Whoosh! Issue 28 - January 1999

A Directory of Gals,
Season 1 through Season 4, Crusader

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Hi, my name is...
CRUSADER (76/408)
Played by Kathryn Morris.
A follower of the Light, Najara gives bad people a choice of execution or conversion before moving on to new converting fields. Gabrielle meets up with Najara after Najara's little friends who talk to her, the Jinn, tell her that Gabrielle is ripe for the light and she must not be harmed. Najara becomes enamored with Gabrielle. Xena, awash with guilt about past behavior towards Gabrielle and an annoying premonition of their deaths, tries to transfer her ownership of Gabrielle to Najara for Gabrielle's own good. Things look peachy keen until Xena finds out about Najara's join the light or die campaign. Xena tells Gabrielle, Gabrielle rejects Najara, Najara beats Xena to a pulp, Gabrielle trying to stall for time agrees to become a card carrying member of the Followers of the Light, but Xena returns to claim her bard by an intricate homage to her ladder fight with Callisto back in the first season. Yup, Najara's weakness became Gabrielle, the very same as Xena. That Gabrielle, what a gal. Xena is successful in whupping Najara, and after Gabrielle requests no killing tonight, Xena turns Najara over to "the authorities". Life goes on for our heroes. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
not one crummy Xena episode. THIS IS A CRIME!!! WRITE TO RENAISSANCE PICTURES TODAY!!! 100 Universal City Plaza, Building 78, Universal City, CA 91608. Tell them either put Nebula in a XWP episode NOW or give the lady her own show. One or the either. NO EXCEPTIONS. Tell them Whoosh! used cheap psychological tricks to make you do this.
Nebula did appear in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episodes WEB OF DESIRE (H63/404), WAR WOUNDS (78/419), FAITH (82/501), DESCENT (83/502), and DARKNESS RISING (89/508)
Played by Gina Torres.
What can I say? This character has taken me and will not let me go. I want her to visit her soul sisters, Xena and Gabrielle. I want her to have her own weekly show. Because she is my latest Xenaverse/Herkaverse obsession, she gets her own section of this directory. Being the editor-in-chief of Whoosh! has its privileges. Nebula is a pirate who the boys (Herk and Iolaus) meet on the open sea. Iolaus is quite taken with her although she acts gruff and unconcerned and then they successfully deal with a large spider problem. She is the first on camera character to raise the possibility of subtext on HTLJ [WEB OF DESIRE]. They all meet up again in the turbulent times as the Trojan War veterans are returning home [WAR WOUNDS]. Only until their third meeting do the boys learn that Nebula is the half-sister of Gilgamesh, the ruler of Sumeria. Nebula and Iolaus fall in love and make ambiguous plans to pursue their relationship when Gilgamesh is possessed by Dahak and kills Iolaus [FAITH]. Nebula assumes the crown of Sumeria where she rules as perfectly as any can (she is after all, perfection personified), yet she is haunted by the memory of Iolaus. She starts to believe she is going insane because she has visitations from him. Turns out she's not mental, but is being visited by a manifestation of Dahak in the form of Iolaus [DARKNESS RISING]. Where did the end of 1998 leave us? Hercules, Morrigan (Herk's new trendy Celtic girlfriend), and Nebula pledge to return to Greece to whup Dahak's hinder once and for all because of all the mean things he did to Iolaus and also for killing all those nice Druids. I know within my heart that Nebula will have no problem reading Dahak the riot act. In fact, I am looking most forward to it. That evil deity has messed with her man, and no one ever gets away with that, omnipotent evil personified being or not. [KT]
Nichols, Nerida
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Chambermaid in THE KING OF ASSASSINS (54/308).
Nicol, Megan
Hi, my name is...
Hestian Virgin #1 in WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206).
Selected Filmography:
Lost Valley (1998), Bonjour Timothy (1995).
Hi, my name is...
A GOOD DAY (73/405)
Played by Caitlin McDougall.
Wife of Phlangus, the Greek in the Roman army which was invading Greece.
Hi, my name is...
Played by Collette Pennington.
The nurse, believing Meg to be Princess Diana, observes Meg necking with Joxer, and Meg's attempt to put Diana's baby to sleep with the lullaby "99 Bottles of Beer" on the wall. [KT]


O'Connor, Renee
Hi, my name is...
Gabrielle in all episodes
Hope (adult) in SACRIFICE (67-68/321-322) and A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403)
Janice Covington in THE XENA SCROLLS (34/210).
Born: February 15, 1971, Katy, TX, USA.
Height: 5'4".
Selected Filmography:
Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus (1998) (voice), Xena: Warrior Princess (1995- ), Follow the River (1995) (TV), Rockford Files, The: A Blessing in Disguise (1995) (TV), Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994) (TV), Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1994), Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?, The (1993) (TV), Adventures of Huck Finn, The (1993), Sworn to Vengeance (1993) (TV), Stone Cold (1991), Changes (1991) (TV), False Identity (1990), Black Snow (1989), Night Game (1989).
Notable TV guest appearances:
NYPD Blue (1993), Xena: Warrior Princess (1995- ), Arresting Behavior (1992).
http://rampages.onramp.net/~rocweb/ http://www.mca.com/tv/xena/chars/gabrielle.html
Old Lady
Hi, my name is...
See Lady, Old.
Old Woman
Hi, my name is...
See Woman, Old.
O'Neill, Willa
Hi, my name is...
Lila in SINS OF THE PAST (01/101), THE PRODIGAL (18/118), THE BITTER SUITE (58/312), and A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403).
Selected Filmography:
Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (1997), Secrets (1992), Angel at My Table, An (1990). [LW]
Notable TV guest appearances:
Xena: Warrior Princess (1995- ) TV Series, High tide (1995).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Kirstie O'Sullivan.
Ophelia is a servant-woman in the palace of King Gregor. She overhears the seer tell Nemos and King Gregor that a baby is about to come into his life and eventually sit on the throne and she fears for the baby's safety. She convinces Philana to give her the baby so she can save him. She ends up putting the baby in a basket and floating him down the river away from the palace. She meets and befriends Gabrielle and helps Xena enter the palace as a dancing girl. [LW]
Orphan #1
Hi, my name is...
Played by Gennieve Lucre.
One of the group of orphans living at Melana's orphanage.
Orphan #2
Hi, my name is...
Played by Jamie Karie-Gatalli. One of the group of orphans living at Melana's orphanage.
O'Sullivan, Kirstie
Hi, my name is...
Ophelia in CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104)
Woman in THE QUEST (37/213).
Otere (16 years old)
Hi, my name is...
Played by Sheeri Rappaport.
After the rulers of the Siberian Amazons were slaughter by Xena, the tribes slowly lost all their adults. The remaining stragglers were girls wandering about the tundra. Xena encountered a group and realized that their fate was to re-form and re-unite the Siberian Amazons. Xena took it upon herself to teach these girls the Amazon ways and rituals. At the conclusion of the training, Xena surrendered her authority over the tribe, to Otere, their leader. While wandering around the tundra, Xena befriended Otere and taught her Amazon lore and practices that would be needed by an Amazon Queen. [KT]
Otere, Young (8 years old)
Hi, my name is...
Played by Samelle Vosloo.
As a child, Alti predicted she would usurp the power of Xena. Alti directed Xena to kill her, but Borias saved her. [KT]


Pageant Matron
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Played by Brenda Kindall.
Hired by Lord Clairon to manage the Miss Known World Pageant. When Xena has to do a quick re-design on a dress with just a knife, the Matron is majorly impressed and Xena gets to use her infamous "I have many skills" line. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
TSUNAMI (65/319)
Played by Joy Watson.
Gabrielle goes to a fortune teller who tells her, "You're going on a long voyage. I see a man on this voyage." Xena replies, dryly, "Let me guess-- tall, dark, and handsome, right?" The fortune teller says, "As a matter of fact, he is." Gabrielle then says to Xena, "Give her a chance", then says to the palmist, "You see, we're not going on a voyage. We just needed some supplies. We were passing through." The reader says, "Perhaps, I misread." Then later she says, "No! There's danger-- great danger-- and death." Then Gabrielle says, "Did you hear that? She just described every day of our lives." The Palmist was correct on all counts. Gabrielle and Xena have an unscheduled cruise on a homage to the Poseidon Adventure and they meet tall dark and handsome himself, Autolycus, on the way. [KT]
Hi, my name is...
Played by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
Granddaughter of THE Pandora, this Pandora still has to lug around the box. She meets up with Xena and Gabrielle who save her from being lynched by a group of disgruntled villagers. After that, she helps the ladies take care of the baby they find drifting in the river and who has a price on its head. You see, there is a prophecy that this baby will grow up to usurp the King. Turns out that the King marries Pandora and they raise the baby up as their own child and he will take the crown through inheritance. [KT]
Pappas, Melinda
Hi, my name is...
Played by Lucy Lawless.
After discovering a telegram addressed to her deceased father, Melinda decides to go to Macedonia to offer her linguistic services to the telegram's author, Dr. Janice Covington. Surprised by burglars in the employ of John Smythe, Melinda's first introduction to the aggressive archeologist is when Janice rescues her from the thugs. With bullwhip, leather jacket, fedora and cigar-- Janice Covington is every inch the adventurer. Janice is suspicious of the refined woman at first, until Mel explains (to the business end of a machine gun) why she's there. In a very Xena-like fashion, Janice tells her to get lost and in an equally Gabrielle-like fashion, Mel refuses. The point becomes moot when at gunpoint both women are taken to the tomb by Smythe and his men. Determined to prove her worth, Mel correctly deciphers the keystone, opening the tomb for Smythe and his men. Mel further annoys Janice when she idly touches a trigger in the tomb that sends a series of knives speeding for Janice, one of them impaling her hat. Janice pitches a fit, demanding that Mel sit down and stay still. It is at that point that Mel releases another trigger, this time discovering the elusive Xena Scrolls and chakram fragment. Drawn by an almost magnetic power, Mel heads further into the tomb, encountering Smythe and later waking Ares. After killing Smythe and his two hench men, The God of War explains that he needs a descendant of Xena to release him from the tomb. Janice thinks that it's her, only to realize that it is in fact Melinda. This point is driven home by the fact that the spirit of Xena possesses and takes control of Mel's body. Possessed by Xena, Mel fights Ares and with a little help from Janice, traps him once more. Through her, Xena is given the opportunity to talk to Janice, descended from her beloved Bard and make it quite clear that such lineage is something to be very proud of. As the episode ends Melinda is surprised and pleased to be included in Janice's plans for future adventures. The connection shared by their ancestors passed down, it seems only fitting and right that the archeologist and Southern Belle ride off into the unknown together. [BM]
Parnassus, Miss
Hi, my name is...
Played by Jennifer Becker.
We first see the brunette Miss Parnassus all wet in the BAYWATCH slo-mo homage being of the episode. Miss Parnassus is sponsored by the Palantine of Parnassus. He promised her village extra food if she won. Her talent was ventriloquism, but someone messed up Mr. Bobo, her dummy. [KT]
Pendergrast, Elizabeth
Hi, my name is...
Atropos in REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202), SACRIFICE (67-68/321-322).
Hi, my name is...
ULYSSES (43/219)
Played by Rachel Blakely.
Wife of Ulysses. Xena dumps Ulysses after finding out that his wife still loved him. [KT]
Pennington, Collette
Hi, my name is...
Housewife in A COMEDY OF EROS (46/222). Played Nurse in WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Christine Bartlett.
Philana is a servant-woman in the palace of King Gregor. She has a baby in her possession after promising the child's dying mother that she would take care of him. She is told by Ophelia that she thinks the baby is in danger from King Gregory and Nemos. She gives the baby over to Ophelia for protection. [LW]
Philips, Aurora
Hi, my name is...
Magdelus in HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Natalya Humphrey.
A young girl from the village where Lord Seltzer (Salmoneus) sells his fizzy water. She sees Xena drinking at a well and asks her to come to the village to help them fight against the warlord Talmadeus who is out to get Salmoneus for selling him bogus weapons. [LW]
Pivac, Donna
Hi, my name is...
1st Siren in ULYSSES (43/219).
Pratt, Vicky
Hi, my name is...
Cyane in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE (69-70/401-402). Selected Filmography:
Once a Thief (1997). Notable TV guest appearances:
Xena: Warrior Princess (1998).
Hi, my name is...
Played by Catherine Boniface.
The keeper of the Hestian virgins, she leads her young charges in prayer to the goddess and generally keeps an eye out for the ladies. Unfortunately, she gets caught by one of Bliss' arrows and, together with some of her wards, she is smitten with and starts to chase some of Draco's warriors. [LW]
Priestess #1
Hi, my name is...
THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER... (56/310). Played by Jean Hyland.
One of two priestesses (Sisters of Gaia) that Gabrielle and Joxer meet on their way to a village after Gabrielle's parchment is enchanted by Aphrodite. She tells Gabrielle that their order is looking for goods that they could sell to help support their orphanage. [LW]
Priestess #2
Hi, my name is...
THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER... (56/310). Played by Beryl Te Wiata.
See Priestess #1.
She points to Joxer's scabbard and tells them that weapons are a big commodity. Joxer misinterprets where she's pointing and is ready to give his all for the poor orphanage when Gabrielle corrects him and writes a sentence in her enchanted parchment, which brings a bejeweled sword to the priestesses. Later, in the village tavern, she tells Gabrielle and Joxer that they sold the sword for a king's ransom. [LW]
Princess Diana
Hi, my name is...
See Diana, Princess
Proben, Summer
Hi, my name is...
Hope (toddler). Appeared in GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305).

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