Whoosh! Issue 28 - January 1999

A Directory of Gals,
Season 1 through Season 4, Crusader

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Daniel, Micaela
Hi, my name is...
Lachesis in REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202) and SACRIFICE (67-68/321-322).
Davies, Rachale
Hi, my name is...
Aria in FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216); and Bordello Girl #3 in WARRIOR...PRIESTESS...TRAMP (55/309).
Davies, Rebekah
Hi, my name is...
Hermia in BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302).
Dee, Laurie
Hi, my name is...
Tavern Keeper in LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN (75/407). Selected Filmography:
Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1980); Sleeping Dogs (1977).
Dennis, Natalie
Hi, my name is...
Clysemene in LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN (75/407). Selected Filmography:
Riding High (1995) TV Series; Shortland Street (1990) TV Series.
Desmond, Meighan
Hi, my name is...
Discord in THE DELIVERER (50/304) and THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN (49/303).
Selected Filmography:
Shortland Street (1990) TV Series.
Notable TV guest appearances:
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1997-1998), Xena: Warrior Princess (1997), Young Hercules (1998).
Diana, Princess
Hi, my name is...
Played by Lucy Lawless.
Princess Diana is the only daughter of King Lias, the cousin of Sisyphus. She is also one of Xena's doubles, looking exactly like the Warrior Princess. In order to cement a treaty with Libirium and to ensure the ending of slavery in that kingdom, Princess Diana agreed to marry Prince Mineus of Libirium. Mineus' brother, Philamon, came to Treas to arrange the marriage and found himself falling in love with Diana, though he kept his feelings from her. Political factions against the ending of slavery conspire to kill Diana in the hopes that without the marriage the treaty would not be completed. Realizing Diana's danger, Lias arranges to have Xena take Diana's place in order to protect Diana and expose the assassin. For the first time since her mother had died, Diana leaves the castle to meet with Gabrielle. During his time with Xena, Philamon discovers her identity and reveals his true feelings for Diana. At some point, Xena tells Diana of Philamon's love, for it is obvious to her that Diana also loves Philamon. In a ruse to confuse the assassin, Diana rides with Philamon disguised as Xena, then reveals herself as she confesses her love for him. Mineus refuses to marry Diana (not knowing that she is actually Xena), opening the door for the marriage between Philamon and Diana. Diana's marriage bears the fruit of a child and a happy life with Philamon and her father. Diana, at the beginning, is the picture of the pampered and sheltered princess. She faints at the sight of blood, has her hair brushed one thousand times every day by her servant, Tessa, and doesn't know how to catch. She loves pickled croesus, is an accomplished harpist and shows a poetic heart when she describes Philamon with "fawn hair and sky-blue eyes." Diana begins her adventures naive and optimistic. When faced with leaving the castle, she stoutly declares that it would be good for her to go out and learn about the "little people" of her kingdom. Though she balks at sleeping on the ground and eating cheese, she sees higher meaning to her circumstances. It would let her see what it's like to be a common person. When she discovers that there are people starving and homeless in the kingdom, she resolves to solve the problem. It is the first thing she tells her father about when she returns to the castle. Philamon sees her as a "delicate flower far too fragile to spend the night outdoors." Though she seems frivolous and air headed, Diana, by her actions and words, reveals a noble and compassionate character. Though she complains about the cold ground, she endures being captured by Agis and Meg, showing behavior appropriate for a woman destined to become a queen. She shows unexpected courage when she disguises herself as Xena to confront Agis and his men in her attempt to save her child. When Xena meets her the second time, Diana is no longer naive but wise, not frivolous but serious about her family and about her kingdom. In the end, it is clear that when she does ascend the throne, she will be a good and capable ruler. [VM]
Dignan, Tanya
Hi, my name is...
Eponin in HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110).
Dior, Karen
Hi, my name is...
Miss Artiphys in HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211).
Selected Filmography:
Be Careful What You wish for (1993), Bi Anonymous (1993), Bi and Busty (1991), Bi Intruder (1991).
Director Filmography:
Bi Love Lucy (1994).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Meighan Desmond.
Next to Strife, perhaps the most annoying god in the Xenaverse/Herkaverse. This is a scary goddess, especially since not only does she looks like Marie Osmond but she looks like a twelve year old to boot! Her ambiguous relationship with Ares makes her creepy too...is she a close relative or a lover or both? Discord now shows up regularly on Young Hercules which is okay by me. [KT]
Donovan, Patricia
Hi, my name is...
Old Woman in CALLISTO (22/122), TEN LITTLE WARLORDS (32/208).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Polly Baigent.
The Doppelganger was Xena's evil tendencies personified. Xena met this nasty reminder of her past during her Dreamscape stroll to rescue Gabrielle from losing her blood innocence and to avoid becoming the Bride of Morpheus. The Doppelganger allowed Xena to understand that she had to accept her evil tendencies and use that force for good. Xena actually has a physical fight with the Doppelganger before she realizes that the Doppelganger, i.e., Xena's evil tendencies, is what makes her effective and also is the "key" to Xena leaving the Dreamscape and rescuing Gabrielle. [KT]
Dorday, Jodie
Hi, my name is...
Bordello Girl #2 in WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206)
Io in PROMETHEUS (08/108)
Solari in THE QUEST (37/213) and A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214).
Selected Filmography:
Via Satellite (1998) TV Series.
"Interview With Jodie Dorday" Whoosh! #12 (9709)
Dotchin, Angela
Hi, my name is...
Soraya in TSUNAMI (65/319).
Dungey, Lori
Hi, my name is...
Selected Filmography:
Rainbow War (1985). [LW]


Hi, my name is...
Runner. Appeared in IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (24/124).
This mysterious woman is only known as "Edith" in both the credits and in Weisbrot's Official Guide to the Xenaverse. [KT]
Elderly Woman
Hi, my name is...
See Woman, Elderly.
Elliott, Kate
Hi, my name is...
Yakut in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE (69-70/401-402).
Selected Filmography:
House of Sticks (1997) (TV).
Hi, my name is...
HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110), IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (24/124), THE QUEST (37/213), A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214), MATERNAL INSTINCTS (57/311), THE BITTER SUITE (58/312). Played by Danielle Cormack
Ephiny at first was at odds with Xena and Gabrielle and did not trust them. She thought the Centaur Phantes killed her fellow Amazon Terreis and was not happy that Terreis gave Gabrielle her Right of Caste. Yet, she slowly started to see beyond her prejudice and learned to trust and respect Xena and Gabrielle [HOOVES AND HARLOTS]. After averting the Amazon/Centaur war, Phantes and Ephiny fall in love and marry off camera. On the way to the more tolerant of interspecial marriages city of Athens, Phantes is killed in a warzone, leaving Ephiny alone and pregnant. Luckily, Xena and Gabrielle find Ephiny and Xena delivers the baby Centaur, Xenon [IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE]. On the way to deliver Xena's sarcophagus to Amphipolis, Gabrielle passes by Amazon territory where Ephiny convinces her challenge the Queenhood of Velasca. [THE QUEST]. Velasca goes off the deep end, eats some ambrosia, and then spends what seems like 40 intense minutes trying to smite Gabrielle ("You can't hide from me, Gabrielle! You can't hide from a god! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"). Ephiny and the Amazons help by diverting Velasca while Xena plots her downfall. [A NECESSARY EVIL]. The next year, Xena and Gabrielle return to the area for the family gathering from hell. The kids Solan, Xenon, and Hope meet and everyone except Xenon are dead as doornails by the end of the show [MATERNAL INSTINCT]. After Xena and Gabrielle's divorce, Gabrielle returns to the Amazon Sisterhood. While living there, a crazed Xena breaks Ephiny's arm, squishes some Amazons, and kidnaps Gabrielle [THE BITTER SUITE]. The wounded Ephiny was the last we saw of her in 1998. Let's hope she gets a chance to read Xena the riot act when they meet up again. [KT]
Interview with Danielle Cormack. Whoosh! #12 (9709).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Tanya Dignan.
Eponin, Ephiny's aide, was given the task of training Gabrielle on the staff when Gabrielle became an Amazon princess. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Tanea Heke.
Ersina is a career convict who senses that Xena might try to become the Alpha Female at Shark Island. Ersina challenges Xena to a fight and they fight. It is broken up before any real victory is made but Ersina realizes that it is better to have Xena on your side than on the other. She offers to let Xena in her gang. Xena refuses. [KT]
Evans, Julianne
Hi, my name is...
Second Woman in THE TITANS (07/107).


First Woman
Hi, my name is...
See Woman, First
Hi, my name is...
Played by Emma Turner.
Flora's mom, Hermia, upon meeting Xena, says that it has been at least 10 years since they have all seen each other. Hermia did not seem to know that Flora was the Black Wolf, and was worried about her being in jail as a rebel. Hermia believed that Flora was involved in a lost cause (trying to free her people from the local tyrant Xerxes, to which Xena replies "Causes are only lost when people give up. Maybe Flora knows that..." Although Flora's physical size and structure are rather unassuming and unthreatening in appearance, she does have a certain presence, and an air of calm strength. Flora and Xena grew up together in Amphipolis. Flora was one of the "younger kids", that tagged along with the "big kids" (like Xena). Most people, including Flora's beau, Diomedes, upon hearing about Xena and Flora's relationship as they grew up, would tend to think that Flora was treated like an "annoying little kid", or spurned by Xena... but this would be untrue. Not only do we get the impression that Xena has a good opinion of Flora, but Xena tells Flora that Flora is the closest thing to a sister that she ever had. Likewise, Flora seems to have adored, admired, and even idolized Xena. Xena and Flora spent a lot of time together growing up. Flora said that Xena had taught her how to "swing a sword" and "embroider a linen" for her wedding chest. It also seemed evident that Xena had taught her many life lessons as well, like "The times change the people and the people change the times." Flora is another "shade" of Xena. If Xena had had someone, other than Ares, to look up to... had things been just slightly different, Xena could very well have been Flora. Xena started out as a rebel leader too, and began, no doubt, just a nobly....and then (with the encouragement and help of Ares), she gained a taste for power and learned to ache for vengeance. This broke with her own wisdom, Xena began to be changed, rather than being her own agent of change. Xena was perhaps a little stronger and tougher than Flora, she became unyielding to the point of breaking in a dictator in style, vs. Flora's a more well rounded and supported, democratic, "leader" style. Flora's style allowed her to continue to grow and continue as an agent of change, by sharing the secret " 'people' (not 'I'), change the times". [RH]
Foncesca, Celi
Hi, my name is...
Tisiphone in THE FURIES (47/301).
Foreman, Lee-Jane
Hi, my name is...
Arleia in INTIMATE STRANGER (31/207).
Selected Filmography:
Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994) (TV)


Hi, my name is...
every single darn show in one form or another
Played by Renee O'Connor.
Gabrielle is the companion of Xena, Warrior Princess. Gabrielle is part of the most mythic friendship ever seen on TV between two women. She started out as an annoying tag-along, worked up to sidekick, and now is a complete partner. If you don't know who she is, just go to the search area on this site and do a search on "Gabrielle". Have fun! [KT]
Garland, Lana
Hi, my name is...
Young Woman in FORGET ME NOT (63/317).
Gillette, Mandie
Hi, my name is...
Ileandra in FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216).
Selected Filmography:
Lost Valley (1998).
Girl #1
Hi, my name is...
Played by Nancy Bowie.
When Joxer and Xena enter Poteidaia, they find a dark haired girl and a blonde haired girl playing tag with some other children. The dark haired girl is Girl #1.
Girl #2
Hi, my name is...
Played by Alexandra Hoskins-Smith.
When Joxer and Xena enter Poteidaia, they find a dark haired girl and a blonde haired girl playing tag with some other children. The blonde haired girl is Girl #2.
Hi, my name is...
Played by Katrina Hobbs.
Just her luck, Glaphyra met the Evil Xena and was led down a path of corruption, abuse, and betrayal. What can we say, the Evil Xena just did that to her gal pals (just ask Boadicea, Eurydice, or Thalassa, to name a few). Glaphyra, a young and blonde neophyte turned to the Destroyer of Nations at a tender age. She learned the ways of manipulation and soon left Xena to strike on her own. Give or take ten years later, Glaphyra meets the reformed Xena and she is forced, along with other hardened criminals, to work with Xena for the greater good. She also meets Darnelle, whom she mistrusts at first, but grows to kinda like by the end of the adventure. [KT]
Gorg, Galyn
Hi, my name is...
Gray, Sonia
Hi, my name is...
Rhea in TIES THAT BIND (20/120).
Selected Filmography:
Abbronzatissimi (1991). [LW]

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