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Title Author Status Archive Last Updated Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Index Related Bdate Edate Copy
Painting, The Bongo Bear c       Figure in Painting (UX), Jean (UG), Geoff (UJ) A reluctant bride finds refuge in her obsession with a mysterious figure in a painting. contemp urban F           Post S   05/17/1999 05/17/1999  
Pappas Journals, The Elaine Sutherland c       Mel, Janice Mel's journal written during the Nazi invasion of Greece WWII Greece D alt         P A,AR,L,S,U Pappas Journals II   09/08/1997  
Pappas Journals, The: In the Reich Elaine Sutherland c       Mel. Janice Mel is sent to a Nazi concentration camp WWII Greece D alt         P A,L,T Pappas Journals   04/12/1998  
Paradise Found Cruise and Stoley inc 1-11 11/09/1999   Jordan, Bly                     UX,T   Mar-99   11/09/1999
Party, The Bat Morda c       Mel, Janice Mel & Janice go to the Dean's annual costume party. Woo-hoo. Late 40's USA R alt   *     P A,L,S     03/26/1998  
Passover Joseph Connell inc       Nicolia (UX), Leah Margareeth Covington (UG) During the dawn of the third millennium, the world is being beset by natural and unnatural disasters, and an uberXena must guide a small group of people across a dangerous area. future   A alt           A   May-98    
Past is Prologue J. S. Stephens c       Xena. Gabrielle, Laura, Ruby, Helen, Brigid, Janice, Mel Twelve years after "Helen of the Plains" ends, Brigid receives a call from Mel Pappas telling her to bring Helen home, that Janice Covington is dying.                         06/21/1905  
Past, Present, Future Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross c       Corey (time traveller) Corey goes back in time to have adventure with X&G contemp & Anc. Greece               F TR   12/10/1998  
Perfect Pitch J. C. Wilder inc       Chris (UX, mentally disabled baseball prodigy), Marsi (UG, middle-aged attorney) Homage to movie "Tim" comtemp     alt         Cl off-line Homage tp movie "Tim" Jan-99    
Perfection Remembered Merry Gangemi C Yes                                    
Perimeter, The Joseph Anderson c Yes       Some boys who sneak out to the Sword of Ares' camp run into reality in the form of Jilly.                            
Persistence of Memory Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza c       Diana Starlett (UX, secret agent), Charlotte Browning (UG, lawyer) Unfinished business rudely intrudes on our two Uberoines, and they become the target of...ninjas! contemp   A alt   * *   Cl A,L,S,U,T Surfacing sequel   01/29/1998  
Personal Assistant Kathy Neville inc             California R alt         Cl A,UX   06/99    
Personal Preferences kd bard c       Billie (UX), Cat (UG) After moving into a new neighborhood, Billie and Cat encounter prejudice                   UX Billie & Cat series #3 12/03/1998 12/06/1998  
Personals, The Bongo Bear c       Mel, Janice M&J translate some ancient personal ads 1940s?   H alt         P A,AR,L,S,U     Sep-97  
Phoenix and the Flame, The PatR c       Mel, Janice M&J go to New Orleans to settle Mel's uncle's estate. Late 40's USA R alt   * *   P A,AR,L,S,U     01/15/1998  
Pillow Talk Verrath c       Sina (UX), Gabby (UG)                     L Tell Me Series   04/20/1999  
Playground of the Past BikerBard c       Gradeschool kids (UX, UG)                     L     01/17/1999  
Play Time WrshpXena c       Mel, Janice M&J spend some quality time together       alt         P CH,S     02/24/1999  
Plug and Plunge Nit & Wit [TX & Silk] c       (UX, plumber), (UG, plumbee) A phone conversation of the UG requiring the UX's services. contemp     alt           L     02/20/1999  
P.N.G. Encounter Anne Azel c       Jessica Vizirakis (UX, Doctor), Mary Giovanni (UG, freelance journalist) After crashing in Papua New Guinea a journalist becomes reaquainted with a friend from the past contemp Papua New Guinea             Cl UX   04/21/1999 05/02/1999  
Prelude to a Dig L. Graham c       Mel, Janice Prequel to Bat Morda's "Is There A Doctor on the Dig". Mel, saddened by her father's recent death, has a dream that she cannot dismiss. Early 40's USA D           P A,L NO LONGER ON WEB   10/10/1997  
Present Under the Tree, A Missy Good c       Dar (UX), Kelly (UG) A Christmas story about Dar and Kelly contemp Miami R alt         Cl A,L Tropical Storm   12/25/1998  
Price of Innocence, The Bongo Bear c       Gwen (UX), Gabrielle (UG) After a disagreement over politics, Gabrielle decides to demonstrate a point about blood innocence contemp NoAmerica D alt     *   P A,S,U The Hitch Hiker   Aug-97  
Princessa Guerrera, La Carla Jane & Jim inc       Xena (immortal), Gabrielle (undead?) Gabrielle comes back from the dead to prevent Xena from reverting to her dark side in an X-Files/Sharpe's Rifles Cross-over       alt         F CH   05/99    
Prize, The Joseph Anderson c       Kimberly Kimberly's spirit pays a visit to Captain Angela       gen           not on-line Kimberly series ?    
Prize, The Wishes c       Mel, Janice J&M go to Romania to gather intelligence on a secret German weapon WWII Romania A alt         P A,AR,L,S     11/23/1997  
Promise Me Paradise kd bard c       Billie (UX), Cat (UG) Billie gets involved in a domestic assault case                   A   1/799 01/19/1999  
Promise Not Kept, A BikerBard c                             L     12/28/1998  
Promises to Keep: A Tale of Sherwood L. Graham c       Xan of Locksley (UX), Gabrielle (UG) Xan is captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham while Gabrielle goes into labor. medieval England A           Cl Not on-line Sherwood   02/02/1998  

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