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Title Author Status Archive Last Updated Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Index Related Bdate Edate Added
Facing the Enemy Barry Marshall inc 1-10 11/17/1999   Macyt Straker (UX), Genna Ryan (UG) Two industrial espionage agents team up to stop the cunning plans of a corrupt scientist near future   Thiller alt               09/17/1999  
Fallling Stoley c Yes 11/13/1999                         T        
Falling for You Thanks to WWII Jen inc                             L   02/07/1998    
Familiar Faces The Ashen c       Mel, Janice Mel captured by Nazis. Janice rescues her and then they try to get to Xena's treasure before the Nazis do. 1940s? Europe A gen         P AR,S,U     01/01/1998  
Family Affair Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Jilly, Kimberly Jilly faces danger from a god and finds a love that rips her family apart       gen           S,U Kidnap sequel; Kim & Jilly series ?    
Family Affair…Continued, A Georgia                               S        
Family in Blood, A kd bard c       Billie (UX), Cat (UG)   contemp     alt         Cl A,UX Billie & Cat series #2; sequel to "Commitment"   12/02/1998  
Fanciful Dawn Jaran Arrasmith inc       Taybor Quinn (UX), Michelle Wright (UG) An immortal Callisto tries to get the descendents of X&G together contemp             T,UX   12/06/1998    
Farewell to the Yangtze Andrea Dunham                               T        
Farewell and Greetings Joseph Connell c Yes 11/16/1999                         L Infinity series   03/15/1999  
Fates Destiny, The MythBard c       (UX, bartender) (UG, single mother)                     L     12/12/1998  
Favor, The L. Fox c       Mel, Janice Janiceis asked to do a favor for President FDR 1940s?     alt     *   P L,S Janice and Mel: The War Years   01/04/1998  
Fighting City Hall kd bard c       Billie (UX), Cat (UG)                   Cl A,UX Billie & Cat series #4 01/10/1999  
Final Exam Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Jilly, Kimberly Kimberly returns to the past to try and change Callisto. 2nd Kimberly story       gen           U History Lesson sequel; Kim & Jilly series. Next story in series is Graduate School. ?  
Final Rest Kelly & Darkone c       Mel, Janice Gabrielle tells Janice to rescue X&G's remains from graverobbers and to return them to Amphipolis. 1940s? Europe R alt * *     P A,AR,L,S,U     06/01/1997  
Finds Della Street c       Mel, Janice J has to deal with Mel's jealous fiancee, the antiques authorities, and her own fears about their relationship late 40s US South             P removed REMOVED FROM WEB   05/01/1997  
Finds II Della Street c       Mel, Janice late 40s US South             P removed REMOVED FROM WEB    
Fire and Ice Friction c       Alex Lord (UX, master thief), Danielle Stafford (UG, journalist) While robbing Alex's Uncle's house, the ubers meet... contemp   A alt   * *   Cl A,L,S,U,T     05/27/1998  
Fire Ignited Within, A Nanook inc       Alex (firefighter), Cassandra (newspaper editor)   contemp     alt         Cl UX   01/15/1999    
For Old Times' Sake Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Jilly, Kimberly Callisto is released from Tartarus and has to deal with an adult Jilly and a changed world       gen           U Kim & Jilly ?    
For the Love of Gaia Felioness c       Xandra Lawless (UX, commander) Brie O'Connor (UG, doctor)                     L,T Amphipolis Exhibition 08/22/1998    
For the Love of Irina Nene Adams aka Bardwynna c       Irina (UX), Gabriella (UG) Irina comes into the life of a young Rumanian girl, Gabriella, and a tragic tale of blood and sacrifice and vampires unfolds contemp     alt           S,U,T Chamber of Horrors series   Jan-99  
Forests of Eyulf: Instincts of Blue Tammy inc       Zia (UX, shapeshifting wolves) 5000 years after X&G, their legacy survives in the form of shapeshifting wolves. future   A             A,L,T   01/13/1998    
Forever, Remember? Watcher c       Casey (U?), Beth (U?) Casey and Beth reveal more about their pasts when Casey takes Beth to her hometown to meet old friends contemp     alt           S,U,T Casey & Beth series   Aug-98  
Forgotten Way Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross c       Dusty (UX, dark stranger), Alex (UG, writer) Alex lives alone in an old farmhouse spending her time carng for her horses and writing when a dark stranger comes to her small town and rents a room in her old farmhouse. contemp     alt           L,S,TR   03/09/1999 04/20/1999  
Fork in the Road, A BairdBard c       Zim (UX), Brie (UG) Zim & Brie meet at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting contemp   D alt         Cl A,L,S,U,T   04/12/1998  
Four Days in April Del_kaidin c       Catherine Grey (UX, socialite), Erin O'Riley (UG, maid) Descendents of X&G are aboard the Titanic 1910s Titanic               L,S     03/04/1998  
Fragment Rhiannon Silverflame c       Janice and Mel A letter exchange between Janice and someone else 1950s               P RH     06/01/1999  
Fresh Start, A D.S. Bauden c Yes 11/09/1999                                  
Friendship's Beginning Xena's Protegee c                             taiko's        
Full Boat T. Novan c       Morgan Delaney (UX, wealthy entrepreneur), Gabrielle Stafford (UG, reporter) Wealthy entrepeneur UX particpates on a steanship poker game 1800's Amer. West W             L,S     03/01/1999  

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