Whoosh! Issue 21 - June 1998

The Gabberish Lexicon
-- Business and Finance

The Bardless Insurance Co.:
Founded when Gabrielle of Poteidaia first left the Warrior Princess to attend the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards. Since then Xena's premiums have risen considerably in light of Gabrielle's death and resuscitation in Is There A Doctor In The House and Been There, Done That. The motto of the Bardless Insurance Co? "Didn't plan ahead for a "Bardless" future? Get yourself a piece of the ROC!"

The art of haggling, as in talking a merchant into selling a ten dinar cloak for five dinars.

Toys, trinkets, baubles and merchandise with a basis in all things Gabberish (more commonly known as GabGoods).

Any store that sells little souvenirs that Gabrielle is inclined to waste her dinars upon.

To call attention to Gabgoods for sale, or to publicly ask for such goods.

ROCanucks, Inc.:
(bjStranger, President + 4 part-time employees + 1 fashion consultant) Exporters of the finest BGSB material to be found in the Northern Hemisphere (made from 100% Canadian pool table felt cured to just the right bilious green by nicotine and beer); Limited production of hand sewn BGSBs, various styles available (babe magnetism guaranteed); Distributors of officially endorsed Puppet products including Puppet pinup posters and Puppet shrinky dinks (for a complete list of ROCanuck sideline products, consult the ROCanuck catalogue).

StROCk Market:
The business of buying/selling/trading Gabgoods via the Internet.

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