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Title Author Status Archive Last Updated Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Index Related Bdate Edate Added
Wanders Far HonorH c Yes 11/17/1999   Xena Krios (UX, starship captain), Wanders Far (UG, treecat - alien from another planet) A starship captain who's lost her faith in herself meets a treecat with wanderlust. Crossover with David Weber's Honor Harrington universe 2000 years in the future The planet Sphinx               A     03/31/1999 11/17/1999
Warlord Metal Redhawk c Yes 11/13/1999   (UG singer UX's heavy metal brother's band) Sonny Middlestead (UX) Rise and fall of a heavymetal musician contemp     alt           L,U   08/08/1999  
Warrior's Heart Darkone c       Rylan (UX, bodyguard), Sera Findley (UG, rock star) Rock star and body guard ubers contemp   R alt         Cl A,S X-Files cross-over   Feb-97  
Way We Were, The Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999     Captain Angela loses her memory and Prince Samuel turns to Xena for help                            
Ways to Be Wicked Vivian Darkbloom c       Zina (UX, firefighter), Gabrielle (UG) Zina and Gabrielle become involved with Ares Ministries contemp   H alt         Cl A,L,S Love and Death in the Trailer Park   05/27/1998  
We Got Him, Gabrielle Verrath c       Sina (UX, Gabby (UG)                     L Tell Me Series   05/26/1999  
We Never Say Goodbye T. Novan c       Might be an immortal                     L     03/03/1999  
Western Chronicles, The B.L. Miller & Vada Foster c Yes 11/09/1999   Josie Hunter (UX, gunslinger), Rebecca Cameron (UG) A feared outlaw rescues a young woman who refuses to leave. 1880s US West W alt   * *   Cl L,S NO LONGER ON THE WEB   09/21/1998  
What's In A Name kd bard c       Billie (UX), Cat (UG) Billie & Cat decide to make the kids legally theirs                   A Billie & Cat series 12/28/1999 01/01/1999  
What's With the Sun Gabrielle Verrath c       Sina (UX, Gabby (UG)                     L Tell Me Series   04/15/1999  
When She Walks In Anon c Yes 11/13/1999                                  
When the Bough Breaks: A Tale of Sherwood L. Graham c       Xan of Locksley (UX, highwayman), Gabrielle (UG, a lady) A teenaged Xan struggles to honor a self-imposed vow. medieval England A alt         Cl Not on-line NO LONGER ON THE WEB   Oct-98  
When the Wave Breaks Llachlan c       Danaan (UX), Olympian (UG) In the time of Atlantis, two goddesses meet Fall of Atlantis Atlantis alt           S,T Reparations Cycle   04/05/99  
Where Everyone Knows Your Name Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Jilly, Callisto Jilly takes over running an inn while Callisto is ill                 F   Kimberly and Jilly series      
Where You Go, I Go Yellowjacket c       Mel, Janice During an expedition to Honduras, Janice suffers a crisis of conscience when Mel is seriously wounded. 1940s? Honduras A         P A,L,S,U     07/14/1998  
While I Was Gone kd bard c       Billie (UX), Cat (UG) Billie gets amnesia                   A Billie & Cat series 02/04/1999 02/18/1999  
While Our Love is Good and Young Rhiannon Silverflame c       Amy Ray (UX), Emily Saliers (UG),Xena, Gabrielle Amy and Emily have a fuzzball about X&G contemp   V           F RH     06/01/1999  
Who was Going to Miss an Angel or Two, Anyway? The Fallen c       Mel, Janice M&J discover not only the true nature of X&G's relationship, but their's as well, and it ain't pretty. 1940's London D alt   * P A,S,U,AR Indigo Scrolls, Part ?   Mar-98  
Who's Who PatR c       Mel, Janice, Xena, Gabrielle, Carmen (UX?), Katie (UG?) Three sets of lookalikes (M&J, X&G, and C&K), from three different timelines lines team up to combat Callisto and Hephaestus.     D alt         P A,L,S,U     09/28/1997  
Wild West Roots LaRin aka Debra Myatt c       Sarah (UX), Katie Parson (UG), Janice, Mel M&J discover other ancestors than X&G had a thang for each other in the US West. Mel tells Janice a story about a mystery their western relatives solved. late 1800s USA W gen         P A,AR,L,S,U   07/12/97  
Will We Burn in Heaven? Absinthe i         Recovering from an injury in a small town,X's progeny meets a talkative artist and sheriff Lucas Black contemp USA   alt           S,U Cross-over with American Gothic Mar-98    
Wistful Rememberance Syn c                             T        
With Faltering Steps Tonya Muir c       Lacey Montgomery (UX, mafia henchwoman), Rachel Wilson (UG, jockey)                     L Making Strides   12/12/1998  
With Good Intentions Enginerd ?       Janice, Mel Xena nad Gabrielle go against a warlord while Janice and Mel takeon rhe Nazis 1940s?     gen         P U   ?    
Without a Doubt Watcher c       Casey, Beth Casey and Beth's help a Mexican family who is being harassed by a protection racket. contemp   A alt   *     Cl A,S Casey & Beth series   May-98  
Women in Prison Elaine Sutherland c       Capt. Xenia Krieger (UX, prison warden), the Kid (UG, prisoner) Parody of the trashy black and white Women in Prison films of the 1950s     H alt   * *     AS,S,T   Oct-97  
Working Lunch Karen Malevich c       Xena (UX, prostitute), Gabrielle (UG, client)   contemp   R alt           A     Oct-98  
Wrath of the God of War Fu Bard c       Janice, Mel Ares captures Xena and Gabrielle and Janice and Mel must save them                 P S     May-99  
Wrestling Juliet Cambria Rahn inc       Danielle Napoli (UX,wrestler), Juliet O'Brien (UG, actress)   contemp                     08/21/1999    
Wyoming Redhawk c       Sorka Brickmn (UX, basketball coach), Jennifer Walters (UG, principal) A cute junior high school cach searching for her tree in the forest                   L,AS     09/06/1998  

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