Whoosh! Issue 28 - January 1999

A Directory of Gals,
Season 1 through Season 4, Crusader

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Halighton, Vicky
Hi, my name is...
Old Lady in TALE OF TWO MUSES (74/406).
Hanged Woman
Hi, my name is...
See Woman, Hanged
Hi, my name is...
Played by Lisa Crittenden in A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403)
Played by Linda Jones in SINS OF THE PAST (01/101).
Hecuba is Gabrielle's mother. Married to Herodotus and living in Poteidaia, Hecuba was not too happy when Gabrielle ran away from home to follow the warrior princess. She no doubt had happy thoughts of Gabrielle, who was the eldest child, marrying her childhood sweetheart Perdicas, and having boatloads of kids. However, after Xena got rid of Hecuba's misunderstood but lethal great-grandson (the Destroyer, the porcupine-oid son of Hope and Ares, and the grandson of Gabrielle and Dahak), both Hecuba and Herodotus were more than happy to welcome Xena into their family. [KT]
Hake, Tanea
Hi, my name is...
Ersina in LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN (75/407).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Galyn Gorg.
The face that launched a thousand ships befriended Xena in Sparta in their younger years. They had not contacted each other for about ten years when Helen found herself trapped by the Trojan War and is so sick of it, that she does the only thing she can think of: call her friend Xena, who happens to be a "problem solver". Xena dropped everything and took Gabrielle to Troy. Strangely enough, Xena, the Greek, fought on the Trojan side. Xena asked Helen what she wanted, and Helen admitted that, "I don't know. No one's ever asked me that before." Paris' brother becomes obsessed with Helen and cuts a deal with the Greeks to turn over Troy so he can abscond with Helen. Xena rescues Helen and various Trojans. Helen was last seen wandering after Perdicus into the woods. [KT]
Hellriegel, Jan
Hi, my name is...
Hestia in WARRIOR...PRIESTESS...TRAMP (55/309)
Mnemosyne in FORGET ME NOT (63/317).
Heredia, Graciela
Hi, my name is...
Megaera in THE FURIES (47/301).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Maggie Tarver.
Hermia is the mother of Flora, who was Xena's childhood friend who was arrested for being associated with the outlaw, the Black Wolf. Meeting up with Hermia convinces Xena to save the lives of the villagers arrested because of their refusal to reveal the identity of the Black Wolf. Xena constructs a complex con to get inside the prison. In the prison she arranges a prison break which is thwarted last minute, but Xena recoops immediately and saves the day once she realizes that her friend Flora is the Black Wolf. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Rebekah Davies.
Hermia is Juliet to Neron's Romeo. The blood feud between the Houses of Lycost and Menos have little affect on the lovebirds, until Hermia's father tells her that she is to marry another. She drinks a vial of Nightsbane, an incurable poison. Neron, wanting to elope, comes too late. Griefstricken, he prays to Cupid for help. Cupid grants him one wish and Neron asks that tomorrow never come. Cupid tells him the day will repeat itself until a hero comes who can fix everything. Neron expects Hercules or Sinbad, but gets Xena instead. After an intricate plan to toss her chakram across the town, Xena is successful in breaking the vial before Hermia drinks it after what seems like an endless number of repeated days. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Jan Hellriegel.
This character is listed in the end credits of the aired show and in the cast list in shooting script cast, however we could not find this character in the show or in the script we had access to. We are assuming that this role was cut and later removed from the final version of the script. Hestia was the god which Priestess Leah's virgins worshipped. [KT]
Hestian Virgin #1
Hi, my name is...
Played by Megan Nicol.
The Hestian Virgins were the counterpart of the Bordello Girls. The Bordello Girls were Meg's, the Hestian Virgins were Leah's, and Gabrielle was Xena's (oops, that was a line from DAY IN THE LIFE, how did that get in here???). Poisoning the Hestian Virgins was Balius' big plan to usurp the Temple of Hestia and become their new god. Is that ambition or what? His plan is thwarted by Xena and her lookalikes. Hestian #1 is also notorious for confessing to Xena (when she thought she was Leah) her vegetable fetish. [KT}
Hobbs, Katrina
Hi, my name is...
Glaphyra in THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN (49/303).
Selected Filmography:
Home and Away (1988) TV Series, Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (1994) TV, Absent Without Leave (1992), Boy From Andromeda, The (1991) (TV).
Notable tv guest appearances:
Xena: Warrior Princess (1997), Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (1995).
Hodge, Kate
Hi, my name is...
Celesta in DEATH IN CHAINS (09/109).
Selected Filmography:
Working (1997) TV Series, Pandora's Clock (1996) TV mini Series, Louie Show, The (1996) TV Series, George Wendt Show, The (1995) TV Series, Crowfoot (1995) (TV), Hidden II, The (1994), Desire (1993), Rapid Fire (1992), Salt on Our Skin (1992), Love Kills (1991) (TV), Silk Stalkings (1991) TV Series, She-Wolf of London (1990) TV Series, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990).
Notable TV appearances:
Working (1997), JAG (1995), Sentinel, The (1997), Pretender, the (1997), Lazarus Man, the (1996), Nowhere Man (1995), Ellen (1994) (1995), Xena: Warrior Princess (1995), Silk Stalkings (1994), Mann & Machine (1992), Simon (1995).
Hope (10 Months)
Hi, my name is...
Played by Alyssa Carr and Hannah Carr.
Just a wee babe, but trouble enough to bump off a King Arthur wannabe and to convince Xena that she is evil incarnate. After being birthed in the forest, suffering the hate waves of Auntie Xena, and experiencing accelerated growth without the benefit of a modern breakfast, Gabrielle eventually sends the snapper down the river just like Osiris and Moses. [KT]
Hope (Toddler)
Hi, my name is...
Played by Summer Proben.
I have no idea what Gabrielle ate, but the kid grew fast. The spawn of Dahak not only had a less than nine month gestation but eventually matured into a mother-look-alike (Gee, Mrs. Dahak, I mistook you for Hope) within another less than nine month period. It must have really strained the clothes budget in the family. The toddler gets to bump off a knight with the only evidence being the unfortunate knave's medallion. Eventually, to get Xena off her back, Gabrielle pretends to have killed the toddler Hope (foreshadowing two later successful attempts) and then later abandons Hope by floating her in a basket down the river. [KT]
Hope (child)
Hi, my name is...
Played by Amy Morrison.
Last seen floating down an unnamed river in Britannia, Hope finds a safe port, crawls to Greece, presumably growing at an amazing pace on the way (she reaches 10 years old by the time she gets there), locates Callisto, frees her, locates Mommy Dearest, targets Xena's "beloved" Solan, and still finds time to wreck havoc on the Amazon Nation AND cause Xena and Gabrielle to file for divorce in Illusia. This is one kid in need of counseling. Perhaps just being the spawn of Dahak makes her this way, but Mommy still loves her even though Mommy always seems to be trying to kill her (but honey, it's for your own good...it's going to hurt me more than you...now open up and take your poison like a good little spawn of Dahak). Then again, it could have been her reaction to having to wear a Chucky wig. [KT]
Hope (adult)
Hi, my name is...
SACRIFICE (67-68/321-322), and A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403)
Played by Renee O'Connor.
You cannot keep a good spawn of Dahak down. After Mommy rejects her again, Hope goes over to Uncle Herk's show and bothers him for a while. That does not work out so Hope returns to the Xenaverse and weaves a cocoon around herself. Callisto returns to watch over the new and improved Hope. When Hope leaves the cocoon, she looks exactly like Mom. Then she starts to prepare the way for the Reign of Dahak by dating Ares and getting him to volunteer some sperm so she could birth the Destroyer. But once again, that annoying Xena convinces Mom to get involved again. The situation ends with Mom tackling Hope into a deep pit of lava with lots of explosions. Mom scores up another kill [SACRIFICE]. Everyone assumes the ladies are deader than dirt so they go off and do their things. Callisto tricks Xena into killing her with Hind's Blood, Xena goes off and starts to drink horse blood and hang out with just barely pubescent Amazons, and Joxer sort of hangs around the pit throwing flowers in it. Then Xena has a vision where she realizes that Gabrielle is alive. Xena knew that Gabrielle had some over due books from the Poteidaia Peasant Library, so off she went. However, Hope beat Xena there and had ingratiated herself with the Gabrielle's family pretending to be her mother. Hope was not only turning the family against Xena, but was also raising the Destroyer (an oversized porcupine modeled after the Puerto Rican Chupacadra urban legends) on the sly. Xena arrives and Hope almost fools her but then that darn Mother shows up. After a long convoluted story, Gabrielle is saved the task of killing Hope because Junior does it for her [A FAMILY AFFAIR]. Poor Hope...always offed by an immediate family member. If that ain't a cause for depression, what is? [KT]
Hoskins-Smith, Alexandra
Hi, my name is...
Girl #2 in A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Collette Pennington.
In a village with the Temple of Hestia, Xena and Gabrielle are walking discussing the sacrifices that Hestian virgins must make, at the same time Bliss, the son of Cupid and Psyche, has ran off with Cupid's arrows taking pot shots at everyone. Xena and Gabrielle seem to unaware as they miss every arrow coming near them. After hitting a man with his cow, Bliss hits this housewife who was haggling with a merchant. [KT]
Hughes, Sian
Hi, my name is...
Young Woman in THE TITANS (07/107).
Huirama, Michelle
Hi, my name is...
Banshee #1 in GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305)
Played Tesa in WARRIOR...PRINCESS (15/115).
Selected Filmography:
City Life (1996) TV Series, Last Tattoo, The (1994).
Humphrey, Natalya
Hi, my name is...
Photis in THE GREATER GOOD (21/121).
Hurst, Phaedra
Hi, my name is...
Teresia in THE RECKONING (06/106).
Hyland, Jean
Hi, my name is...
Priestess #1 in THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER... (56/310).
Selected Filmography:
Riding High (1995) TV Series.
Hysterical Woman
Hi, my name is...
See Woman, Hysterical.


Hi, my name is...
Played by Mandie Gillette.
Ileandra is in love with Sarpedon, but Aphrodite plays a trick making women fall in love with the enchanted Joxer, who goes back an forth from his enchantable state after the ringing of a bell. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Jodie Dorday.
Io was the priestess guarding the Temple which holds the sword of Hephaestus, which will free Prometheus from Hera's chains. Xena goes through a trial to get the sword.


Hi, my name is...
Played by Nicola Cliff.
Jana is in betrothed to Agranon, but she is kidnapped by Myzantius. Agranon convinces Xena to rescue here, but complications ensue when Xena meets up with Marcus, an old friend who is currently employed by Myzantius. [KT]
Janice Covington
Hi, my name is...
See Covington, Janice.
Jones, Linda
Hi, my name is...
Hecuba in SINS OF THE PAST (01/101).


Hi, my name is...
Played by Leslie Wing.
Karas is the wife of Sisyphus. She is very angry with Sisyphus after she realizes that he has captured Celesta, the goddess of death, and intends to kill her. Karas works with Xena to free Celesta and bring death back to the universe. [KT]
Karie-Gatalli, Jamie
Hi, my name is...
Orphan #2 in A SOLSTICE CAROL (33/209).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Lori Dungey.
Kellos was the registrar for the Athens City Academy for the Performing Bards. Gabrielle convinces Kellos that she is properly a student there by fraud. Kellos eventually tracks down Gabrielle's ruse, but when Kellos demands that Gabrielle leave the school, the students and judges of the Bard competition demand that she stay. [KT]
Kennard, Katherine
Hi, my name is...
Miss Skiros in HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211).
Selected Filmography:
Shortland Street (1990) TV Series.
Kim, Jacqueline
Hi, my name is...
Lao Ma in THE DEBT I-II (52-53/306-307).
Born: March 31.
Selected filmography:
Operator, the (1998), Volcano (1997), Courthouse (1995) TV Series, Disclosure (1994), Star Trek: Generations (1994), White Mile (1994) TV, Mighty Ducks, The (1992), Traume (1992), Howard Beach: Making a Case for Murder (1989) TV.
Notable TV guest appearances:
Xena: Warrior Princess (1997).
Interview with Jacqueline Kim, Whoosh! #17 (9802)
http://knerys.simplenet.com/actress/j-kim/credits.html http://www.volcano.com/behindthescenes/kin.html
Kindall, Brenda
Hi, my name is...
Pageant Matron in HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211).
Koning, Mia
Hi, my name is...
Waif in WARRIOR...PRINCESS (15/115).
Kopacka, Rebecca
Hi, my name is...
Clotho in REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202)
Young Callisto in DESTINY (36/212).
Krystaly, Kym
Hi, my name is...
Bacchae #1 in GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204).

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