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Title Author Status Archive Last Checked Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Related Bdate Edate
Ab Initio Cruise inc 1-21 02/10/2001   Rayne, Lark                     Sequel to Indiscretions    
Abend Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross inc c1-5 04/25/2000   Mahu (UX, desert dweller), Jordan (UG, hacker)                       04/03/00  
Above All Honor Radclyffe c Yes 02/10/2001   Cameron (UX, secret service agent), Blair (UG, President's daughter) Assigned to guard the President's daughter, a secret service agent finds duty warring with desire.                       06/21/05
Absinthe (Makes the Heart Grow Fonder) Penumbra c Yes 02/10/2001   Taisiia (UX, alien)   Future SF               Part of 101 Aurellian Nights   06/21/05
Absolution Morrig AKA Piti-pup c Yes 02/10/2001   Magnolia (Zee) (UX, criminal), Casey (UG, paramedic) An ambulance driver helps a gangster leave her life of crime, and come to terms with her past (CasaUber)                     09/22/99
Accident Eveh c Yes 02/12/2001   Sam (UX), Dana (UG) A girl remembers a tough time in her life and the two people who helped her though it. (CasaUber)                       05/07/00
Accident II Eveh C Yes 02/12/2001   Sam (UX), Dana (UG)                         09/01/00
Accident III (see GROWING UP)                                      
Accidental Love Miller. B.L. c cYes 02/12/2001   Veronica Cartwright (UX, socialite/businesswoman), Rose Grayson (UG, lower class type) UX hits UG in car, but covers it up and comes to her rescue by nursing her back to health while watching a lot of Judge Judy episodes contemp USA R alt               03/02/99
Actions and Consequences Dragonjuls c Yes 02/12/2001   Catherine (UX), Jace (UG) Old and new enemies plot the downfall of the bearers of the name Xianthos and their families. Despair, hope, compassion, forgiveness, love and tragedy are powerful mixes that tests the cornerstones of Catherine and Jace's commitment to each other and those they love. (CasaUber)                   The 4th entry in the The Define Destiny Series   12/29/00
Adventure of a Lifetime MomBard c Yes 02/10/2001   Leslie (UX, archaeologist), Irene (UG, archaeologist) Two decendands of the warrier and the bard go back in time (CasaUber)                       09/30/99
Adventure of a Lifetime: The Sequel MomBard c Yes 02/10/2001   Leslie (UX, archaeologist), Irene (UG, archaeologist) Leslie and Irene go back for Solstice (CasaUber)                       01/14/00
Adventures in Chakram City Angharad Governal c Yes 02/10/2001   No ubers, but includes Jigglypuff This is a Xena-Pokemon crossover contemp Ambiguous P           F     01/04/00
Adventures in the Dust Trade WolfDragon inc 1-6 02/12/2001   Kris (UX), Nicole (UG)                     4th book of The Daredevil Hearts Series 11/14/00  
Adventures of Batsky and Wordee BatMorda & Wordwarior   MIA       Series of memos between Wordee, the Heroically Well Dressed and Bat, The Ever Faithful Bardly Sidekick (CasaUber)                 F Parody of fandom & XWP    
Adventures of the Galaxy Defenders Mike Vivian c Yes 02/12/2001   Megan (UX), Caitlin (UG)                         02/04/00
Aegis, The Rachel2 c Yes 02/10/2001   Mel, Janice, Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto Ares directs Callisto to take the shield of Zeus from Athena. Athena gives the shield to X for protection. Melinda and Janice search for a new Xena scroll and for the modern daylocation of the very same shield. WWII Europe D alt         P Sequel: Terror in the Amazon   07/29/97
After Midnight Firefly c Yes 02/10/2001   Mel, Janice Janice thinks of Mel as Mel sleeps while on a dig. Mid 20th C. Europe             P     02/09/00
After the Curtain Falls Beth Dragon & Kathleen Wolf inc 1-14 02/12/2001   Rae (UX), Cleo (UG)                          
After the Darkness J.D. Jenkins inc 1-5 02/12/2001   Jessie (UX), Rowan (UG)                       2000?  
Aftermath of Betrayal Wolfie c Yes 02/10/2001   Kelly (UX, executive), Kathleen (artist) Two women are betrayed by those who "love" them and have sworn never to let anyone close again. Can they find trust and love in each other?                        
Afternoon Delight Minerva c Yes 02/10/2001   Xena (UX, CEO), Gabrielle (UG, housewife) Xena comes home late from a hard day and Gabrielle takes it upon herself to relax her (CasaUber)                        
Again Minerva c Yes 02/12/2001   Reese (UX), Randi (UG) Reese is given a second chance (CasaUber)                        
Agent, The Paradee, C. c Yes 02/10/2001   Tony Viglioni (UX,FBI), Megan Donnovan (UG, coroner) Tony Viglioni, FBI agent, asks for a desk job in Cleveland and gets assigned to a serial killer case, where she meets the Assistant Coroner in charge of the case, Dr. Megan Donnovan.                   Sequel: Dancing with Shadows   10/02/98
Agony in the Garden Warrior Kat c Yes 02/10/2001   Julia (UX), Kelsey (UG) They were never supposed to meet--the good Christian girl and a pagan skater. Somehow their destinies get entwined, whether they want it to or not. Can fate be set straight or will it crash and burn? (CasaUber)                   Book 1 of Demons Dreaming Series   01/10/01
Alabaster Hand, The Nene Adams c Yes 02/10/2001   Lady Evangeline St. Claire (UX, detective), Rhiannon Moore (UG, prostitute/sidekick) Halloween dinner party becomes ugly regarding an ancient Egyptian curse Victorian                 Halloween special to Xena at Gaslight Series   11/10/00
Alice's Alternative Puckster c Yes 02/12/2001     Valaska is back in the 21st century and it's up to Xena and Gabrielle to stop her (CasaUber)                 F     11/00/97
Alix Dreams c Yes 02/12/2001   Alix (UX), Valerie (UG)                         07/25/00
All in the Family Anderson, Joseph c Yes 02/10/2001   Jilly, Kimmy, Angela As interstellar war looms, Angela is sent to protect a young boy whose survival is crucial                   Sequel to Casting Couch    
All in the Family Sarkel c Yes 02/10/2001   Sam (UX, deaf), Allison (UG, clerk) Meeting as teenagers who are about to become family, one is deaf and has an attitude. The other can't resist responding to the challenge she presents. (CasaUber)                        
All I've Ever Needed West, K.P. c cYes 11/16/1999   Jaime Bennet (UX, unemployed patient), Kelly Young (UG, physical therapist) Recovering from a dehabilitating disorder, Jaime Bannet meets her new therapist, Kelly Young. contemp     alt         Cl     08/01/98
All Manner of Madness Anne Reagin c Yes 02/10/2001   Joan (UX, photographer), Jamie (UG, writer) An author visiting LA. on a book tour finds that she has wandered into the warehouse district. About to be confronted by a street gang she is saved by the timely arrival of a photographer...who was just heading out for coffee… (CasaUber)                       12/07/99
All Over Me Nommo c Yes 02/10/2001   Gabrielle, Xena Part of Blood and Roses series where Gabrielle & Xena are immortal Bacchai.                 FU Sequel to Under My Skin; Sequel: Fire Next Time   06/29/99
All The Colors of the World Darkbloom, Vivian c Yes 02/10/2001   Mel, Janice Gabrielle rejoins the Amazons; After their first meeting in SCROLLS, Janice brings Mel a new scroll. Then Janice joins the WACS and Mel goes to England to look for her. WWII Europe R alt         P     02/01/98
All Things Come Cheshy c Yes 02/10/2001   Lian (UX, chef), Sabrina (UG, food supervisor) Lian is a loner in a new town, wrapped up in her job and keeps to herself. As she starts to open up to new and old friends she meets the bosses neice. Together they solve a mystery of money and love (CasaUber)                       09/23/99
Always Damnation c Yes 02/12/2001                             06/07/99
Always Watcher c Yes 02/12/2001   Casey (UX, ex-FBI), Beth (UG, author) Casey and Beth face a personal trial as Beth deals with a family gathering. contemp                 Part 7 of Casey & Beth series   12/00/98
Amazon Awakenings Dawn Lamanne c Yes 02/10/2001   Alexandra (Amazon), Riell (UG, heiress) In 13th Century Great Britian, an assassin is hired to kill a young heiress. (CasaUber) 13th century U.K.                   08/03/99
Amazon Encounter Azel, Anne c Yes 02/10/2001   Kristinia Thanasis (UX, expedition leader), Morgan Andrews (UG, research doctor) A young doctor goes to the Amazon to do research. (CasaUber)                   Book 1 in Encounter Series   12/20/98
Americanization of Ares, The JinXavier c cYes 02/18/2001   Dr. Albritton                     Sequel: God of War Tales a Holiday   06/30/99
Amphipolis Expedition, The Felioness c Yes 02/10/2001   Xandra Lawless (UX, commander) Brie O'Connor (UG, doctor) A doctor joins an expedition to colonize another planet, and on the way encountering space pirates, madmen, and a randy commander. future OuterSpace   alt   *     Cl Book I of the Colonization Trilogy   07/04/98
Anamnesis Chakram-1 inc 1 02/10/2001     Doesn't seem like an uber but author says it will turn into one. Uh-huh.                     02/01/99  
Ancient Secrets FlyBigD c Yes 02/12/2001   Grace (UX), Faith (UG) A flashback to Xena and Gabrielle's first life, as a new character is introduced. (CasaUber)                       05/05/00
And a Nightingale… Fallen, The c Yes 02/10/2001   Mel, Janice Janice and Melinda discover that relationships are not easy, even for proto-Ubers. WWII Europe D alt         P Who Was Going to Miss An Angel of Two, Anyway?   01/01/98
And Beyond Silk inc 1-2 02/10/2001   Kerry (UX, warrior), Gwynne (UG, bard) The Battle of Tiara unites two souls whose destiny lie entwined within a mysterious tapestry which tells the story of a warrior and her love 5th C. Ireland Ireland A               04/20/98  
And She Sang Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross c Yes 02/12/2001                         Book 4 of Our Souls Series   2000
And the Strange Morning Angharad Governal c Yes 02/10/2001   (UX, soldier), (UG, young woman)                     based on the first "section- i.e. WW2" of Anima's Triptych series   12/20/99
And Then You Had to Bring Up Reincarnation Silverflame, Rhiannon c Yes 02/10/2001   Erin Chapman, Valerie Jackson, Amy Ray (UX, Indigo Girl), Emily Saliers (UG, Indigo Girl) Indigo Girls are the modern reincarnates of X&G contemp                 Part of the Indigo Scrolls 8/5/98?  
And They All Come Falling Down Eveh inc 1-7 02/12/2001                           01/05/01  
Angel Gabriel, The Gabby Kat inc 1-4 02/10/2001   Sam (UX, FBI), Katharine (UG, homocide detective) An FBI profiler is called to assist with a serial killer (CasaUber)                     02/09/00  
Angel Mine (see PAST THE POINT)                                      
Another Chance Stoley c Yes 02/10/2001   Sydney (UX, Investigator), Sam (UG, investator) A woman fakes her death to get away from the mob (CasaUber)                        
Another Lifetime Stoley c Yes 02/10/2001   CJ (UX, business woman), Kelly (UG, accountant)                          
Another Time Anderson. L.B. c Yes 02/04/2000   Xor (UX, soldier), Brie (UG, soldier) Brie's platoon gets a new commander, Captain Black, who likes to be called Commander Xor. contemp                   02/18/99 07/17/00
Anteros Stoley c Yes 02/10/2001   Shane (UX, webmaster), Alea (UG, bookstore owner) A young woman is a small town is befriended by an outsider after her store is vandalized (CasaUber) contemp               Cl      
Anteros - Encore Stoley c Yes 02/10/2001   Shane (UX, webmaster), Alea (UG, bookstore owner)   contemp               Cl     06/1999
Apartment, The Lena c Yes 02/10/2001   Josie (UX, retiree), Sandra (UG, RN student) Retired nurse Josie has health problems and needs a live-in roommate/helper. When nursing student Sandra Abbott answers the ad, everything seems to fit into place.                        
Archaeologists, Warriors, and Bards, Oh My! Verda c Yes 02/10/2001   Mel, Janice Find out what happened to Mel when Xena took over her body in XENA SCROLLS Anc. Greece               P     03/17/00
Are You Lonesome Tonight? karguo inc 1 02/10/2001   KC (UX, singer), Dawn (UG, student) UG is rescued by UX singer on a bike from Ares' Angels bike gang contemp   R alt         Cl   09/01/97
Arresting Behavior - Rookie Year "Making the Grade" Teagen2 c Yes 02/15/2001   Zina (UX), Gabby (UG) Gabby's rookie year on the police force (CasaUber)                   Book 2 The Gang's All Here series    
As Long as Someone Remembers Wellman, Tim c Yes 02/10/2001   Mel, Janice, Xena, Gabrielle                   P     08/06/97
As She Sleeps Watcher c Yes 02/12/2001   Casey (UX), Beth (UG)                     Book 8 of the Beth & Casey series    
As You Desire Me Pat R. c Yes 02/10/2001   Mel, Janice M&J discover a new use for J's whip 1940s   R alt * *     P     11/19/97
Assassin Kodi Wolf inc 1-11 02/10/2001   Rain (UX, bodyguard), Case (UG, assassin) Life has a way of happening to people. Circumstances led Case to becoming a hitwoman and she's just going through the motions, when she's suddenly told she has an apprentice. But Rain isn't everything she appears to be. (CasaUber)                     03/12/00  
Assassin, The Nommo   MIA     Jay (UX, TV star), Cee (UG)                          
Assume This Poto c Yes 02/11/2001 Jo (UX, bookstore clerk), Claire (UG, musician)                         03/22/00
At First Sight Colleen c Yes 02/15/2001   Jamie (UX), Erin (UG) Jamie is afraid to see what's right in front of her, until Erin shows her you can use more than your eyes to see (CasaUber)                        
At Loose Ends bard, kd c Yes 02/10/2001   Billie (UX), Cat (UG) Billie & Cat decide to see if they can trace their ancestry to Xena and Gabrielle                   Book 11 in the Commitment Series 04/02/99 04/19/99
Atonement and Redemption Daniel Wackerman inc 1 02/17/2001   Jana (UX), Brille (UG)   1632 CE Central Germany                    
Autumn Winds Anne Azel c Yes 02/10/2001   Robbie (UX, actor/director), Janet (UG, widow/teacher) A school principle meets her dead husbands family for the first time (CasaUber)                   Book 1 in the Seasons series    
Average of Deviance, The ROCFanKat c Yes 02/16/2001   Devvy (UX), Cassie (UG)                     Book 2 of The Devil's Workshop; sequel: The Very Devil 12/30/99
Awakening, The Lena inc 1-7 02/16/2001   Rachel (UX), Meg (UG)                       04/29/00  
Azumaya - The Eastern House Adams, Nene aka Bardwynna c Yes 02/10/2001   Ayumi (UX, Samurai), Kimiko (UG, young aristocrat) A heroic samurai and beautiful courtesan must battle ghosts as well as the evils of the human heart (CasaUber)                       10/22/99

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