Whoosh! Issue 21 - June 1998

Come along lil' doggie...let me show you where you're SUPPOSED to graze.

The Gabberish Lexicon
-- Down On The Range

Pre-Hellenistic term for roadkill. Proper usage: "Hoo-Golly, Cyrene, I think we just hit another bardadillo!"

Gabalong Cassidy:
William Bard played the genial, black-garbed hero of scores of western second features.

The accepted cadence for your mount; the standard mount is a purebred hobby horse.

Gablue Jeans:
Levi's or Wranglers, suited for horseback riding (which the Gab rarely does, but her protectors do!)

Small outcroppings of civilization at the edges of the Gabprairie. Throughout history, hoity-toity sorts have turned up their noses at Gabfans from the Gabboondocks, but these lonely outposts of Gabfandom shelter some of the most devout followers and defenders of the ROC.

Gabouchos and Gaballeros:
Cowbards south of the border.

A lonesome place with scrub Bardbrush and a few Gabprairie dogs.

Gabuckaroos and Gabuckarettes:
Gender identifiers in the Wild West, or signs on the doors of the Posse outhouses.

Riders of the Gabrange:
A mythical group of Clan MacGab folk heroes, usually the subject of tall tales 'round the campfire.

Saddle Bardbags:
You've got to have them, because where else would someone or two someones with one horse and one shoulder bag keep their stuff?!

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