. She appears at the end of the episode INTIMATE STRANGER, when Xena and Callisto (in each other's bodies) meet in the underworld after Callisto/Xena is put to sleep by Xena/Callisto by means of a poisoned dart. Xena/Callisto mentions that the dead can hear one's thoughts and that everytime Callisto thinks about the death of her family at Xena's hands her dead mother can hear her. Arleia appears and tells Callisto/Xena that she has to face her crimes and that Xena is not to blame for her guilt. Callisto/Xena's many victims appear to haunt her and Arleia points out that none of these people had to die. She tells Callisto/Xena that she is her daughter and that she will always love her but that she has to admit to her culpability in the death of numerous innocent people. Callisto/Xena, however, refuses to listen and moves away from her. [LW]
Armstrong, Michelle
Hi, my name is...
Young Woman in MORTAL BELOVED (16/116).
Artiphys, Miss
Hi, my name is...
Played by Karen Dior aka Geoff Gann.
The cross-dressing male beauty pageant contestant who not only wins the contest but also gets to kiss Xena (to Gabrielle's surprise). From HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS:
Artiphys: "I was just trying to scare you."
Xena/MA: "Why'd you want to scare me?"
Artiphys: "Because I knew you knew. You know, about me. And I didn't want you to tell anyone. But when I came back to unlock the door, you had already gone."
Xena/MA: "What made you think I'd tell?"
Artiphys: "You really don't get it, do you? I guess being born a woman, you wouldn't. This is a chance to use a part of me most people usually laugh at-- or worse. The part I usually have to hide-- only here that part works for me-- you see?"
Xena/MA: "I think so."
Artiphys: "Look-- I don't expect you to understand. And I'm sorry I got you steamed. I just hope you let me quit the pageant in private instead of going public with it."
Xena/MA: "No way. May the best person win."
This character was written in memory of Xena writer Chris Manheim's deceased brother, Keith K. Walsh [KT].
Hi, my name is...
REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202), SACRIFICE (67-68/321-322)
Played by Elizabeth Pendergrast.
One of the Fates, referred to by Xena as The Crone, she cuts the thread of life. In Greek mythology the Fates were lesser gods of the Earth. They were assigned at man's birth to give him good and evil to have in his life. In REMEMBER NOTHING Xena visits one of their temples and protects it from raiders. In the process she kills a young boy and feels so badly about doing so that when the Fates thank her and offer her a reward, Xena wishes that she never 'followed the sword'. The Fates grant her wish and Xena goes back to an alternate reality where she never became a warlord, her beloved brother Lyceus is still alive, and Gabrielle has become a slave. [LW]

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