Whoosh! Issue 21 - June 1998

The Gabberish Lexicon
-- The Bard and Her Fans

Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle as Xena as played by Lucy Lawless; usually in reference to The Greater Good, but can also refer to any scene or episode in which the Gab is uncharacteristically riled. Proper usage: "Hey, was she doing a Bardbarella or what!"

Gabberish for Princess Deianeira, the only woman in pre-Hellenistic Greece to be romantically rejected by Hercules.

An affectionate sobriquet for the most severely addicted Gab & ROC fans. ROCahaolics Anonymous is a twelve step, self-help group founded to assist those Gabaholics wishing to overcome their addiction. To date, there has not only been a 0% success rate, but 0 participation, as well.

ROC, naturally.

Worship of the Bard of Poteidaia. The TAP Temple is located within a too-small trailer on the outskirts of Auckland, NZ.

A hopelessly square or unfashionable Gabfan, but also one that takes great pride in finding themselves just slightly out-of-step with current trends.

Gabrielle of Poteidaia:
A mighty storyteller, forged in the heat of improvisation. Famous quote: "Never ask a warrior princess to do the job of a traveling bard."

Gabriellites, Gabfans, Gabatics, Gabbaroonies, Gabblers, Gabbites:

Resisting the overwhelming urge to meet ROC in person.

A period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity devoted to ROC.

Self-explanatory. If you don't understand, you don't belong here.

Gabfans and ROCkers north of the U.S. border, but not infringing on the territorial rights of Alaska. Also can refer to the Official Hockey team of Clan MacGab.

Amerispeak for ROCanucks.

A more civilized version of the ROCkers (see below). Also known for high kicks.

Serious Renee O'Connor fans. We don't mess around. The mythical ROCswat team is recruited from this group (See: Fighting and Weapons).

Also heard:
Gabs; Gabster; Gabe; Gabby; Gabrielle: Traveling Escort; the Poteidaian Poesy; Gabrielle: Aerobic Princess; ROC-hard GABS; the Spelunking Kapellmeister; TAP (Texas Amazon Princess), TAQ (Texas Amazon Queen).

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