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Title Author Status Archive Last Checked Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Related Bdate Edate
B=                                 Book 1 of the Tale of Unmei    
Babylon Five: The Kelly Leick Chronicles Daniel Wackerman c Yes 02/17/2001   Xena Ryan (UX), Lt. Gabrielle Muir (UG) This story is set some seventy years before Babylon 5 becomes operational. In it, one of the two main characters that I am introducing is a fictional distant descendant of the actress Hudson Leick (a.k.a. 'Callisto'), and a Psi Cop - one of the elite force assigned to enforce Earth Alliance laws and Psi Corps regulations concerning telepaths. The story is patterned after some of the 'Father Flanagan' type of movie that were made back in the 1950's. (from the story) 2204                      
Bablyon Five: The Xena Ryan Chronicles Daniel Wackerman c Yes 02/17/2001   Xena Ryan (UX), Lt. Gabrielle Muir (UG) From the Personal Log of Lieutenant Muir, Gabrielle R. 97-684754317, currently assigned as the Ship's Counselor aboard the EAS *Hercules* DCF-173, from the period immediately preceding the Drakh Assault on Earth. (From story) 2266 CE                      
Babylon Five: The Xena Ryan - Kelly Leick Chronicles Daniel Wackerman c Yes 02/17/2001   Xena Ryan (UX), Lt. Gabrielle Muir (UG) From the Personal Log of Commander Muir, Gabrielle R., who is First Officer aboard *White Star 87*. She and Xena Ryan had resigned from Earth Force, to join the Rangers, after Captain Ryan turned down promotion to General in 2272. (from the story) 2289 CE                      
Back in Black FlyBigD c Yes 02/17/2001   Grace (UX), Faith (UG)                     Book 9 of the Plan D Series   05/28/00
Bad Girls Dimples c Yes 02/17/2001         US old west W             Inspired by the movie "Bad Girls"   01/23/01
Bad Penny, A Fantasy c Yes 02/17/2001   Becca (UX), Stacey (UG) Stace and Rebecca have to again deal with an abuser they thought was out of their lives foreve (CasaUber) contemp                 Book 3 of The Lost and Found Series   12/14/00
Bad Timing Fischer, Kristian c Yes 02/18/2001   Immortal Xena, Rickie (UG, incarnate) Xena's loneliness drives her to violence                 Infinity Series; Prequel to Redhawk's Only One 02/03/99
Banshee's Wail, The Adams, Nene aka Bardwynna c Yes 02/17/2001   Lady Evangeline (UX, detective), Rhiannon Moore (UG, ex-prostitute/sidekick) Rhiannon & Evangeline travel to Scotland where Rhiannon has been summoned to attend a reading of a previously unknown great aunt's will. Victorian Scotland M alt   *     Cl Gaslight Series (3)   09/13/97
Bar Girls Kurre, Jules c Yes 02/17/2001   Keagan Donovan (UX, writer), Rudy (UG, college student) A taciturn and brooding English major is brought out of her shell by a stubborn and talkative young woman she frequently meets at a bar contemp               Cl   03/01/99
Barfly ArdenTly c Yes 02/18/2001   Mel & Janice                   P      
Battle wishes c Yes 02/17/2001   Elizabeth (UX, prisoner), Caroline (UG, medical technician) In a hospital ward for the criminally insane, a medical tech developsa sympathy for an abused patient who appears to be neither insane or a criminal. future?   D gen         Cl     08/26/97
Battle Kicks Verrath c Yes 02/17/2001   Sima (UX), Gabby (UG) A wise general always keeps to the back of the battlefield - no matter how badly the battle is going (CasaUber)                   Book 9 of the Tell-Me series   12/30/99
Be Her Hero Teagen2 c Yes 02/17/2001   Cody (UX), Mason (UG) Its up to Mason to help Cody, even if Cody thinks she doesn't need it (CasaUber)                   Book 4 of The Hero Series   05/02/00
Beanbag Chair Incident, The Cassandra and Bik c Yes 02/17/2001   Zeena (UX), Brie (UG)                     Book 5 in the Incident at the Antiq**s and Eats Truck Stop series    
Beautiful Lie, The Curiositee inc 1-3 02/17/2001   Alex Bryson (UX), Bridget Stone (UG, reporter) Alex is trying to make sense of her past and see beyond it, while Bridget is caught in the middle. Is their love enough for both to survive? (Athenaeum)                   Book 2 of the Alex & Bridget series; sequel to The Dangerous Truth 12/00/98  
Bedtime Story WordWarior c cYes 05/03/2000   Gabrielle (UX, babysitter), Bobby (UG, young boy) Ever wonder were Rob Tapert got the idea for Xena?                        
Before Our Journey's Through Simahoyo inc 1-3;ol 02/17/2001   Sariah (UX, Mormon trekker), Emily (UG, Mormon trekker) Two Mormons find love on the way to Salt Lake City 1800's USA   alt           Rewrite of "A Gathering of Saints", which appeared on a private mailing list in mid-1997. It was first uber casting the ubers as romantic friends.   11/01/97
Before the Dawn of Time BladeMast c Yes 02/17/2001   An alternate view on the big bang theory (CasaUber)                       11/17/99
Beginnings Oowatie inc 1-9 02/17/2001   Xena (UX), Gabrielle (UG) Janice's grandaughter Gabrielle is missing (CasaUber)                   Sequel to Retirement Undone 10/08/99  
Behind the Black Cloud Ri inc 1 02/17/2001                              
Belief Troubleshooter inc 1-8 02/17/2001   Damian (UX), Jules (UG)                       2000  
Beneath the Brambles Lady Savay inc 1-16 02/17/2001                              
Beneath the Surface Barbara Davies c Yes 02/17/2001   Cordie (UX), Piper (UG) A captain is told to take the bosses daughter out to sea and teach her how things are run (CasaUber)                        
Benediction, The Pat R. c Yes 02/18/2001   Mel, Janice Janice ponders Mel     R           P     02/14/98
Best Friends Maiacat inc 1-6 02/17/2001   Anna (UX), Faelyn (UG)                          
Best of Friends Stoley c cYes 11/09/1999   Camille (UX, friend), Kate (UG, friend)                          
Better Than Mehndi Nyx   MIA     Lucy (UX), Renee (UG) So how did the Mehndi get all over them (CasaUber)                        
Between Jera c Yes 02/17/2001   Linda (car accidnet victim), Rebecca (UG, friend) Linda (UX), Rebecca (UG)                        
Beyond the Darkness Watcher c Yes 02/17/2001   Beth (?), Casey (?), Xena, Gabrielle Dreams of X&G help Beth cope with her past kidnapping and relationship with Casey. contemp   D           Cl Book 3 of the Beth & Casey series; Ghost from the Past   04/01/98
Beyond the Edge Whymz inc 1-2 02/17/2001   Khrys (UX, model), Skyler (UG, bartender)                          
Birthday Present, The Rocky c Yes 02/17/2001   Mel and Janice Mel gets a very special birthday present (CasaUber)                       1999
Black By Gaslight Adams, Nene aka Bardwynna c Yes 02/17/2001   Lady Evangeline St. Claire (UX, detective), Rhiannon Moore (UG, prostitute/sidekick) In Victorian England, Lady Evangeline St. Claire saves a prostitute from Jack the Ripper and the two join forces to track down the serial killer with a little help with Sherlock Holmes. Victorian London M alt   * *   Cl Gaslight (1) [aka Xena by Gaslight]   07/30/97
Black Knight Figment inc 1-2 02/17/2001   Sarah (UX, stable hand), Claire (UG, princess)                       1998  
Black Knight and the Lady, The J. M. Dragon c Yes 02/17/2001                             02/07/01
Blaze, The ArdenTly c Yes 02/17/2001   Zeen (UX, firefighter), Abby (UG, ex-homeowner) After Abby's house burns down. Zeen comes into her life contemp     alt             11/01/98 04/01/99
Blazing Dreams Larisa c Yes 02/17/2001   Rowan (UX), Brandy (UG)                          
Blinded Minerva c Yes 02/17/2001   Taylor (UX), Cory (UG)                     Book 7 of the Perspective Series    
Blood and Thunder Adams, Nene aka Bardwynna inc c1-23 05/03/2000   Graciela O'Malley (UX, pirate), UG (Elizabeth Everheart, shy maid) A pirate story about the She-Wolf of the Caribbean 18th C Caribeaen P alt         Cl   06/20/05  
Blood Benediction Redhawk c Yes 02/17/2001   (UX, dancer), (UG, reporter) A young reporter takes a seemingly boring assignment to explore the lurid underside of the city's counter-culture and falls prey to her imagination (CasaUber)                   Story 1 of the 101 Aurelian Nights Series    
Blood Hunt JDG   MIA                                
Blood Kings, The Anderson, Joseph c Yes 02/18/2001     Xena/Forever Knight crossover. Nick tells Natalie about his time with Prince Samuel, the bacchae and Captain Angela. Graphic violence.                        
Blood Red Scream Tragedy88 aka Valerie Ross c Yes 02/17/2001   Taylor (UX, hacker), Darion Grange (UG, police detective) Computer hacker finds a friend on IRC contemp     alt         Cl Dance of Death (2)   12/09/98
Blood Red Scream 2 (see Dance of Death)                                      
Bloodgame Darkraider & de Bonheur c Yes 02/17/2001   Immortal Xena (vampire), Gabrielle (vampire)                   FU      
Bloodlines Kodi Wolf inc 1-5 02/17/2001   Clark (UX), Gabrielle (UG)                     sequel to The Vampire Hunter    
Bloodlust Protek c Yes 02/17/2001   Xena (immortal), Rickie (UG, incarnate) Xena & Rickie meet Vlad, a vampire                   Infinity Series: The Longing (1)   06/02/99
Blooming Danger Lace Priest c Yes 02/17/2001   Xena (UX), Gabrielle (UG) Gabrielle's husband wants her back, but at what cost (CasaUber)                   Book 8 of the Gardener series    
Blow Out Katherine   MIA     Abby (UX, oil well specialist), Jessie (UG, field worker)                          
Blow Out Specialist Wildside inc c1-32 05/04/2000   Jessie (UX, refinery manager), Karlie (UG, oil well specialist)                          
Blow the House Down Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt inc 1 02/17/2001   Jae (UX), Reed (UG)                     sequel to Silent Legacy 12/2000  
Blue Oblivion JP c Yes 02/17/2001   Blue (UX, jazz singer), Conner (UG, gang accountant) Blue is seeking forgiveness from a pair of green eyes that haunt her sleep. Conner is trying to leave her past and make her own future. Will the truth bind them together or drive them apart? (CasaUber)                       12/00/99
Bluest Eyes in Texas, The Linda Crist inc 1-3 02/18/2001   Kennedy (UX), Carson (UG)                       12/20/00  
Blurring the Lines Rhiannon Silverflame inc 1 02/17/2001                              
Bodice Ripper Series [see Rising, Falling, or Curse on Both Your Houses (archaeobard)]                                      
Bodies Change, Love Never Dies FlyBigD c Yes 02/17/2001   Grace (UX), Faith (UG) Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying their new bodies and careers (CasaUber)                   Book 2 of the Plan D series    
Bondage Primer, A Wolf, Kodi c Yes 02/18/2001   Xena (UX, college student), Gabrielle (UG,college student)                         02/02/01
Bourbon Borderline Nyxie c Yes 02/17/2001   Ellie (UX), Randi (UG)                          
Brain Damaged and Loving It FlyBigD c Yes 02/17/2001   Grace (UX, veterarian), Faith (UG) Grace recovers from her injuries (CasaUber)                   Book 5 of The Plan D series   04/17/00
Brass Jar, The JinXavier c Yes 02/18/2001   Dr. Albritton Dr. Albritton steals anancient brass jar, ignorant of the impressive contents       het   *           01/23/99
Break Out 99 Davies, Barbara c Yes 02/17/2001   Jennifer (UX, traveler), Charlie (UG, traveler) Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion must travel the yellow brick road... oh wait, three co-workers are thrown together and have a hilarious adventure as the raise funds for charity (CasaUber)                        
Breaking, The Redhawk c Yes 02/17/2001   Immortal Xena, Rickie (UG, street kid) Rickie graduates from college and her and Xena celebratory cruise but things go awry                        
Breaking Chains Rooks c Yes 02/17/2001   Faith Dickinson (UX, private investigator), Gabrielle (UG, amnesiac) Homage to the movie Dead Again       alt             02/06/99 04/30/99
Breathe: Valentine's Day Story Minerva c Yes 02/17/2001                              
Bridge, The FlyBigD inc 1-2 02/17/2001   Grace (UX), Faith (UG)                     Book 21 in the Plan D series 09/28/00  
Bridging the Rift Hawking, Cecily c Yes 02/17/2001   Tyler (UX, college student), Jan (UG, sick friend) Tyler goes to see her sick friend (CasaUber)                        
Brie Said, Zee Said Cassandra and Bik c Yes 02/17/2001   Zeena (UX), Brie (UG)                     Book 4 of the Incident at the Antiq**s and Eats Truck Stop series    
Bright Star Davies, Barbara c cYes 11/09/1999   Emily (UX, actress), Carol (UG, inn manager)                          
Broken Blade, The: A Tale of Camelot Llachlan inc 1-5 02/17/2001   No UX (immortal Xena), Rickie (UG, reincarnate) Immortal Xena tells Rickie about King Arthur                   Infinity Series #6 11/01/98  
Brush with the Law Jaden c Yes 02/18/2001   Jenna (UX), Paige (UG) A woman is stopped by a cop (CasaUber)                        
Brygos Painter Does Xena, The archaeobard c Yes 02/18/2001   Mel & Jan Janice and Mel discuss the paintings on a newly discovered vessel (CasaUber)                 P     12/25/99
Bull's Eye Watcher c Yes 02/18/2001   Casey (UX, ex-FBI), Beth (UG, author)         alt   *       Book 6 in the Beth and Casey series   09/01/98
Burning Dream, The Smith, Susan inc 1-30 02/18/2001   Taryn (UX), Rosalind Olchawski (UG, college professor) The past creeps up and bites two ubers in the hinder contemp                 Sequel to Of Drag Kings and A Warrior Princess 06/20/99  
Burning Time Sandakat c Yes 02/18/2001   Dina (UX, firefighter), Rene (UG, doctor), Janice, Mel, Xena, Gabrielle Sparks fly when an ER Doc and a tall, dark and blue eyed firefighter meet (CasaUber)                 P     10/24/99
Burning Tree Malevich, Karen inc 1-5 02/18/2001   Logan (UX, journalist), Frith (UG, webmaster)                       1999  
Burnt the Fire of Thine Eyes Cheaza c cYes 04/20/2000   Lucy Lawless (UX?), Renee O'Connor (UG?), Hudson Leick (UC?) Cast members of XWP discover they are lesbians 1990's NYC   alt               03/22/98
By the Gods You Look Like Xena Zeta c Yes 02/18/2001   Deb (UX), Shannon (UG) A casting directory finds the perfect 'Mel Pappas' (CasaUber)                       08/13/00

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