Whoosh! Issue 21 - June 1998

The Gabberish Lexicon
-- Bard Couture

Gabrielle's fighting purse; likewise, this term can also refer to any purse designed to double as a weapon.

An acronym for "Bilious Brown Wrap-Around", aka Gab's skirt.

An acronym for "Green Extreme Sports Bra" (Bilious), Gabrielle's official uniform for those Extreme Sports such as vaulting carts and climbing those oh-so-inconveniently collapsed suspension bridges.

Acronym for the ever-shrinking "Bilious Green Sports Bra", Gabby's costume and a Clan MacGab Sacred Icon.

Gabazon Tiara:
This tiara, a sacred Dixie Cup with a lipstick stain, is to be worn only by the person recognized by Clan MacGab as the first Gabfan. At present, no legitimate claim has been recognized by the clan.

The bilious green and somewhat coarse fabric used to fashion the original BGSB of Gabrielle, Bard of Potedaia. For some unknown reason the appeal of this fabric has lasted throughout the ages and the universe, for it was noted in the recent Star Wars book, The New Rebellion: "Jarril used to wear shirts until they fell off him. This one was made of a dyed green gaberwool, a singularly ugly garment despite its obvious newness."

Gaboa constrictor:
Another term for the BGSB.

Gabrielle Hair Color Wheel:
A device designed to show the multiple hues of Gabrielle's hair. Unfortunately the device is constantly being rebuilt to reflect the additions of new shades. ("Gabrilliant" and "Gabright" are the two largest sections on the Gabrielle Hair Color Wheel.)

The warm glow of Gabrielle's hair, a color most often noted just after sunset. "Gabsterglow" is coded as G13 on the Gabrielle Hair Color Wheel.

That... thing Gab was wearing on her head in her "alternate life" as a slave girl. See Remember Nothing.

Mukluk GABanucks:
Bard-inspired winter wear for those cold nights when a BGSB is simply NOT enough to keep oneself warm. Designed exclusively for Clan MacGab by DangerChick.

Simplicity pattern GAB#4:
The commercially available pattern for a BGSB, sold only at Penney's.

Bardic Reductionist Theories:
European Art Movements from the 17th to 20th Centuries and Their Correlation to Gabrielle's Ever-Shrinking Costumes.

A timescale comparison first noted by Perfessor Puppet and reported in the Caledonian Journal of Creative Gab Studies, 1996. A small excerpt illustrating the timescale is provided here...

Cases in point:

  • The peasant outfit, early 1st season: Dutch Realism, 17th century, perhaps of the Delft School.
  • The "Bride of Morpheus" gown from Dreamworker: the Pre-Gabriellites, mid-18th century.
  • Amazon garb, "Hooves and Harlots": Primitivism, late 19th century.
  • The bare beginnings costume, latter part of 1st season: Bard Nouveau, late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • 2nd season costume: An odd synthesis of Minimalist sensibilities and Dadaism, the latter finding expression in the bilious green sports bra. Definitely 20th century.

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