Whoosh! Issue 21 - June 1998

The Gabberish Lexicon
-- The Gabberfluent Bard

Bardacious or ROCacious:
  1. Afflicted with a Gabundance of words, as are Gabrielle and most Xenites
  2. Well-endowed
Any storyteller with bad table manners. Proper usage: "Solon, you little bardbarian! Haven't I told you a thousand times never to tell stories with food in your mouth!"

A person who shares the bedroll of a bard.

To tell a story in an eloquent manner.

Barding post:
Informal meeting area where bards go to trade tales.

A simple bard from the country.

Passion, especially that displayed when telling a particularly rousing story.

Obscene language uttered by a bard.

To nag like a bard.

Gab's Bardtronic Translator:
Electronic Translator used for translating between English and other ancient, rare (unheard of) languages.

Proficient in Gabberish or adept at Dorian rhythms.

The official lexicon of the Poteidaian Potentate of Gabdom. The Collegiate Edition of the lexicon was recently published by the Playground Institute for Creative Gab Studies.

Boastful or blustering bardtalk.

Another verbal tactic employed to get out of jams. Found to be especially effective when dealing with stupid Cyclops. [See also: gabotage, Fighting and Weapons.]

A bard who blunders, ie, forgets her lines in the middle of a tale.

(rare) A conversation that occurs only when a bard answers a question or offers an explanation of five words or less.

Renegade Bards:
Fan fiction writers inspired by the ROC.

Saint Gabbarella's School for Wayward Bards:
A detention commune for novice poetasters. The school's headmistress is the fearsome Gabbess of Karmic Redemption.

A bard who works for scale.

Common Gabspeak Terms:
Gabbing, Gabchatting, Bardeciphering, Gabcoursing, Gabversing, Gabcromyning, Gabsplaining, Gabjabbering, Gabtattling, Gabfessing, Gabknowledging, Bardeducing, Bardeifying, Gabstinguishing, Gabreckoning, Bardefining, Gabferring, Gabfibbing, Imbarding, Gabawling, Gabellowing, Gabvocating, Approbarding, Bardenoting, Gabgrousing, Gabgiggling, Gablimenting, Gabfusing, Gabflattering, Gabsenting, Gabsoling, Gabstantiating, Gabashing, Gabewildering, Bardegrading, Bardecreeing, Bardeliberating, Gablustering and Gabbuzzing.

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