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Title Author Status Archive Last Updated Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Index Related Bdate Edate Added
Saagar EMHamilton inc       Zoe (UX), Maggie (UG) Set on a college campus contemp     alt           CH ,UX   05/18/1999    
Same Song, Different Lyrics D. Joan Lieb ?       Zina Butler (UX, singer), Ella Emerald (UG,singer) Emerald and Butler are two performes scheduled at the Lillth Fair contemp     alt           U   ?    
Satisfaction Guaranteed Wishes c       Shane Alexander (UX, consumer), (UG) Shane Alexander orders the perfect woman from a company that guarantees satisfaction future     alt           L,S   01/18/1999  
Scroll, The archaeobard c       Mel, Janice                   P T     02/02/1999  
Scully: Warrior Princess Joseph Anderson c         The FBI agents go back in time and Scully discovers a new side of herself while Mulder "bonds" with Xena.                            
Search Rooks c       (UX, mysterious neighbor), Denise Alexander (UG, engineering student,JaniceCovington's niece) Lonely engineering student's life takes a different path when a mysterious young woman moves into her apartment complex. They befriend and the engineer starts to have vivid dreams... contemp Canada D         P A,L,U,T     05/31/1998  
Search for All Time, A XenitBiker c                             taiko's        
Search for Amphipolis, The Bat Morda c       Mel, Janice In a race against time, M&J must locate the remains of X&G to avert Ares from being released anew into the world. WWII Europe A alt   * *   P A,L,S,U Is There a Doctor on the Dig?   08/13/1997  
Second Chances Stoley c       Sydney Wright (UX, dectective), Sam (UG, ex-partner)                     L,T     08/08/1998  
Secret Histories, The Vivian Darkbloom inc       Mel, Janice J&M meet again after J joins the army and M becomes a civilian consultant. Everything is peachy keen until someone from M's past interrupts. WWII   A alt         P A     Jul-98  
Secrets of the Hoary Deep, The de Bonheur inc       (UX, mysterious stranger), Michelle Destin (UG, French aristocrat), A portrait bring together a young French woman and an older woman.     M alt         Cl L,A,U And Fair Truth 02/07/1998    
Serendipity Rocky inc       Amy, Rory Two people suffering from chronic bad luck meet in an airport. contemp North America R alt           S,T,U   Dec-98    
Sex, Lies, & Parchment The Ashen c       Mel, Janice Mel discovers what she feels for Janice only to have Janice leave her for her own good 1940s?   V alt         P AR,S,T     Feb-98  
Shadows GabTBard c Yes 11/13/1999                               04/22/99  
Shattered Innocence Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross inc       Shane (UX, gang member), Antonia (UG, schoolmate)   contemp                 TR,UX   06/13/1999    
Sherwood L. Graham c       Xan of Locksley (UX, highwayman), Gabrielle (UG, a lady) In Sherwood Forest, Lady Gabrielle joins a band of outlaws as they battle the Sheriff of Nottingham medieval England A alt         Cl Not on-line NO LONGER ON THE WEB   09/14/1997  
She's Mine WrshpXena c       Mel, Janice Apparently a jump n the hay for M&J 1940s?     alt         P L,CH,U     02/19/1999  
Ship of Dreams beaugrnt aka Whitefearn c       Mel, Janice An alternative universe (?) Janice and Mel meet on the Titanic, and play out the James Cameron movie. 1910's Titanic D alt         P,Cl A,S,U     Mar-98  
Ship Who Remembered, The Quest c       Sarah Gabriel (UG, cybernetics specialist), Rebekha Thomas (UX, patient) A mortally injured woman's brain is transferred to a cyber-shell aboard a starship. She is helped to cope by a civilian specialist aboard the ship. future A alt           A,S,U,T     08/10/1997  
Ship Who Remembered II, The Quest c                             L,T   01/02/1999    
Shot in the Dark, A Rocky c                                      
Shybear Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/17/1999     The reincarnations of Callisto and Xena have a rematch with Gabrielle as the prize                     Sequel to Reunion     11/17/1999
Skyride Jan Hull c Yes 11/09/1999                                  
Smiling Wild Eyes Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/17/99 11/17/1999     Vignette with some characters from Shybear. Native-American Uber-Callisto                           11/17/1999
Something About the Eyes Birdmom c                             not on-line     12/22/1998  
Somewhere in Time Friction c                             L     11/24/1998  
Sons and Lovers Joseph Anderson c Yes 11/09/1999   Kymberly Kim's spirit visits Sam and she finds herself temptedandtested in ways she did not anticipate       gen           U Kimberly series ?    
Souls Intertwined Taiko c                             T        
Sound of Chakrams, The Catkin c       Alexa (UX, governess), Heidi (UG, eldest child) - uh oh, jailbait again A Sound of Music cross-over 1930s? X-over               L,S     12/17/1997  
Southern Comfort C. L. Bactad c       Mel, Janice Into the office of private eye Janice Covington walks the beautiful Mel Pappas and the fireworks begin. 1940s? AltUniverse   alt   *     P L,S,U,T     12/20/1998  
Southern Comfort: You've Never Been Nowhere C. L. Bactad c       Mel. Janice                     L,T     01/20/1999  
Spear of Penthesilea, The Archeobard c       Mel. Janice                   P L,S     05/26/1999  
Speed of the Beat of My Heart, The Michal Salat & Joann Muscolo inc 1-15 11/29/1999   Adrian (UX, tattoo artist), Harper (UG, poet) A brawling, womanizing tattoo artist with a seductive smile and a shady past. A promising young poet and scholar who harbors a secret of her own. When the fates knock these two together, can anything but trouble and heartache lie ahead? contemp Pittsburgh   alt           GM   Jul-99    
Stars Fell Down, The Vivian Darkbloom c       Mel, Janice J manages a baseball team yet still has time to translate scrolls, this time one about X&G's joining ceremony. 1950's USA H alt         P A,AS,L,S,U     05/09/1998  
Stay Near, Keep Close Ms. Auggie c       Mel. Janice While on a dig in Turkey, J&M become separated and pursued by Nazis WWII Europe A alt   * *   P A,AR,L,S,T,U   Jan-98 06/19/1999  
Still Loving You Felioness c       (UX, UG, internet surfers)                     L,T     09/17/1998  
Storm Front Bel-wah inc       Captain Catherine Phillips (UX, commercial pilot), Rebecca Hanson (UG, flight attendent)                   Cl L Sequel to Roman Holiday 07/26/1999    
Strange Fate BikerBard c       (UX, motorcycle?), (UG, young abused thang)                     L     03/13/1999  
Stranger in Your Eyes, The Sword'n'Quill c       No UX (immortal), Sara Di'Maglione (UG, fleeing from the mafia) Mafia wife's husband went state evidence, and now the mob is after her. Immortal Xena comes to the rescue. contemp   D alt     *     L,S,U,T     10/18/1998  
Summer Katrina c       Mel, Janice, Xena, Gabrielle, UberVelasca, UberCallisto The nieces of M&J are UberVelasca and UberCallisto and Ares is trying to take over the world again. 1940s?   R alt   * *   P A,S,U Season of the Gods #3   Apr-97  
Summer Dreams Katrina ?                 alt           U   ?    
Summer's Circus Barbara Davies c       Summer Blake (UX, circus owner), Alison Carmichel (UG, journalist)                     L     03/30/1999  
Sunne in Gold, The Nene Adams aka Bardwynna c       Cathelin Brigit O'Cameron (UX, celtic warrior), Madrigal (UG, Muslim slave) O'Cameron takes back her ancestral home from a usurping cousin and discovers she's also acquired a young girl who was her cousin's bedslave. ancient Ireland D alt   * *   Cl L,S,U,T Phoenix Saga #1   09/29/1997  
Sunne in Scarlet, The Nene Adams aka Bardwynna c       Cathelin Brigit O'Cameron (UX, celtic warrior), Madrigal (UG, Muslim slave) O'Cameron is injured and Madrigal must defend her male's lands from conquest by a neighboring lord backed by the king ancient Ireland D alt   * *   Cl L,S,U,T Phoenix Saga #2   02/08/1998  
Surfacing Paul Seely & Jennifer Garza c       Diana Starlett (UX, secret agent), Charlotte Browning (UG, lawyer) Secret operative undercover as a sheriff's deputy strikes up a relationship with an attorney, who seems very familiar, and decides to take this opportunity to try to escape from her current profession. contemp   D alt   * *   Cl A,L,S,U Persistence of Memory   08/24/1997  
Sweet Angel kd bard c       Billie (UX), Cat (UG) Skylar is diagnosed with a serious disease                   A     06/12/1999  
Sword of Ares JayBird c       Mel, Janice, Xena, Gabrielle X&G take over the bodies of M&J in 1960's NYC to thwart Ares attempt at taking over the world. They enlist the help of two natives. 1960's NYC A gen         P A,L,U     11/29/1997  
Sword of Hephaestus archaeobard c       Mel, Janice                   P S,T     05/05/1999  

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