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Title Author Status Archive Last Updated Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Index Related Bdate Edate Added
Mad Dog's Sacred Treasure J. C. Wilder c       Mel, Janice An old family enemy provokes Janice; J&M struggle with defining their relationship WWII   A alt         P Not on-line     Jun-98  
Magic Dragon's Curse, The Nene Adams aka Bardwynna ? Yes 11/13/1999   Lady Evangeline (UX, detective), Rhiannon Moore (UG, prostitute/sidekick) Lina tells Rhia a tale of magic and murder Victorian London   alt         M U   ?    
Magic of Egypt, The C.N. Winters c       Mel, Janice, Gabrielle, Xena After the war, Janice takes Mel on a digin Egypt, where they find scrolls teling of Queen Cleopatra's gratitude towards Xena. 1950s? Egypt   alt   *     P L,S,U     03/06/1998  
Magic of Paris, The C.N. Winters c       Mel, Janice, Gabrielle, Xena Mel and Gabrielle want to raise a family. 1950s?               P L,S     04/06/1999  
Make a Wish AH-ladis c         Terminally ill girl named Jenny is transported in her dreams to ancient Greece where she meets Xena who is tormented and blames herself for Gabrielle's death       alt         F L,U,T     05/27/1998  
Making Strides Tonya Muir c       Lacey Montgomery (UX,mafia henchwoman), Rachel Wilson (UG, horsetrader)                     L     03/25/1999  
Mayonnaise and Its Discontents Vivian Darkbloom c       Zina (UX, firefighter), Gabrielle (UG, poet)                     L I've Been to Pocatello   03/25/1999  
Meeting of Chance, The Terra Chang aka WhiteCat c       ? A chance encounter in modern Athens leads a group of people to relive their pasts contemp Athens D alt             Jan-97  
Meeting of Minds Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/17/1999     Callisto and Alex Krycek get together. NC-17. Explicit sex., smut in fact.                            
Mia Kristian S. Fischer c Yes 11/16/1999   Xena (immortal), Ricky Gardner (UG) Xena is targeted by mobsters out to get her contemp               F L Infinity series   05/19/99  
Midnight Clear Blue c       Raven (UX, cat)                     L     12/24/1998  
Mining the Future Past J. S. Stephens c       Mel Covington, Jan Pappas Descendents of Mel and Janice inherit the chakram pendants       gen           U Star Trek crossover ?    
Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Nene Adams aka Bardwynna ?       Jo Tate (U?, psychic) Psychic detective Jo Tate is saved from a demon by her new neighbor. contemp     alt           U   ?    
Modern Women R. E. Rowley c       ? One woman wants another woman; she employs a very unique but effective method to get her contemp     alt   *       AS,S,T   Nov-98    
Modern Women II R. E. Rowley c         Girl vies with her chief rival, Mentor, for the attention and affection of She Woman       alt   *       AS        
Modern Woman III R. E. Rowley inc         Girl, stung emotionally from the loss of her lover, thinks money is the answer and fies to Berlin in hopes of getting a lot of it.       alt           AS        
Moonlight Dancer, The Jamie Boughen c       Diana (UX, consort), QueenRell (UG, Amazon Queen) Queen Rell of the Amazons must return to the modern world to find her consort, Diana, who has disappeared while seraching for recruits for the Amazon Nation. contemp     alt         S In the Shadow of Eagle's Wings   Jan-99  
More Incredibly True Adventures of Two Dolls In Love: The Continuing Story of Rigid Xena and Posable Gabrielle Danae & LN James c                             L     02/18/1999  
Mother's Day Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Kim Kim pays a visit to Janice and Mel with a request     alt         P Not on-line Kim & Jilly series ?    
My Brother's Keeper Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Kim, Jilly Jily's brother Sam learns the truth and returns with her to ancient Greece where Ares has plans for him.       alt         P U Child of Darkness sequel; Kim & Jilly series ?    
My Protector J. C. Wilder c       Laren Ramsey (UX, major), (UG, princess) A major from the 20th century is revived in the 22nd century to face life as a slave to the empress in a society under rebellion future   R alt         Cl off-line     01/02/1999  
Mystic Dragon's Curse, The Nene Adams aka Bardwynna c Yes 11/13/1999   Lady Evangeline (UX, detective), Rhiannon Moore (UG, prostitute/sidekick) Lady Evangeline St. Claire recounts her investigation of the death of a mysterious Chinese magician Victorian London M alt         Cl L,S,T Gaslight Series Jan-99  

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