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Title Author Status Archive Last Updated Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Index Related Bdate Edate Added
Dance of Death Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross c       Taylor (UX, hacker), Darion Grange (UG, police detective)   contemp     alt         Cl L,A,U,T Blood Red Scream (1)   03/09/1999  
Dancing Winter Katrina c       Mel, Janice         alt * *     P S Seasons of the Gods #5   Aug-97  
Dancing with Shadows C. Paradee c Yes 11/09/1999   Tony Viglioni (UX,FBI), Megan Donnovan (UG, coroner)                       Sequel to The Agent   06/25/99
Dangerous Games Psyk inc       Alex (UX,college professor), Jen (UG)                   Cl L,UX   05/05/1999    
Dangerous Truth, The Curiositee c       Alex Bryson (UX, dangerous homeless woman), Bridget Stone (UG, investigative reporter) Investigative reporter forms alliance with dangerous homeless woman contemp   R alt         Cl A,S,U Beautiful Lie, The   Apr-98  
Dark and Doom (see Reflections Part1)                                          
Darkness Before the Dawn Bel-wah c       Captain Catherine Phillips (UX, commercial pilot), Rebecca Hanson (UG, flight attendent) Terrorists hi-jack a plane full of ubers! contemp               Cl L,S Roman Holiday is the sequel   04/22/99  
D.C. Lizzy Tendre c       Zora Dexler (UX, secret service agent), Nellie Corrigan (jail bait)                     L     03/30/1999  
Dear Diary Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Janice, Mel Covington and Pappas obtain a journal kept by a bacchae, but she wants it back.       gen         P U Lineof Duty sequel ?    
Debts Alecto inc       Taylor Williams (), Karen Benedict ()   contemp               Cl UX   06/01/1999    
Deceptions D. Virtue ?                             U The Chosen ?    
Deciphering the Rift Rhiannon Silverflame inc       Mel, Janice M&J translate and study the "Rift Scrolls" in order to understand the "rift" that Gabrielle kept on mentioning in other scrolls. 1940s               P RH, S ?    
Decisions archaeobard c       Mel, Janice                   P T     04/01/1999  
Demon Kristian S. Fischer c Yes 11/16/1999   Xena (immortal), Ricky (UG) abuse of children by organized crime contemp Portland               S,U Infinity series 01/03/1999  
Desert, The WrshpXena c                             CH        
Desert Storm Sword'n'Quill inc 1-2 11/20/1999                             11/18/1999   11/18/1999
Desert Wind Rising Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross c       Ka'leem (UX, desert tribesman daughter), Georgia (UG, plane crash survivor) Georgia survives a plane crash and crosses a desert contemp     alt           TR ? 06/08/1999  
Desperate Measures Candy c       Dru Warlord (UX, mystery novelist), Kasey Lovett (UG, proofreader) Proofreader gets hired to proof a famous mystery writer's next novel, but a murder and mystery around it gets in her way. contemp               Cl L        
Destiny at the Amphipili Nursing Home HikNboots c       Cass/? (UX), Katy Hammonds/Mavis (UG) Nursing home becomes the battle ground for descendents of X&G and then some contemp   R         Cl A,L,U     08/22/1998  
Destiny's Bridge Cbzeer c       Amanda Cauble, Lexington Marie Walters                   Cl UX     07/03/1999  
Devil's Advocate,The Nene Adams aka Bardwynna c Yes 11/09/1999   Lady Evangeline (UX, detective), Rhiannon Moore (UG, prostitute/sidekick) Sherlock Holmes and Rhiannon come to the rescue when Evangeline investigates a cult of devil-worshippers Victorian London M alt   * *   Cl A,L,S,U,T Gaslight series (2)   08/31/1997  
Disaster Follows Nova c       Allison Burton (UX, police detective), Virginia Potts (UG, mysterious American) An Amercian hires a Canadian investigator to look for her missing fiancee, but the investgator finds that there is more to the story contemp Halifax               L     12/01/1998  
Discovery Rooks c       Denise Alexander (UX, ex-coed), Rachel Perry (artist) One Uber wants more and the other…has issues. contemp Athens               A,L Sequel to Search   12/07/1998  
Disembodied Kristian S. Fischer c Yes 11/16/1999   No UX (immortal Xena), Rickie (UG) While in Portland Xena and Rickie are visited by an old friend of Xena's contemp Portland               L,U Infinity Series #4   01/05/1999  
Disturbing Revelations Enginerd c       Mel, Janice Mel discovers the true nature of X&G's relationship and that the Xena scrolls cover more than a century. 1940s?   D alt         P A,L,S     03/26/1998  
Dog Days Barbara Davies c Yes 11/09/1999                                  
Don't Look Back Kieron Grey c       Morgan Grayson (UX, profiler), Catherine Jackson (UG, police detective) A detective investigates murders where all the victims look like her. contemp   N gen           L,U     06/21/1998  
Drag King: The Burning Dream Susan Smith inc       Taryn (UX), Rosalind Olchawski (UG, college professor) The past creeps up and bites two ubers in the hinder contemp                 L,T Sequel to Of Drag Kings and A Warrior Princess 06/20/1999    
Dream Workers Danae c         Young woman,dying of AIDS, gets a wish contemp   D gen           U   ?    
Driven Docgirl inc       Lauren Burke (UX, police detective), Joanna Cameron (UG, ER doctor) ER doctor after treating a shooting victim meets a police detective. Sex ensues. contemp   N alt           L   05/07/1999    
Dropout Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Mel, Janice The fifth story brings Kimberly together with J&M, and wrestling with her own demons. 1940s?     alt         P S,U Kimberly series (5)   Jul-97

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